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Emma Hornby

Morning chiccos! South America!

Counting down the Delhi days!

Out next adventure-Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Our trip to NZ!

The alarm went off and I swear we could of pressed snooze.... It was a little before 0630 and bleary eyed, we made it to breakfast for 7am, having fruit, coffee and a toastie. We were leaving at 0730 today as it was a little bit further back across the border to Argentina. We met up with Karinas group again, and we had to go back to their hotel as one of the girls had forgotten her passport-luckily she realised before we'd gotten too far. This group were almost at the end of a 45 day trip around South America. They didn't really want to talk to us much, and had their little 'in' jokes. It was akin to going on a field trip with pupils from rival schools on the same bus where no one ... read more
Getting swept away
What a back drop!
Love this one!

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Iguaçu Falls May 12th 2015

I was awake quite early but felt miles better having caught up on my sleep. We weren't meeting until 10am, so we had a leisurely breakfast, chatting over fruit and coffee. In the lobby, Santi explained that we were getting the bus to the Brazilian side of Iguassu falls, which has about 30% of the water falls. We were waiting for the bus as we were going with another group for the next couple of days. I think I'd once read somewhere that Iguassu was one of the natural wonders of the world. They seem to have different wonders of the world these days, natural world, modern world man made world.... Either way the pictures looked fantastic and I was so looking forward to going here. In my mind it would be one of the highlights ... read more
Morning chiccos!!
Map of the falls
Sam at start of the falls

South America » Brazil May 10th 2015

I finally stirred at around 5am. I only knew it was this time as I turned my phone on and had a text from O2 roaming saying 'welcome to Brazil' Brazil??? I thought we were in Argentina? Where the hell where we. I looked out the window, it was starting to get light but was raining.I was still restless, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get back to sleep. I sent Daryl a text. I wondered what he was doing back home right now. I braved the bus toilet which wasn't as bad as I'd imagined although for the life of me I couldn't find the flush. I returned to my seat and about an hour later Sam started to wake up a bit too. It was about 6 am and we hadn't ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 8th 2015

So the day has arrived to go to South America! Sam and I first travelled around Thailand for 3 lovely weeks in August 4 years ago. We had such an adventure, and always said we'd love to travel again. Two years after that we were lucky to get on the same adventure training in Bavaria, where we had a glorious week of activities in the sun. Now two years on, here we are again, seeking out something new. I'd always had it in my head that I would like to travel in the time off I was to have between leaving the RAF and starting a new job. Sam was of the same mindset, but as she had already left 6 months before me and started work already, we had some negotiating to do with regards ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Dorset April 25th 2015

Nepal 6 weeks later Straight after our New York / Washington trip, I was straight into a week of my resettlement course. At lunchtime on the Saturday I looked at my phone and saw a text from DSJs brother Rhyd. 'HornSby welcome back' he wrote ' glad you're not in Nepal his week-earthquake yesterday' Blimey! I thought-hope its not too bad, that would have been a bit scary! When I got back at 7pm and saw the channel 4 news, only then did I realise just how bad it really was. As I write this the death toll has exceeded 7000 and so many parts of the country are in total devastation. Reports of aid not getting through, outbreak of disease and sex traffickers exploiting the situation to snatch women and girls are heart breaking. Truly. ... read more
I have no words...
Our steps then and now
Did he make it?

North America » United States » New York » New York April 12th 2015

There came a time where I had to drag Daryl away from his studies, and with Michelle visiting Gareth after working in the states, we decided to tag along too. We had a lovely week in New York and Washington, ate far too much, spent far too much-worth every penny (and £ / lb !) see below for pics!... read more
Times Square
A Rose between 2 thorns?!

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu March 16th 2015

Even though after the early morning yesterday for the (non) Everest flight, I couldn't sleep in this morning. Maybe it was a mixture of my disjointed body clock, or eager anticipation of excitement to get home. I showered, and met Lesley for breakfast at the place down the end of the road that we'd visited on the first night. Keiran had opted to stay in bed a bit longer, so Lesley and I chatted over an omelette and coffee. The weather was overcast and it had rained in the night, so I doubted the Everest flight would have gone ahead this morning, and was silently thankful I hadn't opted for a second day just to be disappointed again. As I said, it would have been pushing it as well to get my flight home. I had ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu March 15th 2015

Another early morning today-we were up at 0515 ready to leave at 0545 for the Everest flight. It was only a 20 minute drive to the airport but in traffic we were told to add an hour onto this hence the early start. We checked our bags through security and got a coffee as we waited in the departure lounge. At around 0730 we were called forward to board the bus which took us out onto the runway where we sat for around 20 minutes. I think in my heart I knew that the flight wasn't going to happen, especially after we were told we were waiting for ten minutes for the mist to lift. I doubted very much that this would happen in ten minutes and sure enough we turned back to the departure lounge. ... read more
Outside the home of Kumari
Kumari temple

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara March 13th 2015

At 0445 the alarm went off. Urgh I hate mornings, and I really hate early mornings! I tried to be quiet so as not to wake Steph, but the alarm woke her too, and despite feeling rubbish and full of cold, she decided to get up and come along too. We met in the lobby and no surprise that we were hanging about waiting for Molly Brown. Raghu phoned up to her room where it seemed she was still in bed having not received her wake up call. I actually think she had booked it for the wrong room as Lesley had cancelled one to hers that she hadn't made. I would have been tempted to go without her, as the saying goes, you snooze you loose, but we waited until she blustered onto the bus ... read more
Peak of fish tail
The walk back down
Saying goodbye to india

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu Valley March 12th 2015

Drive to Kathmandu Being the last one standing isn't without its consequences.... I felt ok at breakfast but the minute I got on the bus I wanted to sleep. It was about a 5 hour drive to Kathmandu so luckily I had plenty of opportunity! Most people fell asleep on the bus occasionally waking to see the roads get longer, more winding and higher. The scenery was stunning though, and I was still surprised to see children dressed in immaculate school uniform walking along the roads (I don't know where they came from or where they were going as it seemed a long walk between places) but so many kids happily walking along. We had a lunch stop where I ordered sweet and sour chicken and enjoyed the leg stretch before continuing the journey. As we ... read more
Monkey temple

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