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Asia » Nepal » Lobuche May 4th 2022

This was my favorite day of hiking! When we left after breakfast, and after I had taken my first diamox pill (I only did half in the morning and half at night), we had about a 20 minute climb behind the village. When you search on google maps, it shows that you're coming down hill and walking up along the river bed. No, this way was so much better. Not only was the hiking much easier, the views were absolutely breathtaking! We walked for about 90 minutes along this fairly easy route, which had no distinct trail per say, but was an almost flat slope with an absence of vegetation, so easy to see the way. We stopped at a couple locations for some amazing photo stops, one over Dingboche, and another area at a large ... read more
Views above Dingboche
Everest Memorial above Thukla

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche November 11th 2018

I feel like each day I say the walk was further or more challenging than expected. Today is no exception. We woke up a little earlier than usual and were ready to leave just before 8am. The guide book says finding the path can be challenging for the first 5 minutes so we asked if we could join a group who were leaving at the same time as us. They kindly agreed and ended up spending the whole day with us. They were a Canadian couple, Miriam & robin, and a chap from the Netherlands, Bart. They turned out to walk about the same speed as us and were really good company. The route to start with was slightly different to the map due to a landslip, but fortunately the path was well trodden and relatively ... read more
Views down the valley we’ve been walking up
Rest time
Ascending out of Chukkung

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche October 18th 2016

Day 6: Dingboche Rest day, only had to hike up to a 5000m peak and down. haa haa. Now not able to eat much, so no more daal bhaat. Instead I though of picking some coconut biscuits. The day started off as cloudy in the morning which was disheartening. We slept in till 8:00, and then lazed around a bit. At 9:30 the guide came to check on us and advised some garlic soup. It sounded yuck, but I though to give it a go anyway. It did make a difference. I had some pancake with it to keep the pungent taste in check. This would become quite standard meal from now on, lots of garlic soup. Feeling a bit better, it was time to go on acclimatization hike. The weather was also getting a bit ... read more
Finally at pass

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche March 12th 2014

5.000m heute ist also der tag, an dem wir die magische grenze der 5.000 höhenmeter sprengen. gut tausend meter höher als unser bislang höchster berg - der großglockner! der tag beginnt etwas gedrückt, weil rene, unser gruppenmitglied, über zunehmenden husten, müdigkeit und schmerzen in der brust klagt. wir beginnen mit einem gemütlichen anstieg und einer anschließenden langen passage über mehrheitlich flache gefilde. ein grasbewachsener kessel mit 360grad blick auf die umliegenden peaks ist unser wandergebiet für den vormittag. wir machen rast in thukla für die berüchtigte knoblauchsuppe, nach der man so stinkt, dass man sich sogar fürs reden genieren muss! nach der kleinen stärkung treten wir einen einstündigen steilen marsch an, an dessen ende wir mit einem grandiosen rundum blick belohnt werden. außerdem befinden sich auf der anhöhe viele gedenkstätten in fo... read more
rescue helicopter
5.000m jump
all time high

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche June 22nd 2013

Other than abruptly waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air again, I did essentially sleep for 10 hours off and on, so I felt good rising from bed. Klaudia awoke commenting that she too had an adequate sleep, which was good news as altitude problems typically begin with a bad night’s sleep. The only thing missing was a hot shower as I hadn’t showered for about 5 or 6 days at that point: the guesthouses lack the facilities for a hot shower, and even if they advertise that they offer hot showers, it’ll be well short of lukewarm. I was not about to jump into a cold shower in below zero temperatures. One good thing about the cold, though, is that it mitigates (but not entirely nullifies) body odor. On the way ... read more
on way to lobuche
on way to lobuche
sherpa and climbers cemetery

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche March 4th 2013

Relatively late start- 0835. Dhana thinks it will be quiet at EBC when we get there as most people tend to arrive early afternoon- given that we were completely alone at the top of Kala Patthar yesterday we are inclined to take his advice. Chitra is coming with us this morning so the 4 of us set off, we retrace our steps of yesterday across the moraine. Spot a beautiful coloured bird amongst the common sparrows and choughs, might be a common rose finch. Moraine gives way to rocky, icy terrain but we cover the distance with relative ease. We are surrounded by the Khumbu Glacier, parts of which form huge walls of ice in different colours and formations. We walk along the ridge for maybe 600m - actually I have no idea how far it ... read more
Amazing clear day on the way out to EBC
Stony terrain
Walking along the ridge to EBC

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche March 2nd 2013

Dingboche (4360m) to Lobuche (4930m) Bad start, Mary is feeling really dreadful today, decision made to stay a bit longer and see how she feels after breakfast. This girl is such a trooper, she never gives up. After some Panadol (wonder drug) and Psuedafed and a LLD (little lie down) she appears saying she's feeling a lot better. The breakfast porridge arrives- it has a distinctly weird smell to it, I gag down about 1/3 of it before throwing in the towel- better than throwing it up! Mary has already finished hers- she must be feeling better! Apparently as a gesture of kindness and to give us extra strength for our big day the cook decided we needed a "treat"- porridge with yak (nak, actually) butter! Nak butter is an acquired taste- I dont think I ... read more
Snow graffiti
Happy Anniversary

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche February 9th 2010

Geo: 28.1495, 85.5615Once again i had another on and off night with sleep, was up at 4:30 and lay awake till breakfast. I peered through my window and it was completely frosted over and i could tell the weather wasn't good. After closer inspection it was and had been snowing all night.We grabbed breakfast at about 7:30 when Krishna said we wouldn't be able to trek today because of the snow and weather. We were pretty bummed but there was nothing that we could do. But I was thankful for an acclimatisation day. Dustin seemed confident that the snow and weather would clear up by midday and we would be on our way o Kala Pathar in no time. Well that never happened. It snowed the whole day, non stop with no sign of clearing and ... read more
Nothing to do but play cards all day
Chelsey Rugged up

Asia » Nepal » Lobuche February 8th 2010

Geo: 28.1204, 85.4462I had a rather difficult and interrupted sleep, I woke at 12 and fell back asleep at 3 and was up at 5:30 where I lay awake till breakfast. We were due to trek to Lobuche, about 5 hours away and 500m higher in altitude. This is where most people feel the affects of altitude so I knew I would have a few restless nights ahead for me.We packed our gear and had a hearty breakfast, oats as usual, and hit the steep hill towards the stupa. We knew because of the increase in altitude that we would have to take it slow and take our time. Once we got to the top it was mostly flat, following the mountainside where you can pass above Periche in the wide valley below. You stop and ... read more

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