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Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 20th 2017

That famous Genghis Khan statue which has featured on many TV shows such as Joanna Lumley’s Trans-Siberian Adventure (I bet she had the Provodnitsa at her beck and call!!) is the tallest horse statue in the world. There was talk that it was the tallest monument in the world, then the tallest statue. Now it’s not even that. It isthe tallest equestrian statue in the world but as the second tallest, General Jose Artigas in Uruguay, is only a paltry 18 metres tall compared to Genghis’s 40 metres, I don’t think there is much competition!! The statue is genuinely in the middle of nowhere, unlike attractions such as the Great Pyramids of Egypt that look impressive on photos and documentaries. What it doesn’t show you is the McDonalds and collection of litter blowing in ... read more
The tallest horseback statue in the world
Fie fi foe fum I smell the blood of mongoliuns
Chris & Roisin at the monument

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj September 19th 2017

What a difference a train makes. We had previously read books and checked out web sites that indicated the Irkutsk to Ulaan Baatar train was by far the worst. Compartment windows that actually open and attendants that speak reasonable English and know the meaning of ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’. Oh! And they appreciate that a smile is not a crime punishable by ten years hard labour. We settled in to our compartment, a four-berth standard class (but with windows that open!!). The carriage was similar to the Moscow-Yekaterinburg 1st class carriage. Green velvet upholstery. The only difference is that we did not have our own mains socket. These were situated in the corridor – three sockets between up to thirty-six passengers. Also, there was no restaurant carriage on boa... read more
The Eastern Siberian Countryside
One of the many Mongolian Settlements
A Trans Siberian wheel tapper

Asia » Mongolia » Dornogovi July 26th 2017

After having such an amazing time working on a volcano in Nicaragua last year I thought I’d check out what other expeditions were on offer from the same volunteer charity, Earthwatch. After a perusal of all the exciting locations I decided I fancied a trip to the wilds of Mongolia, well why not. What did I know about Mongolia? Not a lot, mostly Genghis Khan (actually it’s Chinggis), horses and Gers (Yurt is the Russian name for them, I’ve re-educated myself to get it right!). I was also told about something called ‘Mongolian Death Worms’ as well, however I think my leg was being pulled a bit on that one. I signed up for a trip called ‘Wildlife of the Mongolian Steppe’, got a visa, booked some flights, packed my rucksack and headed off into the ... read more
Chinggis Square
The man himself
Old and new

Asia » Mongolia July 19th 2017

A Little Bit of History Thanks to other people doing some research I can give you some information. Mongolia has a population of 3 million people of which 1.8 million live in Ulaanbaatar (or Ulan Badar as I was calling it up to now!!). The rest live a nomadic lifestyle. On average there are 1.6 people per square kilometres, I have yet to see what the .6 person looks like. If Anyone Can, Genghis Khan Our day tour took us firstly out to a massive 30 metres high statue of the conqueror Genghis Khan, out here he is bigger than Elvis!!. It's not known how many children he had in total , 4 sons are definitely his, however 12 million people can trace their bloodline back to him, he has to be the patron saint for ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 14th 2017

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia: 5-26-2017 Mongolia Mongolia la nuoc rong lon nhung kem phat trien. Rong gap 7 lan nuoc Anh nhung chi ci 2% dien tich lanh tho la co duong xa. Thanh Cat Tu Han, lanh chua cua Mongolia thoi xua tren lung ngua da chinh phuc ca the gioi trong do co tienh yeu, di mau va su bao thu. Nguoi Mong Co goi ong la Chinggis Khaan tung thong tri moi vung dat tu Thai Binh Duong den bien Caspian. Truoc khu qua doi ong yue cau duoc giu bi mat va giet chet nhung ai gap tren duong di de dau hanh trinh gren duong mai tang ong. Khi chon xong quan linh cua ong cho 1,000 co ngua chay qua de khong con dau vet gi ca. Sau 800 nam tu khi ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Terelj June 10th 2017

R: The next day was our trip out into the Mongolian countryside. The best way to do this is hire a 4x4 and guide so we did just that. First we headed out to the Genghis Khan statue which is about 55km out of town. Its a strange site - really in the middle of nowhere - the intention being that the statue looks over the land of the Mongols. It has a large car park and then a flight of stairs up. The statue was completed in 2008 but the noticeable thing was the decaying steps as you headed up to the building. You go in through a building at the bottom which has a shop and museum filled with slightly unusual exhibits in the basement, before taking the lift up to just below the ... read more
Turtle Rock
Bridge to the Monastery
View from Ariyabal

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 9th 2017

R: We awoke to see a golden sunrise across Mongolia. The landscape was still peppered with yurts but now the buildings were getting more dense as well as we approached Ulaanbataar. We pulled in on time at 6am. We had booked a hotel in the station district to make things easier so this was just a short walk away. The staff at the hotel were great and offered us a free breakfast - the room was also ready already! It was great to have a shower and a refresh - our first night in a hotel with a shower for 6 days. As we had just 2 days off the train in Mongolia, I had pre-arranged a driver for the day. The distances in Ulaanbataar to things you would want to see are quite far and ... read more
Gandan Khiid
Gandan Khiid
The smog of Ulaanbataar approaches

Asia » Mongolia » Suhbaator June 8th 2017

R: Once onboard we got a good nights sleep. We were in a very similar cabin to the one before, with the same configuration of beds and once again no compartment buddies. This train is a daily shuttle service across the border and into Mongolia. As such, the train is more of a locals train than the first long distance one and it stops more often. That being said they have grouped the foreigners into one place. Our new Provodnitzas did not allow the foreigners off the train at these stops as they clearly weren't for us and they didn't want to lose track of us - the train only stopped for a minute or two at each station. In fact there were no good stops today. The scenery is now totally different to the vast ... read more
Naushki Station
Heading for the border
Mongolian Border

Asia » Mongolia July 28th 2016

We had a great dinner with Patrick in a restaurant that had sections for Japanese, Chinese and Mongolian foods beautifully furnished in the each country's tradition. We sat in a Mongolian ger to eat. Patrick was able to fill in the history and background of Mongolia and how this made them the Nation they are today. It was a helpful history lesson for us for our next two days in Mongolia. Our guide picked us up with car at 10am the next morning for our whirlwind tour of the city. First it was off to Chinnghis square, which is the central square of the city with a large statue of Chinnghis (Genghis in our vocabulary). He is very much the hero of Mongolian history and even now after any special event (marriage, birth, graduation) the whole ... read more
Chingis Square
Parliament Building in Chingis Square
Formal costume

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 24th 2016

Day 1 On the Train at last Last night's Hotel (arranged by the Sundowners travel company was a little ho hum after the comfortable facilities of the Holiday Inn. Luckily it was only for one night. We found a nice restaurant for dinner last night only a short walk from the hotel. We had a couple of beautiful curries two beers and a vegetable dish, plus desert of ice-cream and tiramisu cake. Yesterday afternoon we discovered (along with 100,000 Chinese) the Beijing Lake. It is a beautiful lake in the middle of Beijing running alongside the Forbidden city and then on towards the North Gate of the old city. It was full of paddle boats and even some people swimming in the lake which reminded us of the bold and the beautiful swimmers from Manly (but ... read more
Beijing station looking the other way
Landscape just outside Beijing
In our cabin

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