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Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 20th 2017

I am not even sure where to start when I am asked what I thought of Mongolia, how I felt about the expedition and if I learned anything along the way. There were so many things coming at me at once, I am not sure I have fully processed my time in Mongolia and I certainly haven't been able to convey my thoughts in any sort of logical or succinct way. Sometimes it is just easier to make lists and be random. Accommodations I laid my head to rest in a wide variety of places on this trip. Upon arrival in Mongolia, I checked into The Blue Sky Hotel which is a nice hotel overlooking the main square and piercing the city skyline. It was exactly the place I needed when I arrived in the middle ... read more
Taking A Rest
Horse Corral in the Distance
Going for a Walk

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 18th 2017

We set out on a mission. We were going to prepare a string a camels for an outrageous expedition. We signed up because we love the camels and we love the concept. We assumed we would be building trust, teaching commands and perfecting practices. We knew there would be great progress followed by a few setbacks followed by more progress. We knew nothing would go as initially planned. Some of us had livestock experience. Some of us had camel experience. Some of us had passion. And there were a few who had all three. We were in Mongolia to train camels. We knew that part of the trip. We knew our role. What we did not know was who these people were who were going to take OUR camels from Mongolia to England. We had no ... read more
Cuddles are Mandatory
Be Open to Learning
Embrace their Goofy Nature

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 17th 2017

I have always believed one of the greatest honors is to share your life with an animal. There are few relationships that afford such vulnerability, love and satisfaction as those relationships between a human and their animal companion. Animals teach us patience, trust, responsibility, grace and confirmation that we are not the most important being in our life. A part of this coexistence, one that I take very seriously, is giving animal friends a solid, respectable name. I know there is a joke among our family that I name anything that moves, and frankly, I can't deny it. But I strongly believe the only thing worse than an animal without a name, is an animal with a lousy name. You can imagine my dismay when I came face-to-face with my camel partner in Mongolia and he ... read more
Love at First Sight
Me & the Original Shamrock
The First Shamrock

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 16th 2017

I am trying to remember the last time I was ready to return from traveling and I am not having any luck. My dad jokes, if no one ever forced me to go home I would still be on that first big adventure in Egypt exactly 25 years ago. Okay, so I like to see the world and I don't like to say goodbye. Surely there are worse crimes to commit. Usually I don't want to say goodbye to the exotic locale, the carefree feeling of vacation, the decadent food or the intrigue of a new day out in the wide world. I don't want to say goodbye to the laid back lifestyle, the luxuries of hotel living or the constant excitement. And I certainly never want to say hello to the 9 to 5 work ... read more
Cheers to a Job Well Done
Cameleer Happy Hour
Snow Bunnies

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 15th 2017

For the first time ever, my holiday goal was to lose weight while I was traveling. I know it sounds counterintuitive. Who goes on vacation to diet? Certainly not this girl, who usually eats her way through trips like she is on death row. But whoever said, "Oh go to Mongolia, you will love the food?" Who has ever planned a dinner party and served fine Mongolian cuisine? So the plan was that I would be working all day among the elements and then would be served some simple, not-so-appetizing campfire meal. It sounds like the perfect equation for weight loss. Perfect, expect for the one thing I did not calculate. Mongolian food is fantastic. It is hearty and filling, but it is also tasty and satisfying. I can honestly say I did not have one ... read more
Camel Camp Chef
Fried Bread
Lunch Crew

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 8th 2017

Set backs are to be expected. This is never more the case than when you are working with animals, people or the weather. We, unfortunately are managing all three of those factors and we are trying to do it in a developing country. To say the cards are stacked against us is an understatement. Today the biggest obstacle was the weather. The very brutual weather that swept over this unforgiving terrain briefly stopped us in our tracks. It is no secret the cold weather is not something I embrace, but each year I endure it because of living in the Midwest and cohabitating with livestock. However, when I was standing in the blowing snow wondering if I would ever feel my toes again, I couldn't help but think, "did I really pay to do this? Is ... read more
Leading Our Students
Practicing Camel Lessons
Sleeping Quarters

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 7th 2017

The camels are learning and seem eager to please their handlers. We have been practicing with them what they already know, sitting and getting up, and slowly adding new commands each day. Their personalities continue to develop and become more evident each day, I assume this is in correlation to their comfort level with these Westerners who have dropped into Mongolia determined to change their lives forever. We began leading them today and took a practice run to get them water. There is a small outbuilding not far from our camp that has a primitive pipe shooting out of it. There is a small concrete trough to catch the water and all of the animals in the area seem to know it is the place to go for water. The only obstacle being that the water ... read more
Thirsty Camels
Breakfast Time
You've Got Something on Your Face

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 5th 2017

Camel training expedition is not exactly the answer people expect to hear when they ask why are you going to Mongolia or why are you in Mongolia. I know. It is not an answer I ever expected to give. But here we are and that is what we are doing. I am here with a group of cameleers on an expedition organized by Australian Camels with the purpose of preparing some camels for a 3 year expedition. Just to be clear, the camels are taking a 3 year expedition, not me. I am here to help get the camels ready. When I left home, I knew I could be in over my head, but I also knew it would be worth it. It all became real on the first day when our vans pulled into Camp ... read more
This is Mongolia
The Gers
Sweeping Views

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar October 4th 2017

My boots are on the ground in Mongolia and I am taking it all in, as to be expected. I decided to arrive a few days early so that I had a chance to acclimate and deal with the jet lag before I faced the camels. We are 13 hours ahead of home (central standard time) and that is quite an adjustment. I usually figure if I can sleep on the flights, that gives me a leg up on managing jet lag and this series of flights was pretty good for that. It took nearly 30 hours of travel to get to Mongolia, so every tidbit of comfort is cherished. The night before I left, Kyle took me out for a date night and while we were at dinner he asked if I was worried about ... read more
Blue Sky Hotel
View From My Shower
Mongolian Stock Exchange

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 29th 2017

There is a story my dad loves to tell from my childhood. He pulls it out whenever he needs a good laugh or he just wants to remind me that some personality traits have been with us from the very beginning. When I was 6 years-old I traveled with him to Buffalo, OK for a cattle show. He was there to show some of the Shamrock Farms' Angus cattle and I was there to tag along. I am sure he was concerned about me being able to entertain myself and mind the rules while he was working so he resorted to what is probably the oldest and most effective parenting trick ever: bribery. I was promised, if I behaved myself during this time in Buffalo, I could pick out one item at the store. A pretty ... read more
Volland Store Talk
Double Humped Art
2017 Encounter with Bactrian Camel

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