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Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar August 1st 2004

By the time we woke up the train was rolling to the stop in Ulaanbaatar - the Mongolian capital city. It was an interesting view. Normal, tall buildings are standing next to the typical 'gers'. 'Ger' is a round tent that allows the Mongolians to move around and be, well, nomads. Even in the capital city. The coolest thing I ever saw. Can't imagine myself setting up a tent back at home in the middle of any city... We left Ulaanbaatar shortly after and the scenary changed. Very different from Siberia. Little hills spread in front of the trains and there are no trees. No wonder they live in 'gers'. That was pretty much the scenery for the rest of the day. We liked it a lot. It is amazing how many different kinds of natural ... read more
Ulaanbaatar train station
Ulaanbaatar train station
The view from the train

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar July 16th 2004

Friday 2nd July – Beijing – Ulaan Bataar Our cab driver was waiting for us when we checked out this morning, and we made it to the airport with two hours to spare which was just as well as check-in seemed to take forever, but finally we made it through immigration. Our flight departed at 9.20am & although the plane was small, it was full. Poor Tony got stuck with a large American lady on his right, who wouldn’t stop talking to him, especially about horses. She was a crashing bore. The flight took over an hour, but as Mongolia is an hour ahead of Beijing, it was just after midday when we landed. The usual struggle to get through immigration, customs and baggage ensued, & as we were walking out the airport we got hassled ... read more
Sukhbaatar Square
Government house
Bogd Khan’s Winter Palace

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 29th 2000

14 days in Mongolia, a week in the Gobi Desert... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar September 8th 1997

Sain Bainuu (Hello there). Well, since our last message from Irkutsk we've had quite an adventure indeed. Eric managed to get himself left behind at a train station on the way to Mongolia. Here's his version of the story: We had 50,000 roubles left, so at the last stop before the border, I went out to spend it at any shop I could find. I asked the provodnitsa (train attendant) how long the stop was; I asked 'pyaht naht zut minutes', which is 15. She though I said 'pyaht minutes' which is 5, so agreed with me. So I wandered off to spend our money (about $9 US), only to see the train pulling away as I tried to pay. So I ran after the train, but it was going faster than me. Just as I ... read more

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