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Asia » Mongolia » Terelj March 18th 2019

R: The next day was our trip out into the Mongolian countryside. The best way to do this is hire a 4x4 and guide so we did just that. First we headed out to the Genghis Khan statue which is about 55km out of town. Its a strange site - really in the middle of nowhere - the intention being that the statue looks over the land of the Mongols. It has a large car park and then a flight of stairs up. The statue was completed in 2008 but the noticeable thing was the decaying steps as you headed up to the building. You go in through a building at the bottom which has a shop and museum filled with slightly unusual exhibits in the basement, before taking the lift up to just below the ... read more
Turtle Rock
Bridge to the Monastery
View from Ariyabal

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar March 17th 2019

R: We awoke to see a golden sunrise across Mongolia. The landscape was still peppered with yurts but now the buildings were getting more dense as well as we approached Ulaanbataar. We pulled in on time at 6am. We had booked a hotel in the station district to make things easier so this was just a short walk away. The staff at the hotel were great and offered us a free breakfast - the room was also ready already! It was great to have a shower and a refresh - our first night in a hotel with a shower for 6 days. As we had just 2 days off the train in Mongolia, I had pre-arranged a driver for the day. The distances in Ulaanbataar to things you would want to see are quite far and ... read more
Gandan Khiid
Gandan Khiid
The smog of Ulaanbataar approaches

Asia » Mongolia » Suhbaator March 14th 2019

R: Once onboard we got a good nights sleep. We were in a very similar cabin to the one before, with the same configuration of beds and once again no compartment buddies. This train is a daily shuttle service across the border and into Mongolia. As such, the train is more of a locals train than the first long distance one and it stops more often. That being said they have grouped the foreigners into one place. Our new Provodnitzas did not allow the foreigners off the train at these stops as they clearly weren't for us and they didn't want to lose track of us - the train only stopped for a minute or two at each station. In fact there were no good stops today. The scenery is now totally different to the vast ... read more
Naushki Station
Heading for the border
Mongolian Border

Asia » Mongolia » Gobi Desert November 1st 2018

You know when you pored over that dog-eared atlas you found in the bookcase after school that day? When you wondered what it must be like to be from such far-flung, remote places, with impossibly exotic or alien names, like Tierra del Fuego, or Windhoek, or Vladivostok? Ulaanbaatar was always that place for me. Any place with double As in the name would have to, by definition, be a very alien place indeed. It was in the middle of a country which looked pretty windswept and barren, even in the atlas. A huge expanse of nothing surrounded on all sides by similarly empty landscapes, of rugged western China and the dauntingly vast bleakness of Siberia. I had always wanted to go, from that first encounter. So, living in Beijing ,I decided that now was the time. ... read more
Mongolian art
ger camp, sunrise

Asia » Mongolia » Khovsgol July 8th 2018

Well were up bright and early Saturday morning to leave the Orkhon Valley, loads of heavy rain yesterday afternoon and overnight, wondering how we will go getting out of here through three streams/rivers.........first two were fine but third was a no Chuka went winding all over the place and took a different route to get us out of there. Over bumpy tracks, rocky outcrops about 20klms into the trip we hit another snag.....a very swollen did have a bridge over it downstream a bit.....but no go for bridge as it is not stable after doing the yak water measurments (watched a mob of yak cross first) we powered on through the river....boy are we thankful for big powerful 4WDs....and the experience and knowledge of our drivers. John was following the route on his ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Gobi Desert July 3rd 2018

Sunday on the road again today a big day of driving 490klm down to the Gobi Desert. This country is just amazing, really is a last frontier, we drove through such a changing landscape….rolling plains, with cattle, camels, sheep, goats by the thousands….then into desert…..dusty, sandy, gibbery plains….stopped off in a little town for lunch and it was lovely, still cannot believe what they produce in the back blocks of Mongolia. Then onto the Tsagaan Suvarga…the most amazing rock formation protruding out of the ground in the middle of the desert…..over thousands of years the wind has created this amazing structure. Then onto our Ger Camp Tsagaan Survarga….very, very basic….our own ger tents but shower blocks about 50 metres away with three toilets and two showers….but we managed and had dinner altogether in the restaurant with ... read more

Asia » Mongolia July 1st 2018

Denn quasi über Nacht, mit der Ankuft des Zuges in Ulanbataar waren auch plötzlich überall die mongolischen Jurten zu sehen. Ob mitten in der Stadt oder auf dem Land. Mittlerweile sind sehr viele Mongolen auch seßhaft geworden (oder wurden von der Regierung dazu gebracht), so daß viele Jurten jetzt eingezäunt sind und es immer weniger Nomaden gibt. Während die gesamte Mongolei fast 4x so groß wie Deutschland ist, gibt es nur 3 Millionen Einwohner, von denen fast 40% in der Hauptstadt leben. Diese ist eine seltsame Mischung aus Jurten, unbefestigten Straßen und Holzhäusern, sozialistisch anmutenden Plattenbauten, die schon arg in die Jahre gekommen sind und nagelneuen, modernen Wolkenkratzern aus Glas und Stahl, die in jeder westlichen Metropole stehen könnten. Alles scheint bunt zusammengewürfelt, aber wirklich schön empfand ich es nicht. Dafür war die „Managerin“... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 29th 2018

9.10pm flight from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar on Miat Airways.....bit sceptical but great airline.....served us a nice plain roll with a few filling ingredients.....suited us down to the ground after all the asian food over the last few days. Flight time was less than thought got into UB around 11pm....two drivers and guide (Chucka, Tovuu and Tseegi) there to meet us and transport us to the Kempinski Hotel.....a beautiful hotel....two nights here and our last night here on way back from safari. Chucka is our driver and ours is a big V8 Land Cruiser....glad we paid extra for these cars as the other option was a Russian van which would have taken us all....but we all laughed as we headed to the hotel and saw one....NO SPRINGS....and we have hundreds of klms through the Gobi Desert etc ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar June 11th 2018

What I loved about Traveling to Mongolia? Food, Culture, Religion, Buddhism, etc. all sum up Mongolia's Adventure. I'm going back there in October 26th,2018! I think this would be an interesting trip just because you can see that many people are Buddhist and the history of the country is very interesting to learn. They have a Giagantic Statue of Genghis Khan,etc. In fact I was in Mongolia this year! I loved Mogolia! The weather was snowy because it was during Fall Season. October-End of April they get snow a lot. Luckily, I got Hostel for only $10 dollars a night when I was in Mongolia. I got to see the towns and saw the Monasteries. You know what I saw was interesting? I saw Monks and Buddhas that I saw in Tibet,etc. Such a fun time. ... read more

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar January 21st 2018

Yes indeed, Mongolians are best known as the original nomads, and in a vast, sparsely-populated expanse of land such as Mongolia, the reasons for all of these migratory movements are fairly self-explanatory. It is fair to comment that the final word in Mongolian culture, economic activity and tourist influx begins and ends in the nation's capital city, Ulaanbaatar, and a few brief glances around the city reveal evidence of far-Eastern investment, namely South Korean developers whose investment in Mongolia seems like a strategy-in-the-making. Ulaanbaatar's centrepiece is Sukhbaatar Square, which is flanked on the one side by the government building, and on another side by the colourful Opera and Ballet theatre, a State institution in a nation where a knock-on influence from the Soviet Union has clearly shaped the way in ... read more
Gandantegchenling monastery (Ulaanbaatar; Mongolia)
Statue of Genghis Khaan (Terelj National Park; Mongolia)
Roadside scenery (Terelj National Park; Mongolia)

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