Photos from Mongolia, Asia

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Eagle Hunter
Kardibek with his horse
Eagle Hunter
Young Eagle Hunter, Sultan
Eagle Hunter in Action
Mongolian's mountains in winter
Chameau dans le Vent
Yak Festival
Orkhon River
My New Man
Hay Good Lookin'
The Ger bathroom
Terejl National Park
Sand dunes
Monastry, Terejl National Park
Ger camp
Removalists - nomad-style
Milking the family yak
The golden eagle
Near Khosghol lake
The 1st family who hosted me
Drinking vodka and airag
Horse race
The girl who decided to host me performing traditional dances for Naadam
The little neighbor performing traditional dance for Naadam
Making cheese
Trans Mongolian Railway
Mongolian grasslands
Never Too Old To Goof Around
Staying in a Ger
Camel riding
Fabulous Terelj Park
view from the Monastery
Ger camp in a beautiful scenery
 The Gandan Khiid Temple
Psst, hey lady, wanna buy a Camel?
Mongolian Sunset
Solving world issues at the Ger
Ger Sweet Ger
Trasping cross the Gobi desert
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