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Kuala Lampur. Shopping lovers’ paradise. Food lovers’ paradise. Greenery lovers’ paradise. Massage lovers’s paradise! The 3 days I spent in Kuala Lampur, We had the pleasure of enjoying each one of these to the max. I shopped for shoes like crazy, we ate yummy food like famine stricken hungry kids, looked long and hard at the vast green highways and soothed our eyes and ended the days with a supped relaxing back massage. We stayed in Bukit Bintang- in Hotel Oasis Garden. From our hotel, walking distance to Bukit Bintang Plaza was literally 2 minutes, to Pavillion it was about 6 minutes and to the Times Square shopping mall it was like 10 minutes. You can well imagine from the location of my hotel what a fabulous shopping spree I have had. As the cherry on ... read more
View from inside The Pavillion
Cool Display

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » Bukit Bintang August 30th 2012

It was my 2nd time to visit Malaysia in 2009, and finally my destination is in Kuala Lumpur. Together with my architect friends, we have visited KLLC, Chinatown, and the famous Genting Highlands. Unfortunately, cable car is down. We did not get a ride at the Theme Park. Just sightseeing and photoshoot occupied our time. We went back to the City after two hours, then just went to visit the malls at the basement level of our Hotel. But before heading off to Bangkok, we were able to drop by at the Putrajaya Government Complex. It is the Federal Administrative Center of Malaysia and was named after the first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra. From the, it is listed as the Third Federal Territory after Kuala Lumpur and Labuan. Putrajaya is the brainchild of ... read more
Genting Highlands2
my 3 architect friends
Photo 10

Well it's been a few days. Went back to the library in HK for some free Internet and couldn't get it working. Oh well. Spent my last full day in hk at disneyworld! Wasnt nearly as big as in Florida but still a fun day. Lots of air conditioned shops to taEd breaks in and all theamazon rides were there - it's a small world, teacups, space mountain. Cinderellas castle was so small though it was alittle weird. Anyways being a 'single rider' is the best thing ever. The line ups for the ridEssex we're mostly 45 mins to an hour but they have a separate line for singles so they can fillempty spots and I didn't have to wait more than give minutes! So I went onspace mountain seventeen times and big gulch mountain seven ... read more

We had a very traumatic flight from Krabi, southern Thailand to KL, we swerved taking off and suffered turbulence throughout and as we were grateful to be coming into land, the captain reinitiated the thrusters and we zoomed back up in the air! We circled for a few minutes before trying again, this time landing but it was anything but smooth! Ben reached for Lauren's hand who was fine but Ben did seem a little shaky! Oh well to the metro! We arrived at our pre booked accommodation that described itself as a hotel. We were paying $40 a night for an uncomfortable double bed with terrible a/c, no furniture and a shower and toilet with a clear sliding door providing no privacy, good job we are married eh! It was shocking and extremely loud and ... read more
Berjaya Times Square
10 storey mall
Shopping at Central Park

bonjour bonjour, vous trouverez ici quelques photos prises depuis que nous avons quitté Gilli Trawangan. amusez vous. a bientôt phil... read more
moto #2
moto #4

We spent only 2 short days in KL but we had some form of 'city lust' here.. - an instant attraction and love of KL. It is much like London and felt like a 'home from home' for us. We will come back to Peninsular Malaysia in 2 weeks time and will spend more time and visit the Petronas Tower and spend more time in this great city! We had a wander around and visited Little India: area with lots of shops selling textiles, Sari's etc. There is a clear mark of colonial style of some buildings. The Central market nearby Petalung Street - Chinatown and malls. KL is full of Shopping centres, in fact it is a shopaholics heaven... KL is a very cosmopolitan city with people, food, entertainment and culture from all corners of ... read more
Petaling street - chinatown
the Central Market

Hello avid readers of our (rather sporadic) blog! You will have noticed that we haven't updated this recently and there are a couple of reasons as to why... Number 1. Becky and Emma told Lissie and Catrina off for making the last blog too much like an entry in Lonely Planet so we thought we'd give them the opportunity to write it. However, after seeing the postcard that Emma wrote to her parents we quickly took away that priviledge. Please see photo attached. We think a 6 year old could have done better... (PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU BELONG TO THE SHERRIFFS FAMILY YOU ARE EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN FROM LOOKING AT THIS PHOTO BEFORE THE POSTCARD ARRIVES. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Number 2: We're just too busy having an amazing time to spend precious minutes updating you ... read more
Us making a fasion statement
Hanging with the monkeys
Our new favourite landlady!

Vanuit het busstation is er gemakkelijke trein en monorail verbinding naar de stad toe. Kaartjes zijn zeer goedkoop, verbinding is vlot. We hadden voor 2 nachten geboekt in Bukit Bintang. Een bekende wijk in Kuala Lumpur. Bekend vanwege de goedkope hostels, uitgaansleven én shoppingmalls (maar dat zijn we pas te weten gekomen toen we er rondliepen). Hier heb je zelf een shoppingmall van boven tot onder vol met gsm's en computers en fototoestellen! Alhoewel de prijzen vaak hetzelfde zijn zoals in België zijn de gadgets heel wat goedkoper. Ook kan je hier dure toestellen laten vervangen of herstellen tegen een laag prijsje. Zo herrinerden we ons een Nederlander in Indonesië (Jogja) die in Thailand zijn smarthpone liet herstellen – scherm was gebroken alsook zijn camera-. Een smarthpone van maar liefst €500! Voor €70 was alles hersteld! ... read more
there's no translation in English for this word 'tjolen'
a car in our street/een wagen in onze straat

De hoofdstad van Maleisië, de meest leefbare stad van alle grootsteden in Zuid-Oost Azië. Bekend vanwege zijn shoppingmalls (honderden), Petronas twin towers (één van de grootste torens van de wereld) en de Sky tower. De Petronas en de Skytower zijn beiden te bezichtigen. Je kan op voorhand geen tickets boeken, je moet vroeg opstaan en om 8 uur in de rij gaan staan. Er zijn slechts 90 tickets per toren per dag en gelimiteerde bezoeken. De Petronas torens kostten MR 90 per persoon en MR 30 voor als je naar de skybar wil gaan (halverwege de torens is er een restaurant). Het is een toren voor de durvers want de liften zijn volledig in glas en je 'vliegt' meer dan 500 meter de lucht in! Niet voor ons dus... Rondom de Petronas heb je een mooi ... read more
Art museum/kunstmuseum

We hadden ook geluk om mee te genieten van een gratis moslima modeshow in de shoppingmall! Een bekende vrouw uit Indonesië had net een 2e shop geopend en kwam haar hoofddoeken en jurken showen. Heel speciaal om te zien! Iets unieks eigenlijk! Vrouwen, wel bijna 2 meter lang op torenhoge sandalen wandelen met een rondgewikkelde jurk (je kan het beter omschrijven als een gordijn – toile) de catwalk op. Hun haar mooi weggestoken in de bijpassende hoofddoek. Wat er ons nog opviel tijdens het halfuurtje modeshow...was dat naast me en over het ganse shoppingcenter wel honderden mannen stonden te gapen! Allemaal netjes op een rij, met de gsm en het fototoestel ingedrukt. De vrouwen zijn hier ook net hetzelfde als bij ons, behalve dat er een zeer groot verschil is in kledij tussen deze verschillende culturen. ... read more

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