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Lauren And Benjamin

We are Lauren and Ben, a young married couple who have decided, somewhat out of the blue, to abandon our careers and travel around the world in a mere 6 months! With jobs finished, flat notice served and all our possessions sold we are about to embark on a phenomenal trip; now we will only use that word rarely but it has been agreed this path definitely deserves this term! Many hours on the Internet and using Lauren's extraordinary organisational skills an itinerary has been formed, developed and booked, Leaving the UK on 19th June 2012 we begin a new era of our lives....

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 1st 2012

Although we haven't quite finished our trip, we still have a week holiday in Scandinavia to come, we are now home from our epic round the world trip that last lasted a mere six months, but what an amazing experience we had and one we would not hesitate to do again! But for now its eyes down, cracking on with rebuilding the deficit the trip left behind! But with so many people asking what were our favourites we have compiled a wee list to let you know. Some were easy, some felt like answering "daddy or chips?" And others left us perplexed a while longer! For our sins, we travelled from Lancaster to Heathrow, before enduring a total of 25 flights totalling 93 hours and we travelled on every type of transport available: plane, train, car, ... read more
Singapore sling
Elephant trek
Blue Mountains

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles November 18th 2012

We set out from the Grand Canyon wonder in search of Route 66. Our initial intention all those months ago was to drive the entire Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles but with so many options it didn't materialise but we knew this was a taster so of that we were driving 100 miles of the 2000 stretch! At least we were doing a very historical part of the route, this particular part is the longest stretch in tact. To actually follow the full route you need to be Sherlock Holmes as many roads lead to fields and dead ends, but this part, at least, is obvious following 'Historic Route 66' through Seligman and Kingsman, Arizona. We took the turn off, Lauren very excited snapping photos of the sign. Although you'll struggle finding an actual ... read more
We definitely got our kicks!
Big climb up in Death Valley
New York in Vegas

North America » United States » Arizona » Monument Valley November 11th 2012

There was no emotional reunion with Susan, Lauren's mum, we guess five months is no dramas for many people, but Lauren would have thought it would have been, but it wasn't, just hugs all around and let's grab the bags and get to the car to start the beginning of the end. It had been touch and go since we left if Susan would be joining us, but as we decided a few weeks earlier that the last part was going to stretch our budget too far, Susan stepped in and agreed to come out knowing it would be an unlikely type of holiday she would take again, and bite half the bullet of the expense. That said the three of us now joined forces and set off to pastures new. We collected our ford fusion ... read more
Rocky Mountain national park
Road to Monument Valley
Bear foot prints

North America » United States » Louisiana » New Orleans November 8th 2012

After arriving at such a late hour from Vancouver via Dallas, Texas we had decided to only go to the typical New Orleans centre the next morning, and as we had been pretty busy the last few weeks we didn't actually get our butts into the centre till lunch time on Tuesday. Now this Tuesday was a notable one for one main thing only, no not that hugely publicised election between Obama and Romney, this was the ONE place that Ben wanted to go to when we set out all those months ago. "Lauren, " he said, "we can go anywhere your heart desires, but I want to go to New Orleans". So Lauren was set the impossible task of working this in using the American Airlines miles off her dad to tie in with hiring ... read more
Sazerac cocktail
Beignets with faces!

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver November 5th 2012

We arrived in Vancouver after a long day of travelling which had been an emotional one, Lauren gutted to have left Hannah, and even Ben sad, he had grown fond of little Preston! We navigated our way in the cool air from Vancouver train station to the sky train to the stadium station following expert instructions from Nigel. We had included a visit to this beautiful part of Canada in the hope of catching up with Ben's godfather (Nigel) and his wife, Jan. Luckily at our leaving meal some months ago, Jacqui, Ben's auntie and Nigel's ex wife set up the contact and we arranged some time ago that we would stay with them the first few days of November. Ben hadn't seen them in a number of years and Lauren never so we were definitely ... read more
Stunning waterfall
Loving autumn!
The closest we got to a bear

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle November 1st 2012

We landed at Seattle airport not 100% sure who we would be meeting, Hannah or her mum, Corinne. We realised as well that we had not exchanged contact details beyond Facebook, but luckily Hannah checked herself in on Facebook saying she was at the airport picking up an old friend! So you can imagine Lauren's surprise when she suddenly hears Corinne's voice saying "There you are!" It was a lovely surprise though and after big hugs she told us Hannah was driving the car round and they were going to swap as we awaited our bags! Hannah appeared about ten minutes later and we both spotted each other at exactly the same time, and well you know the one, two friends reunited almost running to each other embracing! It was lovely and surreal to be honest, ... read more
Ben and Preston
Finally.. Pumpkin Cheesecake!
Thanksgiving dinner

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto October 27th 2012

We arrived in Toronto after an easy transfer from bus to train in a place called Burlington, what wasn't so easy was getting out of the train station and finding a taxi! Lauren zoomed off aware of the road and direction of traffic and flagged a taxi with ease but he refused the fare saying he was clocking off! She couldn't believe how rude he was and didn't want to help point us in the right direction to our destination! He told us to walk on the same side we were currently on but we needed to go in the opposite direction- hence would need to be on the other side of the road to flag a taxi! Eventually we got one having passed a busy area of town with Ben and Lauren dodging people with ... read more
CN Tower
View going up the elevator
Casually hanging out on glass floor

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls October 24th 2012

Following a simply stunning scenic train journey, even if at nine and half hours it got slightly repetitive, we arrived in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Having heard from several sources the Canadian side was better we were eager to go and face the thunderous Falls sooner rather than later. We cleared customs fairly quickly and hopped in a taxi to our hotel. Back in the UK we made the decision with Ben's folks to get a great view of the Falls from our hotel room even with this the room was considerably cheaper than any room you can get in NYC! We arrived at our 33rd floor room and gaped at the view before us! We had barely seen the Falls as we arrived as our taxi driver turned uphill away from the river just as they ... read more
View of American falls from our room
Us at Horseshoe Falls
Skyline Tower in Autumn

North America » United States » New York » New York October 22nd 2012

Despite arriving at our hotel in midtown after a hair curling taxi ride across Manhattan, after 10.30pm Lauren still dragged Ben out to see Times Square in all its glory! The initial streets were quiet but as Times Sq came into view so did the crowds! Amongst them, Spider-Man, Batman, Spongebob and Mickey were amongst the stars wanting to steal your money for a photo in a less than convincing outfit. Too busy for Ben we grabbed a late night bite and a frozen yoghurt treat before a retreat to bed. Rain had correctly been predicted for Friday so our initial plan for museums meant the rest of the visitors changed their plans accordingly and joined us. Buying a city pass we made our way North after a breakfast stop at a singing waiter cafe, Ellen's ... read more
Andy Warhol's Marilyn
Ben and Lauren!
Awesome Apple store

North America » United States » Florida » Orlando October 18th 2012

We arrived in LA on a day we had already endured in Fiji, we take you back to Tuesday 9th October. We checked into a gorgeous Marriott hotel (cheers Alan!) for the start of a two and a half week vacation amongst the trip. We were presented with an awesome 24 hour gym complete with eucalyptus towels and enough weights to dazzle Arnold Schwarzenegger- a world away from our gym in Fiji. We had wine and beer at happy hour and ate at the hotel before catching some shut eye before our early morning flight. Our old friend jet leg swooped in though disturbing our slumber leaving Lauren hammering the treadmill at 2.30am local time! We had been to LA in a previous trip and decided we would see new places rather than revisit old ones ... read more
Crazy golf birthday!
Lauren the wizard!
Shamu and friends

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