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Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang July 2nd 2012

Luang Prabang is the former capital of Laos and is steeped with French history which has an exciting effect of the way of life here. Cafes adorn the streets and the architecture of the buildings is colonial French, with quaint shutters on the windows. It is a very peaceful and quiet town despite its status as one of the main places to visit in Laos, if not THE place to visit. It's not hard to see why, beyond the fascinating architecture of every building possible, from nothing more than a wooden hut on stilts, to brick monstrosities, to more humbling concrete building finished with paint and blue shutters. There is also the stunning mountainous jungle backdrop that we were privileged to peek at coming in on the short flight. As such a short flight we were ... read more
Ben with the bikes
Wat and large Buddha
The Mighty Mekong River

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai June 28th 2012

We wonder how many places we will encounter that will almost make it feel like we got off a plane at home,we say almost as the heat still hits you as the plane doors swing open yet the feeling of familirarity was upon us almost immediately after leaving the airport but before we arrived at the hostel! The welcome from the Thai people was similar to that you get from northerners at home and as we were driven by air conditioned taxi no less, we were instantly reminded of Lancaster. Chiang Mai in the north west of Thailand is not like Lancaster in any way other than perhaps size but when Lauren first moved to uni there, something just felt right, clicked. That feeling hit us when we hit the streets of our new home for ... read more
Beautiful detailed temple
Main temple complex
Chilling in the gardens

Asia » Singapore » Changi June 24th 2012

The flight from Dubai to Singapore was brilliant,only 7 and 1/2 hours but could happily have had more! Literally 80 choices of films, Lauren watched The Vow and This Means War and Ben watched science programmes and Act Of Valour, we really should have slept but the flight was just really good... We really recommend flying with Singapore airways to everyone. Check in was awesome as before and I commented to Ben wouldn't get as good seats as the virgin flight and she upgraded us to the exit seats where only two seats! The other were 3 seats either side and 5 in middle, there was a slight kerfufle as we got on and someone was in them! The flight was transitting from Cairo and some gents thought they'd have them- they hadn't met Lauren who ... read more
Butterflies on flowers
Another butterfly

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai June 23rd 2012

We arrived in Dubai Wednesday morning following the pleasant flight whereby we both got quite a bit of rest, Ben only watching one film- mission impossible although was disappointed to learn he could not go up the Burj Khalifa the way Tom Cruise does! Lauren pretty much passed out due to the sleeping tablet knocked back in the taxi on the way to Heathrow! We managed rather effortlessly to get the extremely modern metro from the airport to the nearest station only a 900m walk to the hotel and with no wrong turns arrived safely at around 9Am. At this point even this short walk had made us pretty sweaty in the strong Dubai heat and we were grateful that they would get our room ready as soon as possible and for us to make ourselves ... read more
Terrifying Leap Of Faith
Ride floating through shark enclosure
Camel ride

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey June 19th 2012

...dary!!! We really think it will be as we sat at Heathrow airport having spent a day and night in a luxury gated community in Oxshott near London with the lovely Pamela and Lauren's mum! What can we say! Champagne in the hot tub (albeit it was technically a cold tub!) and several bottles of pink, white, red, beer- you name it- Ben drank it! And my did he feel rough the next day, with stern words from Lauren, "now you know what you can't drink!" The Sunday we had our second family meal with ben's family and it was lovely if a little sad but many a laugh was had especially from Ben's grandma what a fun afternoon! A trip to Oldham is what followed to say goodby to Ben's fathers side of the family ... read more
Harry potter catching food!
The family on sunday
This took a while to organise!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lancashire June 13th 2012

It has been a short time coming really, most people dream and plan their round the world trips over serval months, years even; but in our case it was all a bit sudden! Which to those that know Lauren will not be suprised in the slightest! Yet many dreams were made into reality in two short months, not long really to plan such an escapade yet enough to really feel that we have made a big dent into the Internet! Now we write this blog primarily for friends and family that are interested in what we are up to, and for those that may wish to escape everyday reality and look at some hopefully beautiful sights of beaches, Buddhas and burnt Ben and Lauren! We are not promising great literature, or even semi-decent literature but we ... read more
Closer up shot!
The rest of everything!
Our bags ready to go

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