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Oceania » Fiji » Viti Levu » Lautoka October 9th 2012

Bula, a word used by every person, regardless of where they originate, workers along the waterfront, hotel guests and screaming school children. Meaning hello, it's the main Fijian word used where most people's mother tongue is English. And boy did we hear it hundreds of times daily. Despite the fact we went nowhere! Our flight from Auckland was a good one, fairly good breakfast on the early morning three hour flight where although we advanced, we went back in time an hour (Fiji do not have spring daylight saving for its always sunny*.) We were greeted by a man wearing a skirt (completely normal) playing a banjo singing in Fijian folk (even more normal), we got through customs fine and although many staff wanted us to take a taxi we got the public bus, success. Although ... read more
Waterfront sunset
Islands from waterfront
Sleeping stray dogs

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Auckland October 3rd 2012

We are at the last evening of our 21 day adventure of touring both of New Zealand's fascinating islands. We are celebrating the end of an era for us with a fine bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, both enjoying its indigenous roots, an era it has been living and breathing each other for 21 solid days, the only break coming when either of us needs the toilet - and even then Ben normally needs to "hold" Lauren's hand as its dark and in the middle of some unknown camp site! But luckily we sit here with mood lighting (we turned out one light), Damien Rice crooning on the iPhone and eating our tit bits of bread, soup, fruit and mixing our fine wine with hot chocolate! We have had no bumps, prangs and scrapes for all the ... read more
Rugby statute
View of Wellington

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Queen Charlotte Sound September 25th 2012

This is a hard entry to write; to encapsulate the sheer beauty of this stunning island as we travel around in our camper van, awe inspired to the scenery backdrop we are enticed with. To call what we have seen so far as beautiful is such an understatement. We heard on the tourism radio, that people will scour the dictionary for dramatic superlatives to describe the views and it's no wonder. However, dictionary aside please allow us to do our best. The main viewpoint we would like to get across is; despite the obvious landscape being very easy on the eye, it's the geology and geography behind this. The view one easily becomes accustomed to reminds us of what was present hundreds of thousands to millions of years ago. Up until recent history this land, roughly ... read more
Beautiful Banks Peninsular
Some Hector's Dolphins
World's rarest penguin

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns September 12th 2012

We set out on the long day journey to Cairns with one thing on our minds- find kangaroos! We did spot a giant mango- something someone started in Coffs Harbour with a giant banana and there are now over a dozen around the coast randomly at small towns and we were happy to have seen at least one! Unfortunately we only saw two indigenous animals but these were roadkill- a kangaroo and a wombat. Ah well to the hostel. Which to be honest was quite good with a few amenities including a free dinner at a local pub in the town centre. In true backpacker style we couldn't turn this down. Buying the obligatory drink we happily supped on beer and cider and got plate of spaghetti with cream sauce and tomato sauce. The verdict- well ... read more
Millaa Millaa Waterfall
Lauren's face ha!
Beach and bird sanctuary

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Whitsundays September 9th 2012

The overnight journey was event less and we arrived at Airlie in the morning, allowing plenty of time to check in the boat, leave our packs at our hostel and grab some alcohol before boarding our catamaran just after lunch. We were introduced to our fellow ten travellers and two crew. We hadn't known what to expect really, whitsundays is on every backpackers list but also on most Australian's to do list, we chose a non party boat, of which there were not many. So we expected a group of older people and only bought alcohol so we had something of a distraction, but we were pleasantly surprised to be amongst our own, all twelve of us were early twenties and either backpacking or working with the one year visa. We hadn't afforded the private room ... read more
Turtle aka Crush!
Chilling on the cat

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Fraser Island September 5th 2012

Hervey bay is one gateway to Fraser Island, the other being Rainbow Beach but it seemed trips were slightly more expensive starting there so that's how we ended up in Hervey Bay for two nights. We know you didn't ask, but with a small five week tour of the East coast one may wonder how we chose our itinerary. Having stalked numerous travel blogs and photos of friends on Facebook we chose places that seemed to have significance, like this one, the worlds largest sand island. We didn't want to just go anywhere, we wanted to be somewhere of value to our memories! Arriving late we got an early night at our fantastic hostel! For once, an amazing clean huge kitchen with all appliances needed and a nice fleece blanket for sleeping! An early morning start ... read more
Fraser coast
Lauren's plane!
Very clear creek water

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Noosa September 3rd 2012

It was a short trip up the coast by our recent length of travel's standards arriving a mere two hours later. We were welcomed to a laid back part of town, the Sunshine Beach. We didn't have to much of an introduction as sunset was almost upon us, we dropped our things at the hostel and went to the supermarket for some bits for dinner. Walking back we got a bit lost having previously been in the shuttle bus but it helped us become orientated and meant we saw a lovely sunset over the beach. An early night ensued, you are shocked right?! We had good reason this time though, we decided to watch the sunrise on the beach at 5.30am and needed some beauty sleep and luckily the other two people on our dorm may ... read more
Sun through the clouds
Ben is God!
At the beach

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane September 1st 2012

What a beautiful city! We have had a lovely time soaking up the world's latest city. The central business district is alive with shops and cafes and bustling streets. From the CBD you can move along the river over a series of pedestrian and motor vehicle bridges. The South Bank is home to more cafes and typical English pubs plus a variety of upmarket restaurants. There is also a man made beach and lagoon facing the river which is very picturesque. When we arrived on Friday it was a dreary day and boy did it make a difference. The grey skies made the buildings seem imposing on the streets and against the river backdrop. Admittedly we didn't have the greatest of days, unfortunate to be experiencing one of Queensland's 65 of 365 days of no sun. ... read more
Sun setting over Brisbane
Street sculpture
Street art

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Byron Bay August 31st 2012

We had a great introduction to Byron Bay, a hippie town near the border of New South Wales and Queensland. It was another beautiful, blue sky day and our driver who collected us from the bus stop kindly drove us around town and to the beach before taking us to our home for the next two nights. We debated getting our heads down as we hadn't really slept the previous night on the coach but decided on a shower to fully revive us instead. Our dorm seemed ok, we were on one bunk of four in a fairly big room, but it smelt of boys and alcohol! We set out and walked through the bush straight onto the beach, although the sand was cold between our toes it was lush and thick and golden. Definitely one ... read more
Lauren at rail line
Images in the sand
Lauren wandering on the beach

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Blue Mountains August 28th 2012

Wo- no not good enough, amaz- no still not there, simply phenomenal-take our breath away- rendered utterly speechless- yes that is our view of the Blue Mountains. A two hour retreat from Sydney and you could be anywhere, but no you couldn't with everything we have seen of Australia thus far, it could only be here. We are going to keep this relatively short but sweet, just like our trip here. The worst part- leaving after one night, although eleven hours of bush trekking and our dogs are more than barking- speaking of which we definitely had a near miss! Our hostel was quite simply the best we had been in, a quad room but only us two, a heater so Lauren could get warm plus a fire with huge wooden table and chairs and a ... read more
Blue Mountains
Cable car over valley
Ben scared over the cliffs

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