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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney August 27th 2012

We are sat on a triple decker train on our way to the majestic Blue Mountains, who knew they existed! It's pretty cool but before we think about the views that await, permit us to go back in time, a time before 17 hour coach journeys seemed like a terrible idea. That time was Friday morning. We kindly got a lift off neighbours to the train station and said a somber goodbye to our home for the last two weeks. We had a great time with plenty of rest and were once again feeling apprehensive of what was ahead, a mixed emotion with elation as to what we thought might be ahead. Into Melbourne, we secured lockers at the station for our packs and saw a few more sights we had missed previously. This involved the ... read more
Old and New buildings!
CBD from Botanical Gardens
Lovely old buildings

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » Ramsay Street August 24th 2012

This blog comes to you after two weeks of recharging our batteries and getting pretty cold in the suburbs of Melbourne. We won't go into detail of what each day has brought us as the blogs are too long enough and some days there would be nothing to report. Literally one day we didn't even leave the house! We were staying with Lauren's third cousin Con and his wife Mary in their bungalow initially for the first week with them and the second house sitting as they were away in Europe holidaying. They kindly picked us up from the airport having flown from Sydney. This was a slight debacle, the flight? No this was fine plenty of movies, drinks and fairly good food we even managed some sleep. No the problem was, we were turning up ... read more
Ramsey Street
Drive Through Alcohol Shop!
Chilling at the party

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road August 22nd 2012

The day had arrived where we had to be up before the sun rose and birds sang as today we are heading to the cold coast of Victoria to travel along the Great Ocean Road. When we began planning this trip back in Lancaster neither of us knew anything about Australia but within a five minute google search we saw that this strip of the coast is one of THE icons of Australia after the Sydney opera house and harbour bridge and Ayres Rock. This meant we had to do it being so close! We would have loved to hire a car and drive it ourselves but prices were on the too expensive side and as it is a very long road, a tour had been booked instead. We were collected from Flinders street as the ... read more
Sleeping koala
Couple shot at Bells Beach
Perfect sun set

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » City Centre August 16th 2012

Oh Melbourne, why does it have to be so far away from the UK and so cold for us?! We were very excited to visit the big city and all that stood between us was a direct train, 36 minutes and warm clothing. This was starting to lack as we only had a pair of trousers each and a jumper that was seriously over worn! However nothing was gonna stop us now as we heard the night before that Melbourne had just been named the most liveable city in the world for the second time. Well we had to know what the fuss was about! We caught the train and arrived at the simply stunning old building that houses one of the two overland stations, Flinders street station. It was the old style that has clocks ... read more
Eureka Tower skyline
Flinders Street Station
At the river, city behind us

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Yarra Valley August 9th 2012

We have written a short blog to reflect on our last few weeks in Asia. Throughout our time we looked forward to the next destination, never looking back at where we had been and even propelling ourselves to leave the continent early. Was this justified? On reflection no, we think the reason for this haste was a combination of factors. Each country indeed had very strong merits to make it a contender for "the next country I will go back on holiday and visit" but mixed up, visiting these countries after one another; that is what has taken its toll of our weary bodies and minds. Particularly our minds, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia are still stricken with war poverty, each isolated is a beautiful country but a demonising past but as you travel and move through ... read more
Night market- Chiang Mai
Big Buddha - Luang Prabang
Chinatown - Kuala Lumpur

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak August 8th 2012

We had high anticipation of HK as two of Lauren's friends live here, she trusts their judgement and they love it! But after Singapore it would take something special for us to forget the former charm and atmosphere we fell in love with. Did it? Well in short no not exactly. We would not see ourselves quitting the UK as our friends have done. HK is quite simply the most hectic place we have visited on any trip! Don't expect space of the pavement or mtr subway. The most unusual thing, even coming from Singapore where they have gone skyward for space, is exactly that. Everything is so tall so it means shops and restaurants like Pizza Hut and Starbucks aren't on ground level but only their sign telling you 3/4/5F signifying which floor of the ... read more
Ode to the UK
Cool art made of books
Bamboo scaffolding

Asia » Macau » Macau August 6th 2012

This blog comes to you mid way through our time in Hong Kong. We have left the city for the day to hit the bright lights of Macau. Although expensive to get to and from at 600HK$ roughly £50 it is cheaper than most air fares and adds to our stamp collection! The former Portuguese colony now bears the same title as HK as a special administrative region of china. The country is Cantonese through and through with English coming third to mandarin. The hour ferry crossing was easy enough although a little choppy, the welcoming was anything but. We must have switched queues at immigration four times, each line coming to a standstill! After 45 minutes, stamp gained, we were on our way to the worlds largest casino, The Venetian. Luckily all the thirty odd ... read more
New dress Lauren had to buy
Love the woman in this pic!
First on the hydrofoil!

Asia » Singapore » Chinatown August 3rd 2012

So it turns out you do need the city even though we have found even more awesome things in the airport- free sweets plus a slide! Just don't come into the city, as it's referred even though it's a country, without comfortable walking shoes and a credit card or six! We started our big adventure with an upgrade from the regional silk air carrier to Singapore Airlines the daddy of all airlines! It meant we left an hour early, got complimentary juices and plush seats with games even though only a 55 minute flight. We signed up to the tourist pass for unlimited bus and MRT use, getting the tube to the centre and to our digs just after 1pm. When we say digs this was slumming it for us! We know KL was awful but ... read more
Merlion, Sentosa
Beach at Sentosa
We have come a long way

We had a very traumatic flight from Krabi, southern Thailand to KL, we swerved taking off and suffered turbulence throughout and as we were grateful to be coming into land, the captain reinitiated the thrusters and we zoomed back up in the air! We circled for a few minutes before trying again, this time landing but it was anything but smooth! Ben reached for Lauren's hand who was fine but Ben did seem a little shaky! Oh well to the metro! We arrived at our pre booked accommodation that described itself as a hotel. We were paying $40 a night for an uncomfortable double bed with terrible a/c, no furniture and a shower and toilet with a clear sliding door providing no privacy, good job we are married eh! It was shocking and extremely loud and ... read more
Berjaya Times Square
10 storey mall
Shopping at Central Park

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Railay July 27th 2012

There isn't anything too much to report from this secluded beach island off the peninsular of Krabi. We had a very relaxing and serene three nights and two full days. We had dinner at a restaurant that was part of a resort on the east side on the first night but had to take it easy due to our lack of being able to keep food down! Lauren had jacket potato which was lovely and Ben had some fried rice and spring rolls. We had an early night as the day of travelling and the beach walk in Phi Phi had taken its toll on our very weary bodies. The next day, Wednesday, we headed to find the lagoon and view point Ben had been dying to show Lauren since we initially talked about returning to ... read more
Our bungalow
Wading through as we arrived

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