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Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don July 24th 2012

When we last left you we wondered in what state we would arrive at Krabi and with what possessions. It is with pleasure we can announce we arrived in tact at Surat Thani (yes we had to detour here, it turns out everyone boards the same bus to here then distributes to their onward place!) all our possessions were fine and all present, no evidence of tampering and we were even slightly rested, not well, but rested. We were asked where our destination was beyond Krabi as this is merely the jumping off point for surrounding islands and beach resorts, and houses a port and a dusty town. Upon replying Koh Phi Phi we were advised to buy the transfer as they would drop us out of town, yes of course how convenient, and arrange a ... read more
Mesmerised by the view
Favourite picture
The beach

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 20th 2012

Exciting, exhilarating, charming, chaotic, noisy, naughty - it really does represent an oxymoron if ever we saw one - yes more so than Dubai! We arrived and spent a little while queuing to get the magical 30 day visa that one gets when arriving by air as opposed to the 15 days which wouldn't have given us enough if arriving via land. We then tried to hunt down the shuttle that the Lonely Planet guide told us about, but we are sure you have read enough of these blogs to know we cannot trust the LP guide! We had no place to stay but knew we wanted to head to the traditional backpacker area, the infamous Khao San Road. We had chatted to a couple on the plane who were transitting through headed to Chiang Mai ... read more
Ben's pad Thai cooking
Lauren's chicken skewers
Ben checking the room daily ritual

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 18th 2012

We had hoped we would feel a sense of familiarity returning to a place we only left a few days ago, however, as we were using a different bus company it took us to a different bus stop, north of the city as opposed to south west where we were left to the tuk tuk cartel last time. The usual bombardment awaited us and having made friends with a German couple we decided to check out a few hostels together, with a hoped bargaining power of 4 people over 2. The couple were at the end of a one year journey that started in Canada moving to central and south America, round to New Zealand but missed out Australia in favour of two months in South East Asia due to cost. This is something that is ... read more
Memorial Stupa
The "Killing Field"
Grave area

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap July 16th 2012

Wow what a welcome! We were collected as promised by the hotel, on a tuk tuk with a sign for "Mrs Lauren Kenny" and a lovely driver Siv who had great English and told us useful facts about the area along the way. Of course to demonstrate his knowledge in return for us booking him to be our driver for tomorrow's visit to Angkor Wat. When we arrived at the hotel we were warmly greeted with a refreshing blood orange fruit drink and cold towel to wash off the dirt from the journey! He showed us to our room already programmed to BBC world news, which Ben thought was a great touch. We were looking forward to a nice dip in the newly built pool outside but the heavens opened so we instead had a beer ... read more
Too early!

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh July 13th 2012

Our coach collected us soon after 8am and it wasn't too shabby for the cheapest we could find! Again no backpackers in sight but we had reclining leather seats with a foot rest and free water, home for the next six hours on our journey to Cambodia. We stopped a few times on the way out of the city to collect more passengers and eventually set into a roll about 10.30am the time at which we were told by the ever mis-trusted LP guide we would arrive at the border! We saw huge numbers of rice paddies and the city turned into acres of countryside but blurred with the rain that started to hammer our home! When we did arrive at the border we were instructed to hand over our passport and $25 to the coach ... read more

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City July 12th 2012

We arrived in Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon as it seems everyone calls it still, there is in fact currently a movement to have the former name restored, about 6.30am and did not feel we could start the full day of exploring, we had a mission set - find a room as quickly as possible that would allow us to check in straight away for a reasonable price. We were, for the first time, dropped right in the heart of backpackers central so had an abundance of hotels/ guest houses to choose from. The first couple were classed as too expensive at $20 a night but we found one for $15 and settled. Having used Lonely Planet they had suggested rooms were about the $12-20 mark and we were very lucky to have spent three ... read more
Reunification Palace
US army tank
On side of a chopper

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang July 10th 2012

Our latest blog comes to you while lying on a sleeper bus our first real backpacker mode of transport! Wow what an...not sure how to describe this one... We are squeezed in on bottom and top bunks in leather reclining seats with a seatbelt and foot holder developed for the size of a child. God help anyone larger than us! We are being transported to Saigon on an 11 hour overnight journey for $11 each and we don't need a hostel some might say bargain, we think the honking and bumpy road might have us question our sanity! It reminds Lauren of the Harry Potter knight bus all sleeping in rows, the bus fitting in spaces it doesn't seem possible and surrounded by strange folk! There are no other apparent westerners on here and we wonder ... read more
Louisiane Brew House
Nha Trang Beach
Posing at the pool!

Asia » Vietnam » Red River Delta » Hanoi July 8th 2012

We have started writing this blog sitting on the flight taking off from Hanoi to Nha Trang, and we are subtly reminded that despite appearances, Vietnam is still enveloped in some poverty, the majority of the people on the flight haven't flown before and the old lady next to us is speaking rather excitedly in Vietnamese to us, despite the fact we have clearly shown we speak no Vietnamese! They all look around standing over to see out of the windows and cheer for take off and landing. They also stand up during the landing bloody crazy fools! We wander how many of these women worked the streets in Hanoi in their conical hats selling old fruit and flowers and for how long to be able to afford the air fare now making it easier as ... read more
Instant millionaires
Hanoi at night
Lake at night

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane July 5th 2012

We finally reached the capital at 8pm about 3 hours later than we anticipated. In our haste of feeling hard done by in the last place and Lauren's lack of sleep we decided to book, while we had the breakfast the day before, a hotel. Lauren's sister wondered what was special about this- the reply was note the missing "s" in that word! It would mean we were tight on budget at $30 a night but we needed it. As we were dropped off at another out of town bus station and forced to take the 40,000 kip tuk tuk($4), we thought there was a conspiracy somewhere. The lonely planet guide at this point was about to be tortured and burned for the incorrect information it was providing us! Lauren was fuming thinking we could walk ... read more
We are how far?!
Outside That Dam

Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng July 3rd 2012

And so, dear reader, do you wonder what we did? We sit at the bus terminal south of Vang Vieng awaiting our a/c mini bus to take us to Vientiane. A day early. Congratulating ourselves for not succumbing to the backpacker way of insisting you tube if you come to Vang Vieng or even Laos. Lauren's dad will be happy, it is the one thing in all our plans he did not want us to do! The reason? Well several things contributed to us not partaking in this "sport". Firstly when we arrived out of town and thrown amongst the reckless tuk tuk drivers we had no place to go, we had chatted to another British couple and decided to have a leisurely beer and pour over the lonely planet guide and trip adviser app. We ... read more
Morning mist
Sun setting
Sky cleared up-the only nice thing!

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