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Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Kapas Island July 20th 2019

Ik zit inmiddels alweer meer dan een maand in Maleisiƫ, maar ik heb tot nu toe nog niet echt de kans gekregen om jullie een update te geven, sorry daarvoor! Er is hier echter zo veel te doen dat het moeilijk is om er de tijd voor te nemen en op het laatste eiland waar ik zat was de wifi enorm slecht. Anyway, toen ik aankwam in Kuala Lumpur gaf dat in eerste instantie een beetje overwelmend gevoel, een erg moderne, drukke stad met veel hoge gebouwen en geen flauw idee waar je naar toe moet lopen om je juiste OV-aansluiting te krijgen. Met een beetje rondvragen en kijken kwam ik echter al snel bij het hostel die Jasper voor mij had aangeraden. En dat was niet zonder rede, het was een heel sociaal hostel maar ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Kapas Island November 25th 2015

One of the popular get-aways on the east coast is Kapas Island. It's a tiny little island with pristine white beaches and perfectly blue waters. (I never got around to going since I always seemed to have weekend plans.) But like many places on the east coast, it closes for the monsoon season. A friend suggested during my extended, unpaid vacation that I visit it anyway. We decided to go for it and see if perhaps the boat to the island was running; if the weather was clear, it might be, even though the island is closed. We awoke to perfect blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds and realized this might be our lucky day. We drove down to the pier and found we were in luck--the boat was running that day. We waited about ... read more
What a view!
What a view!
Looking up

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Kapas Island March 2nd 2013

The thing about living abroad is, that it's not always comfortable, there's a lot more isolation and you miss family and friends, being a part of their day to day life. But, the thing about living abroad, is, it teaches you so much about what you take for granted as being "normal" for you. And the thing about "normality" is, you don't even know you appreciate it, until it becomes something abnormal in your day to day living. So, my new learning, over the course of this week, is that diversity really is the "spice of life". I was in KL for the past week and Helen and Jo were down for the weekend. We were sitting in a jazz bar, when the lead singer of the Stevie/Lionel tribute band, a total Diva, walked up to ... read more
shoes at the front door
Go the t-team!

Asia » Malaysia » Terengganu » Kapas Island October 8th 2012

The buses are honking. A woman on the overhead speaker lists off scheduled departure times. Incomprehensible chatter surrounds me. Noise has taken over the Kuala Lumpur bus station. Luggage wheels scraping, cell phones ringing, loud voices. I crawl onto my bus, pop in my earphones and let my music drown out the chaos. The bus comes to an abrupt halt and spits me out at 5 AM. It's dark, it's quiet. I'm on the Northern East coast of Malaysia and in the distance the silence is interrupted by the Muslim "call to prayer." I walk down the lifeless streets with the haunting prayers echoing off the houses. Exhausted, I find a bench, fall down on it, earplugs in, and I'm out. Two hours later I jolt awake and have one of those, "Where am I, I ... read more
Laying in my hammock

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