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Friday 4th May 2018 We left Brunei on Wednesday 2nd May to travel by bus in to Sarawak. It was just a local daily scheduled bus but quite comfortable and the border crossing was easy, no hassle at all: there are still a couple of empty pages in our passports, despite the eager rubber stamping that takes place at each border crossing! We arrived at the terminal bus station in Miri, an oil town, close to the border, at about 4.30 p.m. A taxi in to town and a nice reasonably priced hotel and a very cheap Chinese meal rounded of this travelling day nicely. Miri is Sarawak’s second city, after Kuching, and there isn’t a great deal of interest to the traveller, since it has all been rebuilt since WW2 when it was bombed so ... read more
Natural shower
View from our bedroom window
Sungai Melinau from Kenny's garden

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park March 29th 2016

Mulu National Park & Caves 28 – 29 March 2016 It was lovely to have a sleep in until 7.45am, have a leisurely breakfast before departing for KK Airport. We were very excited about the next section of our tour as we were off to the Mulu National Park to see the second largest cave in the world. This is Deer cave, 1.2km long and the biggest cavity is 120m high. After a 50 minute flight to Miri to get stamped out of Sabah and stamped into Sarawak, we got back in the plane for a 10 minute flight to Mulu. We were met by our local guide Nelson, who worked for the Mulu National Park. Our group was divided between 4 vehicles of varying ages, to drive us 5 minutes to the office of the ... read more
Deer Cave map
Tom enjoying floating down the Sungai Melinau River
Deer Cave entrance

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park October 21st 2015

After one failed attempt to get to Gunung Mulu National Park and an unplanned evening in Kuching (due to the Haze mentioned in a previous post the pilot couldn't see the runway so we were diverted to Kuching), the weather decided to cooperate and we safely touched down in Mulu, the beginning of our jungle adventure in Borneo... This is one of the stops I couldn't wait to get to, and with a full slate of activities planned over the next 3-4 days it was going to be busy...checked into our hotel, and as the accommodations in the park itself were all booked we decided to rough it at the five star Marriott resort, sweet! Not a big selection of accommodation here, there are some dorm style hostels just outside the park entrance but we figured ... read more
The Explorers
Riverbank II

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park April 15th 2014

Borneo Island: Borneo is the third largest island tin the world behind Greenland and New Guinea and bigger than Madagascar. It consists of three countries those are Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. Borneo rainforest is 130 Million years old. One of the oldest in the world. Brunei Only Occupies 1% of The Island. Brunei is a very rich country. So if it can make all that out of just 1%, think about the other 99%. You Can Find a Very Big Flower Here. The Rafflesia Arnoldii is the biggest flower in the world. You can find it by following the rotten stench while climbing Mount K. SABAH is home to the Rafflesia, the lagest flower in the world. Dao Borneo la dao lon nhat A chau va la dao lon thu 3 the gioi cung la dao ... read more
Sri Lanka 2347
Sri Lanka 2265
Sri Lanka 2266

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park August 21st 2013

After 2 days of jungle trekking along the headhunter trail we got to Mulu national park, and the infamous Deer cave, both the 2nd largest cave in the world and home to millions of bats. When we walked into the cave we could see small black patches on the ceiling which were actually thousands of bats. The cave is very impressive in itself aside from the bats, but the bats add a new dimension of awe. Deep in the cave were areas where the floor was deep in bat poo, an amazing fertiliser apparently but it can't be removed due to the cave's heritage status. This leads to a smelly cockroach infested floor. Luckily a raised pathway has been installed. The cave is also very fragrant the further you go in, due to the high volume ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park July 8th 2012

Van Kuching had ik een vlucht geboekt naar Mulu. Wat een luxe is dat toch vliegen! De vlucht naar Mulu was al erg indrukwekkend, als je uit het raam keek zie je alleen maar groen, groen en nog is groen. Mulu airport is het kleinste airport dat ik tot nu toe heb gezien. Het is niets meer dan een landingsbaan in een groene oase. Als eerst na het park gelopen om te informeren hoe of wat. Blijkt dat er maar weinig tot geen hikes zijn die jezelf kan doen. Ik had erg geluk want de tour na de pinnacles was nog een plekje vrij voor de volgende dag en duurde drie dagen. Ik werd wel gewaarschuwd dat het een stevige KLIM is. De tour: Eerste dag twee grotten bekeken waaronder de langste grot van de wereld, ... read more
Photo 6
Op naar Mulu!

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park September 7th 2011

From Kuching I caught a local bus to an intersection and then walked for 20 minutes to the jetty for the boat bound for Sibu, only to find out that it was already booked out hours earlier. So I jumped into a taxi and headed across the other side of town to the long distance bus terminal where I found a seat on a bus leaving at 10am. It was a pretty boring 7 hour ride with not a great deal to see. After arriving at the Sibu bus station and finding out the local bus to the centre had stopped running for the day, I jumped into another taxi and found some nice accommodation in the middle of town. Sibu is not a very pretty city, it mainly acts as a commercial centre for the ... read more
Bat exodus from Deer cave
There is a bug in my satay
Gunung Mulu National Park

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park August 6th 2011

Mulu National Park Returned now to Kuching after 6 wonderful days in the huge Mulu National Park in Sarawak. We stayed in surprisingly luxurious accommodation at the park HQ, big bungalow with a garden to sit out and watch the birds. The weather was also kind to us, it only rained at night and only one leech was spotted in the whole time! The park is a World Heritage site and known particularly for its caves and bats. We did lots of long (and short) walks around the park and visited all four of the show caves. These are spectacular in their size. The caves are all different with species of insects, bats and swiftlets living in them that the guides point out. One day we did what is called the Garden of Eden Valley walk, ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park July 4th 2011

The 2nd day in Mulu was to go to the other 2 show caves and then fly to Kuching. I got up and it was pouring. Put on all my waterproof gear and joined the guide for the caves. We took a little jetty driver for 1 hour until the caves. Went into cave if the wind first. It is supposed to make a loud whistling sound vuut there was no wind. Had some bizarre cave formations however. Then went to clearer cave which has a fairly large river running through it. The mouth of the cave looks like it has jagged teeth. This cave goes in for about 130km making it one if the longest in the world. The longest is also in Mulu. On this trip there were the Australian couple from the last ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Gunung Mulu National Park July 3rd 2011

I'm writing this on my iPod so will update this with more detail when I get access to a computer. I'm in the pontiak airport waiting for a flight to Jakarta. Everyone here smokes and in the airport too. Gunung Mulu was pretty fun, albeit quite tame considering. I flew in on the morning of the 3rd and walked from the airport into the park area stopping by my hostel about 20m from the park entrance. It was essentially one big room with roughly 25 beds. Relatively clean but quite basic. Went into the park and went for a hike for about 3 hours to the moonmilk caves and then to a treetop tower. Every trail here is either boardwalk or concrete. Quite upscale and kills the adventure of being in a remote forest. Moonmilk caves ... read more

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