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February 7th 2020
Published: February 9th 2020
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As we begin to wind down another trip, I thought i would post some pics from our last National Park in Borneo - Gunung Mulu in Sarawak. What has been most impressive with all of the parks we visited, besides all the natural beauty is the amazing infrastructure, that has attempted to preserve the beauty without destroying it - the extensive boardwalks, tree canopies, accommodations and guide services were fantastic!

Mulu is known for their caves, and bats. Watching 2-3 million bats do their orchestrated dance as they exit the cave for their evening feeding was truly an amazing site to see. The display lasted at least 30 minutes and included seeing some of the bat hawks waiting for their dinner. Deer cave where the bats exit is one of largest caves in the world and the boardwalk inside is approx 2 kilometers, avoiding slipping and sliding in all the bat guano. We also visited 3 other caves, all with gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites.

And our last event was the tree canopy which was @ 1/4 mile long in 14 sections @ 80 feet above the forest floor. It is one of the longest tree
World's longest Treetop canopyWorld's longest Treetop canopyWorld's longest Treetop canopy

1/4 mile long and 66' above forest floor
based canopies in the world. Although we did not see alot of birds, or animals, plenty of insects, frogs, and large stick insects were found.

We are now a couple of days in Langkawi, an island off the west coat of Malyasia, before we start our return to bangkok and back to boise,

Additional photos below
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Sarawak Long housesSarawak Long houses
Sarawak Long houses

common residential setting
Tapang tree - one of the tallest tropical tree speciesTapang tree - one of the tallest tropical tree species
Tapang tree - one of the tallest tropical tree species

It was about 120 yrs old, and more than 100' tall
Poisonous tree used by the local people for huntingPoisonous tree used by the local people for hunting
Poisonous tree used by the local people for hunting

They cut out the bark and the sap is the poison they put on the arrow points

9th February 2020

Gotta love those insects
You keep covering the ground seeing places few people do. What an amazing evolutionary event those lengthy stick insects. I suspect you have other ideas on the horizon. Keep on trucking and be safe. Grant

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