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Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary January 18th 2015

We have only been to Brunei in transit so many times, we have passed through the airport and wondered. Well wonder no more, myself, I was very disappointed. For me it reminded me of Darwin from the eighties, lots of public buildings and the suburbs set out with similar house projects homes. Yes their is the affluent, but also a lot of poor people. We took a tour of the river to find that over 22,000 people actually live on the river. They dwell in stilt homes and have shops and schools. We had the most lovely fella show us around. He himself was born and still lives on the river with his family of 6 children.The most amazing mosques and palaces and very Muslim. We were told that that of the 500,000 people in Brunei ... read more

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary January 17th 2015

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary February 6th 2014

On our second day at Sepilok we left the guest house at 6am to see what birds were about at day break. As we walked out of the building we were very excited to spot an orang utan on the roof. It then proceeded to come over and peer at us over the edge of the roof. Just another example of the hotel being an excellent place to see wildlife! After a very uneventful bird spotting trip we headed off to the Sepilok Orang Utah Rehabilitation Centre for the 10 o'clock feed. The feeding platform is quite a long way from the visitor centre and reached by raised walkways. The feeding platform itself has two platforms with a number of ropes coming to it from several directions. We unfortunately only saw a juvenile who soon left ... read more
mother and baby Orang Utan
juvenile OU
Orang Utan and Macaque tea party

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary August 12th 2013

I wasn't planning to visit Sepilok as I would have another opportunity to visit Orangutans outside Kuching, and I wanted to do a river cruise. Luckily a couple of girls I met in the hostel were going to Sepilok and they tempted me to join them. I'm extremely glad they did! We started the day by cramming passengers into the car - just a slight squeeze - then headed off off the 45 minute trip to Sepilok. Once we got there we had to put all of our stuff except cameras in a locker so the Orangutans wouldn't steal it inside the centre. After a short walk, along which we spotted the trees shaking with small monkeys jumping around, we got to the viewing area by the Orangutan feeding station. It was already very busy, despite ... read more

I learnt a new backpacker's secret! Since in Malaysia accomodation seems to be generally a little more expensive than the rest of Southeast Asia, so I've decided to bunk in dormitories whenever I find the prices for private rooms too steep for my liking. Despite having been a long-term backpacker, and despite its significantly cheaper price, I generally don't like dormitories for several reasons. Of course there's the privacy issue, including noise etc where sometimes the dorm almost turns out to be like a never-ending slumber party, with noisy chit-chatting way past official lights out time. I guess it's a good opportunity to meet new people and socialise, but sometimes I really just want to have some peace and quiet time to myself. Then there's the snorers (hands up, I'm a guilty party myself). And it's ... read more
RDC Canopy Walk
This Cat Eats Margarine
Uncle Tan's

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary September 17th 2012

Our initial plan after Koh Tao was to go to the perhentian islands, however the idea seemed too damn hard to organise transport connections to get there. Instead we found ourselves heading (on a rather plush night train) to a small island off Western Malaysia called Lankawi. A few years previously the prime minister of Malaysia tried to make the small paradise island as the new capital but unfortunately the motion was never passed. We had to agree with his thought process though because it is a beautiful island. We were staying a five minute walk from a 5km stretch of beach, which we had mostly to ourselves. A highlight for us was sitting in a Reggae bar having an excellent dinner whilst watching the sun go down behind a few of the 99 islands. After ... read more
giant jellyfish washed up on the beach
some of the shells we found whilst walking on the beach
storm coming in

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary July 10th 2012

The main attraction for us has been the Orang-utan rehabilitation center (ORC) and the Rainforest Discover Center (RDC) Although the main purpose of the RDC remains as an environmental education center for students and teachers, it has opened its doors to the public since August 2006. Its primary function is to create public awareness and appreciation of the importance of conserving forests, as well as the sustainable use of forest resources. We walked around the park using the Canopy Walkway. The Canopy Walkway is about 300 m long with 2 towers. It is the first of its kind in the country and one of few of such structures in the world! And gives a great perspective of the Reserve and the size of the trees! There we saw the Giant Sepilok. Enormous tree! We feel so ... read more
soft-shelled turtle
asian box turtle
red dragongly

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary February 23rd 2012

Today I went to 2 different sanctuaries for Monkeys. In the morning I went to the Probiscus monkey reserve. These monkeys are highly endangered as their habitat is being destroyed due to the ongoing farming for palm oil. Palm Oil is Malaysia's biggest export and Borneo (50% is under Malaysia rule) is no exception to this. Palm Oil plantations do not give off air and the monkeys cannot feed off the plants. So lucrative is Palm oil production that farmers will burn, shoot and kill anything that’s gets in the way of this. Sadly this rule applies to the both the Orangutan and Probiscus Monkeys. The Probiscus Monkeys sanctuary is set deep in the mangroves where there is lots of other interesting wildlife such as snakes, spiders, crabs, mudslingers and loads of other stuff. I was ... read more
Another Monkey
In the Tree
Up Close

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary December 24th 2011

We all make mistakes: that’s the thing about travelling you can’t see what you book first. You faithfully rely upon that popular travel guide, booking sites, reviews and photos submitted by the hotel or guesthouses themselves as reliable sources of information. On the very rare occasion we were lucky and got better than we bargained for but sadly too many times a hotel has been booked in good faith only for an ugly truth to be revealed upon arrival. More than anything, a traveller depends upon the information from others and we rely upon each other like a network. In Ho Chi Minh I met an Austrian girl in my hostel who told me about “the only place to be” in Muine called Vietnam-Austria house. Since she had booked for three nights but ended up staying ... read more
Photo 26
Photo 14

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sepilok Orang Utan Sanctuary December 19th 2011

After flying from Phnom Penh to Kuala Lumpur we finally reached Kota Kinabulu. We headed to our hostel, Masada Backapackers and were taken to our very cool room with rice fields canvas on the walls. the place had a great homely feel and even had a toaster and tea and coffee machines so we could make a piece of toast whenever we fancied :) we spent the evening with two british guys and a german and conversed till early hours of the morning on the balcony. the next morning we were taken to an island by our german buddy and spent hours on the lovely beach and in the sunshine! mel even got a free massage. the speed boat ride back to the city was cool too and the driver hit top speed! that evening we ... read more

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