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Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands July 24th 2011

Wonderful Trip to Gohtong Jaya and Genting Highland 24th July 2011 – The journey goes on with Mr Italiano Federico and Bella Deborah. After spending hours in the toilet, being nagged to be quick quick, we decided to head over to Genting Highland this time. I missed my childhood times when my family brings me up to Genting Highland, when the adults are busy gambling, and some adults have to sacrifice to take care all the little monkey children. Genting Highland is one place you ought to go, where you will see so many people going there with convenience of transports and good services around. But before I continue to Genting Highland, let me talk about Gohtong Jaya. Gohtong Jaya is a main township in Genting Highlands, Bentong, and Pahang at Malaysia. It was erected ... read more
the restaurant
beautiful scene with cold wind
fine cafes and restaurants

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands April 1st 2010

Day 6 - We left at 10 am to avoid the traffic and had a 2.5 hour drive to the Elephant Sanctuary near the Genting Highlands. It was in deep rainforest and was lovely looking out of the air-conditioned car at all the deep shades of green. It wasn't quite so lovely when we arrived and had to get out of the car! We had been expecting slightly colder weather as the Highlands are meant to get a lot colder than K.L. but it was so incredibly hot! We got there nice and early so we would be sure of a ticket to ride the elephants, as there are only 120 a day. We did get tickets, but we then had to wait several hours until it was time for the rides to start at 2pm. ... read more
Baby elephant
Big elephants
Another elephant

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands March 26th 2010

Geo: 3.38457, 101.772Woke up, had breaky at hotel. They had eggs but no bacon. After breaky we went straight up-stairs to buy our wrist-bands for the Outdoor Theme ParkWe were literally 30 seconds too late and had to wait behind a massive tour group but luckily we were special for some reason and we got escorted to the desk by two ladies and got our wrist bands straight away. We went on a lot of the rides, the cyclone, giant drop, a double decker merry-go-round, a mono-rail,... There's a place called Beryls Chocolate world which is really cool. Its got cute little replicas of buildings, and the chocolate making process, heaps of fact posts and three kittens sitting on top of a house. One of the cats was so much like Magpie, they looked the same ... read more
Genting Highlands Resort
Wristband for theme parks
First World Indoor Theme Park

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands March 25th 2010

Geo: 3.38457, 101.772We're here - at last. Our plane trip was average, hit turbulence quite a few times. The seats were very comfortable with good pitch. The food was horrible, I had scrambled eggs for breakfast, they were soggy and disgusting so I just had the yoghurt and fruit. I have no idea about supper, I fell asleep and mum didn't wake me. I think she said it was a bagel and muesli bar. I was asleep for most of the flight, although there was a really annoying kid in the chair behind me kicking it non-stop.We arrived in Kuala Lumpur at 5.30 in the morning (half an hour earlier than expected) and it was 27 degrees outside! We got off the plane and got our luggage straight away- a first for us. Then got onto ... read more
On our way to KL
Breakfast on the plane.
Breakfast on the plane

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands November 3rd 2009

Da leider aufgrund der Monsunzeit die Insel Tioman in Suedosten Malaysias bereits geschlossen war, hatten wir noch ein bisschen Zeit auf dem Festland, bevor es weiter nach Borneo ging. Waehrend unseres Zwischenstopps in Kuala Lumpur haben wir deshalb kurzerhand beschlossen, einen Ort namens Genting Highlands aufzusuchen. In der “Bibel” waren diese Genting Highlands zwar gar nicht aufgefuehrt, aber auch der heilige Lonely Planet ist ja nicht immer allwissend. Von ein paar Malaien haben wir naemlich zufaellig wir erfahren, dass es sich hier um ein beruehmtes Casino auf einem Berg nicht weit entfernt von KL handelt. Ausserdem hatten wir gehoert, dass es dort eine abgespeckte Version eines Erlebnisparks geben sollte, aber wirklich sicher darueber, was uns dort erwarten wuerde, waren wir uns nicht. Am 03.11. haben wir uns somit aus Neugier auf den Weg gemacht um zu ... read more
Und da war es ploetzlich
Der Erlebnispark der Genting Highlands
Ich koennte Schumi doch glatt Konkurrenz machen

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands March 18th 2009

Kuala Lumpur We flew from the island to Kuala Lumpur, and the Genting Highlands. You can immediately see that this would is much more advanced than all the other places we have been to. Large super highways, beautiful landscape and the buildings in the city itself breathtaking. We traveled to the highland by taxi with a 1 hour stop at a grocery store as we were told there was no place to buy food up there. The timeshare that Jim and Yvonne got is located 2 hours outside Kuala Lumper ,3 bedrooms with a full kitchen, a 4 Star resort with 2 pools etc. We stayed with them in Vegas last year in the same type of facility and were looking forward to some down time. When we arrived we were all very disappointed. The place ... read more
Kuala Lumpur
cool advertisement for water
our new kitchen

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands August 26th 2007

Yea, indeed, it was just a short getaway as I am staying nearby Genting and it is definately not my first trip to Genting Highlands. Just this is my first time have it recorded down in my travelling blog page. Just some observations: - The First World Hotel's standard is really poor and below my expectations and I would not stay there again. - Love the Genting skyway cable car ride - Never drop by in the Casino at all - not interested - Forgotten about the outdoor theme park - too lazy for it In fact, I was sleeping the whole time inside the hotel room. Well, I got nothing to lose as I have plenty of rest and it was a free trip given to me.... read more
From Genting Skyway
A view from Cable Car

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands May 30th 2007

If it wasn't for Dana probably I wouldn't have explored this magnificient city on the hilltop where we almost got lost. Few rides in the theme park and an evening in the casino that's all it takes to cover the most talked about city, Genting Highlands. Make sure when you visit the casino just ignore all the rules and regulations mentioned right at the entrance, they truly agree with the saying, "rules are meant to be broken!" ... read more
Going up with cable cars
Genting forest
Way to the Genting Highlands

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands November 22nd 2006

This place was genius. We were amazed how posh and built up the place was considering it was on top of a mountain. We checked into the First World hotel which is renowned for being the first ever hotel built with 6,000 rooms. It was brightly coloured and had an indoor and outdoor theme park. These were mostly aimed at kids but there was plenty to do and see. We were on the 19th floor and the views from our room were astonishing, especially considering we were above cloud level. We booked tickets for the Mysteria magic show which was pretty impressive and Jo was was amazed when they replaced a girl with a white tiger on stage. We also checked out the casino and nightclub but all got quite expensive! The next day we took ... read more
Cable Car trip
He's off his button moon, Mr spoon!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Genting Highlands July 5th 2006

Imagine if you will, a place located high on a jungle mountain top that is part Las Vegas, part American shopping mall, and part low budget theme part. That would describe Genting Highlands resort in the highlands just north of Kuala Lumpur. It’s the popular vacation destination for lots of Malaysians with something for everybody gambling, shopping and rides for the kids. Exciting right? Well, sort of. I didn’t go of my own accord, Jo signed the kids and me up for a trip along with her brother Chai, who is visiting from Ausie with his daughter, Kim. She wanted a few days alone with her mom. The package was only RM59 (something like $US 16) for the bus trip and the hotel room for one night. It seems it’s a popular junket for the gamblers. ... read more
The highlands of west-central Malaysia
Malaysia joins the space race

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