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Asia » Laos » West » Vang Vieng May 7th 2006

Vang Vieng - what a place! Unlike anywhere I have ever been before but for once the hype was to be believed. Laos had been a slow-burner for us up to this point but we really started to enjoy it last Monday when we rolled into town after a sweaty 5-hr bus journey from Vientiane. Arriving in the evening, priorities first, let's get a hostel where the action is - as a guy I once knew used to say "GooseCentral"!! It proved to be a wise decision. Now others may have shuddered at the thought of a cockroach infested room with a building site on one side and the towns only late night bar on the other but for us it was perfect, and all for $2 each a night. The licencing laws in Laos are ... read more
Troops ready for action
The wee jump...

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane May 7th 2006

Well folks the main reason I'm doing this is not because I'm an egotistical b#^!h but because I feel I may email you all and you might think “Oh Clare there she goes again banging on about her travels and to be honest I don't give a ...” So if you are reading this you have to be interested 'cause you're here Yeah! Well I'm in Laos which is lovely and has been the most hygienic and “normal” so far. The people aren’t trying to sell you stuff 24/7 and they are a lot more relaxed. We’ve met a lovely Swedish couple so we have just been riding bikes around the city together lovely! The journey here tho was a complete ‘mare! Anyway we were staying in this fabbydoo hotel in Hoi An, Vietnam really posh, ... read more

Asia » Laos » North » Muang Ngoi Neua May 5th 2006

On my first day in Muang Ngoi, a quiet picturesque backpacker place (almost a contradiction in terms) I met Ernie, who was keen to go hiking the following day and was looking for someone else to join to halve the price. I had breakfast with Ernie, Brian and Tania before setting off on the trek with them. Brian, a head ranger from Canada, and Tania, a doctor from Perth, decided during breakfast to join us. Of course, there was no chance of be getting injured or needing survival training - that would only happen when there isn't a doctor or ranger around. We set off at 0900 with our guide, Peng, and porter, Weu, for the 40 minute walk to the caves. They were caves. And like most caves in this part of Laos they had ... read more
The team
The rebel HQ
Rice farms in the valley

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane May 4th 2006

Wed. 26th. April. A lazy day, in theory, but in truth, we chased our tails doing bits and bobs. We survived another sgary haircut. It's very awkward when they don't understand a word of English, and then that was the end of Chang Mai. Thurs. 27th. A minibus collected us from the hotel and transported us to Chang Khong, a typical Thai village on the Mekong River. The scenery on the way was quite mundane and as the minibus was running on "kangaroo juice", we were glad to arrive. We had booked a package to Laos so we were pleasantly surprised that the hotel was clean, and we even had an en suite. The view from our balcony of the Mekong River was beautiful. Fri. 28th. We lugged our bags onto an open-top pick-up, and cleared ... read more

Asia » Laos » West » Vientiane May 4th 2006

Sun. 30th. April. Before it gets too hot we climb 300 steps to the temple and marvel at the view. We really are overwhelmed by the beauty of such a relatively unknown country. If only we hadn't wasted time in New Zealand, we would have stayed here a lot longer. The travel agent we find to book our flight to Siem Reap accommodatingly changes all our odd foreign currencies for Laos money, so that's made Jim's wallet a lot lighter. We buy our lunch from 2 little girls at the market, then amble round town for the rest of the day, soaking up the atmosphere and the feel good factor. Another first class local meal, slightly spoiled by all the flying things on the balcony, and then a quick check of the bedroom for any "visitors", ... read more

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