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Laos to China- train tickets and border crossing

Can you buy train tickets for travel within China from LAOS? We are hoping to find an agency/ tour to do this for us so we dont have to arrive in China 5 days early!
13 years ago, October 22nd 2009 No: 1 Msg: #90277  
B Posts: 11
Hi, we need to get from Laos to Beijing by Feb 23rd but we have heard that train travel in China gets very busy over the Spring Festival period (14th Feb for 40 days!) and that its advisable to buy tickets upto 10 days before travel. We are very tight for time in Laos and dont want to have to leave that early to buy our tickets in China.

Can anyone recommend an agency that can get our tickets for us cheaply? Weve contacted one agency and they added $100 onto the actual ticket price! Has anyone used a company in Laos for China train tickets?

Also, how easy is it to get from Laos to Kunming in China?

Does anyone recommend flying instead? this option cuts the journey down by 3 days but we wont get to see all the beautiful China scenery on the way!


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