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Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu June 25th 2019

Tuesday, 25th June 2019 I participated in a Kyushu day tour departing from JR Hakata Station covering Dazaifu as well as the hot spring towns of Yufuin and Beppu. Earlier on, I had my breakfast at the pop-up Hello Kitty Cafe within the station concourse. The itinerary is spelt out as follows:- 8.50am - Meet up with the Korean-speaking guide at JR Hakata Station. I was given a copy of the English itinerary and the guide would try her best to include some English during her commentary. 9.00am - Departure to Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine. 9.30am - Arrival at the Shrine. We had about an hour to explore the shopping street leading towards the Shrine. It was crowded even on a Tuesday. Admission to the temple complex is free. 10.30am - Departure to Yufuin. 12.00pm - Arrival ... read more
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine
Tonkatsu dinner at Hakata

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu August 5th 2018

Dear All Greetings from the volcanic island of Kyushu. Well, actually, I believe all islands of Japan are very much volcanic, but Kyushu, in the south-western corner of the country, and particularly Beppu, where I’m at now, seems more so than elsewhere. Japan’s most active volcano, Sakurajima, just opposite the city of Kagoshima, in the far south of Kyushu, has been spewing ash ever since 1955, whilst Beppu is most famous as a very popular Japanese hot spring town resort. Indeed, it is quite touristy, but most of the tourists are Japanese coming from other parts of the country. It feels very much like a holiday resort town, and the main reason why I decided to include it on my journey is that it is both off-the-beaten track in terms of foreign visitors to Japan, and ... read more
Oniishibozu Jigoku, Beppu
Tatsumaki Jigoku, Beppu
Takegawara Onsen, Beppu

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu October 4th 2016

Tajfun Chaba, podąża za nami cierpliwie jak funkcjonariusz SB. Tak już chyba pozostanie, niestety, do samego Tokio. Według miejscowych służb meteorologicznych wciąż wyprzedzamy go o pół dnia. Wyganiając nas przedwczoraj z Yakushimy wpakował w dodatkowe koszty. Zamiast przyjemnie i leniwie płynąć promem, musieliśmy wydać prawie dwa razy tyle na podróż wodolotem. Pal sześć koszty. Żal pozostaje, gdy uciekając przed nim musimy wykreślać z naszego planu podróży kolejne punkty. Na Yakushimie postraszono nas, że poranne, poniedziałkowe rejsy wodolotów Jetfoil będą prawdopodobnie ostatnimi przed uderzeniem żywiołu i jeśli z nich nie skorzystamy, zostaniemy uwiezieni przez wiatr i 10 metrowe na fale na parę dni. Nie było więc wyboru. Nasz wysłannik, Sebastian, doskonale wywiązał się z zadania i cierpliwie stojąc w porannej, dwuosobowej kolejce zdobył dla naszej 8 osobowej grupy bilety na os... read more
Beppu Jigoku
Beppu Jigoku
Para wodna z wód geotermalnych

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu November 23rd 2012

Day 7 When we woke up, the weather had taken a turn for the worse, and it was decididly murky outside. Breakfast was good again, with bread rolls, but no toaster! We packed up and headed downstairs, the temperature had certainly dropped and it was beginning to drizzle. Our first stop of the day was Mount Aso. We drove for a couple of hours through the countryside, and passed some lovely autumn trees, bamboo, and saw the grasses that make the tatami mats that form the flooring in a traditional Japanese home. Actually it is part of a series of 5 volcanic cones. The existing crater is 128km in circumferance, where volcanos had previously erupted leaving a huge crater floor. The active volcano (Mt Nakadake) was the one we were hoping to see. As we started ... read more
Lunch time at Mt Aso
Topery on roadside
Tyranasaurus topery

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu May 1st 2012

From Tokyo taking the fast trains was an amazing experience, the Shinkansen is fast and always on time, I transferred in Osaka then took a tad bit slower train heading for Beppu, and of course I took advantage of the cheap bento being sold at kiosks in the train station, I fell asleep on the train knowing that Beppu is 2nd to the last stop, somehow I woke up and found the train stopped at a station, trying to get my bearing, I peeked outside and saw the sign Beppu! darn we are here, I hurriedly grabbed my backpack slinging it in my shoulder quickly and went towards the open door, and as luck would have it, it closed on me, catching me by the rucksack! I forced myself out wiggling desperately to free myself before ... read more

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu March 24th 2012

Beppu is another top ranked onsen town in Kyushu. It is famous for its large amount of volcano spring water. As we were walking on the street, we can see steam coming up from the gaps in the ground. Every now and then, you can find so called foot onsen. You can simply take your shoes off and put your feet into the warm spring water. Such a nice feeling in winter. The ryokan we booked is a very traditional old style ryokan. As we were walking up the stairs, we could hear old Japanese people singing karaoke in the activity room. Most of the staffs did not speak English, but they are super professional. One thing about the Japanese style room is that there is no bed. We were quite worried for a while, until ... read more
more breakkie

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu November 23rd 2011

So after a very long hiatus and rather hectic 2 months, the quater is over and I can finally relax and enjoy a 2 small break from school. As other graduate students and Masters holders would tell you, grad school is the part of the education process where you never really stop working. Reading has to get done, presentations have to be made and presented, final term papers of 5000 words have to be written and so on. I have paid my dues and spent way too many nights not falling asleep before 2am to tell you that it is a long and very tiring process. I have really enjoyed my classes this quarter, but I am really looking forward to my much lighter quarter that gives me Mondays off! Maybe I will be able to ... read more
personal nabe

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu October 23rd 2011

Well, after a year of sitting around at home I decided that it was time to move on with my life and go back to school. That's right, grad school was the next step for me. A little background information might help some of you on this. I did my undergraduate studies in Asian Studies with a concentration in Japanese Studies. After being in Osaka for a study abroad, I graduated and moved myself to Sendai, Miyagi for 3 years. I didn't just live in Japan, I became apart of Japan. I traveled extensively, made Japanese friends, and studied Japanese. While I'm a little embarrassed about the fact that I'm not as fluent as I feel I should be, I'm getting there. So when it was time to get back to school I decided that I ... read more
new friend
ocean side

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu April 14th 2011

Het Sakura-feestje was heel erg leuk en gezellig. Wij hadden ook stroopwafels meegenomen en uitgedeeld - ze vonden die erg lekker. Er waren kinderen tussen de 8 en 11 jaar en een heel aantal tussen de 17 en 30 - in totaal waren we waarschijnlijk met 15 man, minstens. We zijn opgehaald en teruggebracht met een jeep, Alexander was natuurlijk veel te lang en dat bracht de nodige hilariteit mee, en we hebben email-adressen uitgewisseld. Er waren hapjes en drankjes en we hebben heel veel gekletst - kortom, het was een hele leuke ervaring! De volgende dag stond in het teken van reizen en vulkanen. Eerst hebben we met verschillende treinen gereisd. In tegenstelling tot het openbaar vervoer in Nederland, rijd in Japan alles op tijd - eventuele afwijkingen van het schema zijn slechts seconden. Dit ... read more
Toegang tot een van de 'hellen'
'Shiny Uncle' beeld in Beppu centraal

Asia » Japan » Oita » Beppu April 4th 2010

And we're in Beppu, hot spring ('onsen' in Japanese) paradise, doing some well deserved relaxing after 7 days of intense sight seeing! To start from where we left off: after having spent 4 full days in amazing Tokyo, we left for Kyoto Tuesday night, arriving (very) early Wednesday morning. Kyoto is also one of Japan's biggest cities, but couldn't be more different from Tokyo in terms of architecture and atmosphere. Where Tokyo is hectic and bustling, packed with sky-soaring glass and metal facades with neon lights glaring you down from every street corner, Kyoto is far more down to earth: the buildings are shorter and less imposing, the streets less packed with busy business suits... the general feel of the city is more peaceful, almost suburbian. After having dropped off our packs at the hostel, we ... read more

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