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Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara March 26th 2015

Nara Ausflug in erste Hauptstadt Japans und zum Todai-ji Tempel mit der großen Buddha-Statue. Leider hat meine Kamera den Geist aufgegeben, und keine scharfen Fotos mehr gezeichnet. Drum sind die Fotos diesmal vom Handy. Die Kamera konnte ich später wieder reparieren. Aus unerfindlichen Gründen (der sorgfältige Umgang konnte es nicht gewesen sein) haben sich 3 der 4 Schrauben auf der Rückseite des Objektivs gelöst (eine mehr und das ganze Ding wäre auseinandergefallen). Nachdem ich alle Schrauben wieder festgezogen habe (zum Glück schleppe ich jede Menge Werkzeug mit mir mit), kann ich wieder scharfe Selfies machen :-)... read more
Rehe sind Attraktion Nr. 1 in Nara - noch vor den Tempeln
Warning of wild deers!

Asia » Japan » Nara October 25th 2014

Am Donnerstag hatten wir einen Tagesausflug nach Nara mit Midori geplant. Wir freuten uns schon sehr auf den Tag, da wir Midori seitdem sie im Juni zurück nach Japan gegangen war, nicht mehr gesehen hatten. Wir trafen uns am Bahnhof in Nara und nach einem kurzen Bentobox shopping im ersten richtigen Supermarkt, den wir in Japan besucht hatten, ging es schon auf große Tempel Runde. Das erste Foto haben wird beim Affenteich (unser Maskotchen) gemacht. Wie die meisten japanischen Tempelanlagen gehört in Nara ein großer und weitläufiger Garten dazu. Das besondere in Nara sind die dort lebenden Hirsche. Die sind an Menschen so gewöhnt, dass sie sich streicheln lassen. Ihr Verhalten ist mit dem von Ziegen vergleichbar, denn die freßen fast alles und man muss beim Essen im Park tierisch aufpassen, ansonsten wird man gezwungen sein ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara March 30th 2014

Nara. We’d heard and read so much about Nara that we were really looking forward to having a look around. The people we stayed with in Asago, he had been to university in Nara and had given us all sorts of tips and suggestions of what to see. And we’d booked into what appeared to be quite a neat hostel. The first few days we were there were spent exploring Kyoto (see previous blog). We saw the street between the train station and supermarket and the hostel. We also went to see Kofukuji temple, but weren’t overly successful. It was another temple that was undergoing restoration / renovation and was totally covered. So of course when it came time to explore Nara properly, it rained. And rained and rained and rained. We’d actually been invited to ... read more
Daibutsu-den Hall, Todai-ji
The Daibutsu
Cherry blossoms in the rain

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara March 30th 2014

19thMarch – Kobe Kobe lies between deep blue waters of Osaka Bay and the tree clad hills on Honshu. In 1995 a devastating earthquake (7.3 Richter) killed over 6000 people and made 300,000 homeless. It became known as the Great Hanshin Earthquake because as well as destroying the city’s infrastructure it caused the collapse of the elevated section of the Hanshin highway. Some damage is still visible, and as part of the regeneration several memorial parks have been created. Kobe is home to the famous ‘Kobe beef’ , the animal is massaged every day and fed beer, it is also said that they are supported so that their feet do not touch the ground giving a more marbled effect on the beef!!! Our tour was another long one (11 hours) and was entitled ‘Ancient Japan’ The ... read more

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara March 18th 2014

Nara Tuesday, March 18 Today I went back to the Kyoto Station but took the JR Nara line further out to the city of Nara, a former capital of Japan. Nara is famous for its herds of deer that roam the large park area freely and are fed by visitors. Nara is a very assessable city to tourists and has a smaller, quainter atmosphere than the big cities. It’s a good place to go if you’re looking for a relaxing pace but still lots to do. I actually got seven go-shuin in Nara, too, and I traveled only by foot from the JR station. It was overcast and a little rainy on my visit, which may have controlled the crowds a bit, but I was really impressed with the small-historical-town atmosphere. Nodokana might be ... read more
Small Shrine
Five Story Pagoda

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara February 10th 2014

Second little stop of our Japanese adventure. Not that far from Kyoto, but a first for me. We travel light for these few days, so we went on the train direct to Nara. It takes only an hour from the Westin in Kyoto. So after walking all morning long in Kyoto, we spent the all afternoon discovering Nara....and walking even more... An afternoon for Nara is more than enough, but hey, this place is pretty amazing too. First, you have the little deers. The first three we saw were fun...than we realized, they don't have few of them, but rather hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of them around the parks and forests of Nara. To the point that these guys have solid priority even on the dogs...pretty cute! I forget to take a picture of the ... read more
Osaka, from our room...

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara September 28th 2013

Nara est très sympa, toujours sous un grand soleil. Au programme visite de quelques temples, et balade dans des parcs, qui sont également rempli de biches et de faons, on peut acheter à manger pour les nourris, certains touristes se font d'ailleurs limite déborder par la voracité de ces animaux et partent en criant, très marrant. Nous avons pu également assister à une démonstration d'un art martial obscure, qui consiste à se battre avec de grands battons représentant à première vue des hallebardes. On est pas resté jusqu’au bout, pas d'ombre, et on cuisait au soleil. Pour finir encore un bon restaurant, avec une délicieuse omelette okonomyaki. Demain dernier jour, nous remontons sur Tokyo avant de prendre l'avion le lendemain, pas de typhon de prévue normalement cette fois nous allons donc être obligé de rentrer en ... read more
japon 004
Attaque de biche
demonstration de baton

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara September 27th 2013

Friday’s day trip was Nara. During the 8th century, Nara was the capital of Japan and as such, there was some intense temple building happening at the time. Even after it was no longer the capital, Nara was still an important religious centre. Because of this, there are some great temples and shrines to see. And unlike Kyoto, most of them are right near each other within a large park. The train trip took about 50 minutes. You can do it quicker if you take the private Kintetsu line, but my rail pass doesn’t cover that. The Kintetsu station is also closer to the temples, but it wasn’t a big deal. There were a lot more tourists (Japanese and westerners) because Nara is a premier attraction in Japan. Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as previous days ... read more
3 Story Pagoda
5 story Pagoda
2 red deer come to blows

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara July 13th 2013

Since my sister is down in Osaka for a summer internship, I waited patiently until the only national holiday in June and August, and then took a week's vacation down to see her. I'd only been to the Kansai area once before, and only for 2 days, so I was very excited to see more of it this time around. And to see my sister, of course! The problem was that I had not anticipated the DEMAND for shinkansen tickets due to the three-day weekend, and as such, when I bought my tickets Friday night after work, I could only get a non-reserved seat. The shinkansen ride to Shin-Osaka from Shin-Yokohama is 137 minutes, and I stood in the CROWDED non-reserved section for 80 of them. It was HOT and pretty miserable, haha. Luckily, I grabbed ... read more
nara 007
nara 008
nara 010

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara May 16th 2013

One of the great things about the Kansai region of Japan is that you have Osaka...amazing, vibrant city but then you have Kyoto, Kobe and Nara with 50 minutes by train! So, why not go to Nara for the day? It was the capital of Japan in...ummm....without Googling it I think it was around 700AD... read more
Here fishy, fishy
Crowds of Golden Week
Not Gravestones

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