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Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka April 21st 2023

2023_Blog 25_Japan April 14 Port of Call: Fukuoka (Hakata), Japan – Weather: Heavy rain - 62°F/17°C – Wind: 7 mph. This morning’s viewing started early for us as the ship sailed through the Kanmon Strait, also known as Straits of Shimonoseki. This stretch of water separates Honshu and Kyushu, two of Japan’s four main islands. The overcast skies and rainy conditions made viewing difficult and uncomfortable. It is always fun to pass under a bridge and this morning we did just that. The Kanmon Bridge is a 1,068 metre suspension bridge connecting Shimonoseki in Honshu to Kitakyushu in Kyushu. Our cruise director provided a running commentary over the PA system as we transited the strait. We docked in Fukuoka (Hakata) on the northwestern side of Kyushu Island in the early afternoon and a downpour which continued ... read more
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine - gourds used as prayer vessels.
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine - 3rd bridge - Future.
Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine - main pond.

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka May 18th 2019

SC writes: We are using Fukuoka as a base to explore Kyushu in the west of Japan. Yesterday we headed off eastwards to Beppu, billed as a resort sort of town on the coast and famous for a string of hot springs, too hot to be Onsen. We’re talking boiling mud, great clouds of steam and water at 99 degrees C. Collectively there are 7 sites, known as “Hells”, each with its own unique attraction. These range from boiling mud that creates gloopy circles of toned grey - see photos - to steamping pools of various colours, to crocodiles. Yes that’s not a typo! All very interesting and we had to make our way to them by bus. From there things took a turn for the worse. Beppu the town was disappointing despite more good weather. ... read more
Coloured hot springs at Beppu
Natural art in mud - Beppu
Geyser at Beppu

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka May 16th 2019

SC writes: Yesterday explored Fukuoka or rather Fukuoka, Hakata and Tenjin. They are all parts of one large city now but these areas have different identities. It can get challenging when trying to look up Fukuoka on the Japan Rail website... because the station is called Hakata...! Anyway, we explored this busy and vibrant city by bus and subway. All very interesting and more than a few shops, in long arcades and often underground. As the sixth largest city in Japan and the Capital of Fukuoka province there are lots of is busy! We have settled into our hotel here, again somewhat tight but comfortable enough. It does have a very good onsen, which we are enjoying pictures obviously... Today we headed out on a planned side trip to Arita which is famous for ... read more
Cathy does a deal
Cathy spots a bargain.
Treasures in the rubbish

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka August 8th 2018

Dear All Greetings from Fukuoka, the largest city on the island of Kyushu, and at just over 1.5 million people, the sixth largest in Japan. It is definitely an urban centre, it’s been good to have arrived here, and although there really isn’t that much to see and do in the city itself, it’s been a great place in which to spend my final three nights in Japan. Indeed, this is my last stop on the Japan-leg of my summer adventures this year – I feel quite sad about this actually, as if it is not evident in these blogs I’ve written, I’ve had the most amazing time travelling in this wonderful country. The people are super welcoming, friendly and hospitable, the country is beautiful, there are so many things to see and do, so many ... read more
Glover Garden, Nagasaki
Peace Park, Nagasaki
Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka December 24th 2015

Today, Ralph and I had to get back to Japan ASAP. We figured it was a holiday and the train stations were going to be packed. Not only were the train stations going to be packed, but also the ferry station that had to get us over back to Japan as well. We headed out of Seoul around 9AM and I snapped a few more photos of Seoul and Busan. We take the ferry across the boat and end up back in Fukuoka. Later for dinner, we end up finding a traditional Japanese restaurant to eat at and then Ralph and I ended up exploring the city a few more hours after that. Happy holidays to everyone back at home! I am excited to go back home to LA. I got a 5 hour train ride ... read more
Bulgogi w/ Rice
Busan Port
Busan Bridge

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka December 22nd 2015

The alarm rings at 8:00AM for us and we quickly packed to head out to the Osaka Castle. Before going to the castle, we stopped by and ate at Japan's most famous burger chain called most Burger. See photos on how different the portion is vs. the USA. The Osaka Castle sits on top of the main city of Osaka, and has 3 moats. I don't know why it has 3 separate moats, but just imagine storming the castle and climbing the walls, only to find out there are two more moats to cross over. The castle itself has some great restoration work done on it. The place was packed with tourists and the castle itself originated from the 16th century. After getting a few photos of the castle, we sat down and then this happened... ... read more
Osaka 2
Maybe one day...286K USD

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka October 24th 2015

Saturday, 24th October 2015 I started my day early following a hearty buffet breakfast at the hotel. With a good selection of quality items coupled with tip-top Japanese service standards, this was worth my 1,200 yen. I planned to do some outlet shopping today at the Marinoa City but since it was quite early, I visited the Ohori Park first instead. Exiting from the subway station, I entered the park grounds through the Northern Gate which was already teeming with morning joggers. The centre piece of the park is a huge lake connected by a long bridge to both sides of the expansive park space. When it was time to start my shopping day, I continued my journey towards the end of the subway line to Meinohama Station where I caught another bus to the Marinoa ... read more
Cute robots @ RoboSquare
Fukuoka Tower
Off to the city beach

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka October 23rd 2015

Friday, 23rd October 2015 Following my 3 nights excursion in Kagoshima with a brief stopover at Kumamoto, I was back at Hakata this afternoon. It was the same JR Station that greeted me when I arrived at 2pm - choke full of people, suffocating at times and yet full of energy and convenience as I made my way to my hotel. Hakata Green Hotel was where I was going to stay following the not-so-inspiring stay at Hotel Nikko a couple of days ago. This was a good hotel with newly refurbished rooms and a very welcoming lobby and staffs. I was given a room on the highest possible floor which commanded a nice view of the city through the somewhat smallish windows. I was going out again, making full use of my Kyushu Railway Pass for ... read more
From the top of Hakata Port Tower
The evening skies glow
Hakata Port Tower

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka October 18th 2015

Sunday, 18th October 2015 I arrived at Fukuoka International Airport on the morning of 18th October 2015. The subway service to the city was located at the Domestic Terminal where this was reachable by the free shuttle bus services that were easy to locate. Arriving in Japan with a lack of sleep, I had some difficulties getting my bearings properly as I exited from the gigantic JR Hakata Station which was two stops away from the airport. I had booked a room at Hotel Nikko Fukuoka and was quietly hoping to see if there was a chance for an early check-in. Without even bothering to check through the system, the lady at the reception maintained that check-in was after 2pm - no leeway. For a five star establishment, I was rather unimpressed given that they did ... read more
Subway 1 Day Pass
Fukuoka City View from the top level of JR Station
My first lunch in Japan

Asia » Japan » Fukuoka » Fukuoka October 17th 2015

Saturday, 17th October 2015 This is my first time taking a Singapore Airlines flight from Changi Terminal 3. And this would also be the longest duration for me on a SQ flight. My flight time to Fukuoka (Hakata) would take about 6 hours and 30 minutes. Checking in on a late Saturday night for my red-eye flight is not something I thoroughly enjoy given that I'm a relatively light sleeper. However, since the SIN-FUK route operates on this ungodly timing, there was not much of a choice as far as direct flight goes. Hopefully, by the time my flight touch down in Japan at 8.35am the following morning, I would not be too exhausted from the whole journey. I was lucky to be seated along the emergency row with a wide leg room. Breakfast was served ... read more
To Japan
Japanse Breakfast on board

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