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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta September 18th 2014

#Jakarta#Aug2014#HappyBirthday#aBreak#forpeace# My first time to this place, the capital of Indonesia. How do i felt, nothing much different from Singapore, as they are city. Reason i chosen Jakarta for a break (i knew that's sound weird as Jakarta is not a place for a break as all my friends commented that im just moving from 1 city to another city, hahaha, ok ok, i knew that), but im there because of the limited timing as well as budget, so i chosen a place, a city which i have never been before instead of returning to the place that i been before, simple reason but at least i knew how this city. I am glad that i have chosen 1 hotel hotel that is cool, for their design, for their services, named "Kosenda Hotel Jakarta". The location ... read more
Jakarta #02

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta July 24th 2014

We finally made it to Jakarta after a long journey. Vancouver-San Francisco-Tokyo-Jakarta. In total it was 20 hours in the air plus layovers which takes a toll on these aging bodies. ANA is pretty good though so it was as comfortable as it could have been. After customs we got out of the airport just after midnight local time. We booked a taxi inside the terminal so we were rushed past the waiting touts to our taxi outside. The trip was great and the city was still pretty busy at 1am. Our hostel in the Cikini area was already sorted out so we got checked in, had a quick shower and passed out petty quick. Our first day started slow as you'd expect. We ate breakfast and lounged around trying to figure out what to do ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta June 13th 2014

It has been a crazy twelve days but we’ve made it –today was the last day for this academic year . Students started holidays today and yesterday was their last day of school. As teachers and staff however, our extended break is here! Many people are headed home today and tomorrow as they make their way back to their respected home countries and reunite with family and friends. Others are pacing themselves and taking detours first before going home. Others like myself are not headed home at all, but rather sticking around and travelling to various places. Tomorrow morning with a 5:00am flight I am headed off to Toraja, Sulawesi with a friend. Sulawesi is another major island that comprises Indonesia. This particular friend is headed back to the USA coming Thursday for a couple of ... read more
Good-Bye Party
Indo Market

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng March 16th 2014

If you like this, please check out my other blog - Riding Motorbikes in South East Asia; Vietnam and Indonesia. First of all, if you’re googling to see if doing this is a good idea or not, then I can tell you straight away; it isn’t. Having just come back from a trip to Vietnam, where I rode a bike around the city of Hanoi, I’ve started to reflect on just what it is like riding a bike in countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam. I’ve heard from many people during my travels, that they want to learn how to ride a motorbike in places such as Vietnam and Indonesia, because they don’t need a license (which is simply not true) and they can rent a bike for a whole day for nothing more than ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 23rd 2014

I love celebrating holidays. There’s nothing better than getting together with good company, eating tasty food and laughing. Valentine’s Day is no exception. A bunch of us got together Saturday February 15 for breakfast. Someone made heart shaped pancakes and the rest of us each brought a topping to share. The spread was delicious and covered a variety of choices. Every Sunday afternoon community members come together to play a game of ultimate Frisbee. All ages are welcome and it’s always a good time had by all. By the time 4 o’clock arrives, I’m usually too exhausted to get myself out the door or I’ve started something and am in the middle of it. Last week was different. I made time and even got a ride there on the back of a friend’s bike. We played ... read more
The group got smaller after the women’s hockey gold medal match…only a few stayed to watch Team Canada take on Team USA in semi finals of men’s hockey.
Playing marbles from half across the globe!
Game view from my end.

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 16th 2014

Sunday, 16th February 2014 Since I was in Jakarta over the weekend, I decided to join in the morning walk along Jalan Thamrin towards the direction of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. Between 6-11am every Sunday, the main boulevard would be closed to all traffic save the exception of Trans Jakarta Buses which I happily hopped into one after my walk to bring me to the National Museum. It was 7am in the morning when I started out from my hotel and I was greeted by a huge crowd of enthusiastic joggers and cyclists on their weekly workout. The mood was quite jubilant. This was unlike the rest of the days where the roads were clogged with heavy traffic. Because of the road closure, I had the opportunity to get as close as possible to the Welcome ... read more
The National Museum of Indonesia
Works of the local people
A wonderful breakfast place

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 14th 2014

Congested traffic might be one of the dampers. Yet in my opinion, the city boasts some of the most beautiful traffic roundabouts in Asia as I shared in one of my Facebook postings recently. These group of pictures were taken around the Welcome Monument in Central Jakarta during one of the Car-Free Sundays in February 2014. I liked that the main Jalan Thamrin thoroughfare (think Orchard Road in Singapore) is converted to a traffic-free boulevard much to the joy of cyclists and pedestrians. I'm happy to sacrifice a couple hours of sleep on a Sunday to join in the early morning walk from my hotel to the National Monument (Monas). Certainly, this was one of the rare treats in this crowded city. ... read more
Plaza Indonesia - the first high end shopping mall in Indonesia
Car-free Day on a Sunday with the exception of Transjakarta Busway
National Monument - Monas

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 14th 2014

Friday, 14th February 2014 For my trip to Jakarta, I took a 90 minutes flight from Singapore to the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport located some 25km outside the CBD. Once at the airport, I decided to hail a Blue Bird Taxi outside the arrivals for my hour long commute to url= Ibis Arcadia in central Jakarta. The Blue Bird Group is by far regarded as one of the most reliable taxi companies in the city. I was pleasantly surprised to find my hotel located next to Bersih Sehat - a local massage chain providing good value treatment in a no-nonsense setting. As its Indonesian name suggests - "clean" and "sanitary". It's no wonder that Bersih Sehat is very popular among the local people. There was al... read more
Old Town Square, Jakarta Kota

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 12th 2014

In my last post I mentioned how a bunch of us went into Jakarta this past Saturday for a giant colorful water gun fight, in the rain! It was a fun afternoon and a great way to release aggression. I got some action shots from my friend's camera and thought I would share them with you. Photo Credit: LH... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta February 12th 2014

So we arrived in Java, the largest, most populous island in Indonesia on the 12th of February, and since then we've visited Jakarta (where we touched down), Bandung, Bali (which I'll write a separate entry for), Banyuwangi and the Ijen volcano, and Yogyakarta. Although Indonesia is so close to Singapore and Malaysia, it is completely different and when we first arrived in Jakarta, the place felt a lot more like India than any of its neighbours. Unfortunately the pavements and roads are not well maintained here so when we caught one of the local bajajs - very much like the Indian tuk tuks - from the bus station to our hostel we had a very bumpy ride! But also like India, the people are extremely friendly and made us feel welcome immediately. In Jakarta, we stayed ... read more

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