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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta May 8th 2023

Head can be heated, but the heart must stay cool… ~ Indonesian Proverb HE SAID... Today we were continuing to explore the bustling city of Jakarta. Wide awake at 5:30am and feeling completely refreshed, we immediately jumped into the day. We may have been a bit too eager. When we arrived at Yello Harmoni Hotel’s expansive dining area for breakfast at 6am, the place was devoid of front-of-house staff. However, food dishes were trickling in (thanks to the kitchen staff), so we decided to settle at a table with city views and help ourselves to the meagre buffet offerings. I went for a simple option – cornflakes and sultanas, along with hot tea. We had a long day of walking ahead, and we were heading out into Jakarta’s morning humidity at 8:30am, so we didn’t have ... read more
chicken congee
gado gado with peanut sauce
candra naya mansion

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta May 7th 2023

Asking questions is the only way to learn… ~ Indonesian Proverb HE SAID... Today we were arriving in the bustling city of Jakarta. We touched down at Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Jakarta around 6:45pm. We’d been travelling for hours, but the flight from Sydney to Jakarta comprised less than eight of those. It was a smooth flight and we felt great on arrival. Unfortunately, it was a slow journey through customs. We’d pre-prepared and printed our visas, thinking it would allow us a seamless path through the formalities, but nothing could have been further from the truth. ‘Snail pace’ is my best descriptive term. We even managed to select the slowest moving line, so we were the very last people from our flight to clear customs. It took the best part of an hour. It ... read more
view from hotel room
nasi kuning
nasi goreng

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta June 20th 2019

I arrived around noon, but my host had to work until 18h. I had contact with another couchsurfer who picked me up from the airport and took me for lunch. I am a bit more familiar with Indonesian food, so when I saw satay on the menu, I had to try it. It was so delicious! And as you might guess, eating it in the country of origin instead of my home country, it was the best I had ever tasted. The guy was also super kind and wanted to bring me to the place where I would meet my host, but when we left the restaurant, it was too late for him to enter the city. Apparently they have a system in Jakarta, that there are certain hours, only odd numbers on one day and ... read more
Dutch cemetery

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta May 22nd 2019

I was on exchange study in Indonesia last year (2018, from Jan to May). I didn't blog about it last year and I also didn't think there were much to share about. In view of my days as a university student are numbered, my final exam of my last semester was over 2 weeks ago. Now I am still staying in my university hostel in campus, I will be a working adult 2 weeks later when I start my first real job. With the little days I have here, I am reminiscing the exciting life of these 4 years of tertiary study. I flew back from Jakarta to Singapore on 31 May 2018 right after I finished my exam in Indonesia. I remembered rushing to the airport after exam because my internship in Singapore will start ... read more
My work station in the hostel canteen
University lake

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta June 1st 2018

I wake in a cold sweat. I think I might have made some unflattering remarks about the safety and security record of the airline we came here on in an earlier post. I now realise that we will be travelling with them again today. I hope they’re not one of those companies that pays people to search the internet to see whether any of their passengers have said anything disparaging about them. I wonder how they might extract their revenge. Crashing the plane would seem to be a bit extreme, but maybe they might think that feeding me dodgy food was an appropriate punishment. I wonder if I can hold out all day and all night without eating. We spend the morning lazing by the pool with Brian and then catch a taxi to the airport. ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta May 9th 2018

Rano motanie sa na ubytku, plan cakat dnu az d check outu 12.00 zavrhujem, bo net furt padal a na izbe sa mi lezat nechcelo. Vybehnutie teda na nakup neakeho matrosu do indomarketu a pobratie sa do mesta. Dea (baba co som stretol na ijene) sa dnes opat vyhovorila na pracu (mozno ju realne mala tazko povedat ale skor ne) takze stretko nebude ani dnes, vraj zajtra ma cas. To mi napisala aj vcera, ze dnes bude mat volno, no potom ked som jej napisal, ze poslesny bus mi ide o 21.00 na letisko zrazu odpisala, ze ma o 19.00 pracovne stretko. Nechapem aky vyznam to malo mi naslubovat beer tour a potom nist. Asi jej na to dosol frajer a zatrhol jej to. Baba co som stretol pred 7 rokmi vo vietname mi tez slubila ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta May 8th 2018

Fajn vyspaty, po vypnuti poistek v byte smer lobby na free wifi signal. V mini warungu si tu davam plnene placky zeleninou, k tomu mi neskor donesu free caj (asi deci) Majitel je zo sumatry, takze jasne, ze mam ist tam. Ludia tu postupne cakali na odvozy do prace. Vela sa ich tu poznalo, tak asi dlhodoby podnajomnci/vlastnici. Ako pracovat by som v tomto meste nechcel, by ma drblo z kazdodennych zapch. V ba to je prechadzka ruzovou zahradou oproti tomuto. O 9.00 ma uz ocakava na ceste cs. Dostavam od nej pohladnicu ako suvenir. Zastavuje mi mini dodavku a smer zel. stanica. Dufam, ze sa s touto babou este niekedy stretnem, fakt super osobnost. Cesty opat zadrbane, nasa minidodavka vzadu plna malych skolacok v krojoch. V predu som sa tlacil s jednou zenskou, nastasti vystupil ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta April 30th 2018

Starting off 6 weeks in Indonesia in Jakarta - I'm not sure if it was just me, but aside from the traffic, it seemed pretty mellow. Interesting combo of new skyscrapers and ongoing life in the alleys... This is also where we first discovered two odd and unexplainable music trends that would continue across Java - 1) A love of Miley Cyrus (first proclaimed by our tour guide in Jakarta, who declared her a sweet and wholesome girl) and 2) A love of Bryan Adams, who's songs our hotel played exclusively in the lobby. For many many hours.... read more
Old Chinese House (Chandra Naya)
Old Town
Old Town

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta » Cengkareng August 25th 2017

Hey allihopa! Så er første uge ved at være overstået og vi er i skrivende stund på sydkysten, i byen Yogyakarta. Vores tur startede med et par dage i Jakarta, som ikke viste sig at være noget hit - det var da også nævnt mange steder at den er trist, støvet, traffikeret og uden egentlige højdepunkter. Så vi brugte tiden på at køre rundt og kigge, ligge ved poolen og komme af med jetlaggen (vi er 5 timer foran her). At se Jakarta-skyline fra 66. etage var højdepunktet, det var tilgengæld også et nydeligt skue med en kold "Bintang" i hånden. Efter Jakarta tog vi til byen Bandung som et mellemstop, en by viste sig at være endnu værre traffikmæssigt end Jakarta - trafikken står praktisk talt stille dagen lang - som i HELT stille. Med ... read more
Jakarta skyline
Mango og lychee sælges

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Jakarta August 21st 2017

After a 6 hour layover in Kuala Lumpur and 2 McDonalds each (it was a steal at £2.50 per meal!) we arrived in Jakarta at around 11pm and crashed out in our room. We didn't see much of Jakarta during the taxi ride from the airport but had heard the stories of the pollution and traffic so after some careful research of the best places to visit we set out to the nearest cinema! Jakarta really is a shit hole, the rivers which run through the city are effectively open sewers, the traffic is horrendous, there are no paths for pedestrians which makes for very treacherous exploring and the buildings look like squats. We picked our way along the roads dicing with motor bikes and buses until we finally reached a safe haven of a cinema ... read more

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