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Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata March 9th 2013

So it’s off on the travelling trail again after our 3 weeks (what seems like a holiday period) with Satish & his family. He even refused to take any contribution from us for the Ajanta & Ellora trip – just as well we had made some contribution to the petrol and food. He says it was a gift from Kaka – anyway to both of them and his family a heartfelt thanks for a fun experience. We say goodbye to Satish at Pune station …. The train leaves 5 mins late for our 33 hour journey (aboard the Azad-Hind Express). Anupam doesn’t quite make it to see us off as he is stuck in Lectures at Uni so how Satish got home we are not sure as he was hoping for a lift on Anupam’s bike. ... read more
Flower Market - Howrah
Howrah Bridge from The Ghats
Local Trams - rust bucket

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum March 8th 2013

Maintenant on dirai "Oh Kolkata!" mais le sentiment est le même. On aime bien cette ancienne capitale. C'est un mélange de grande métropole occidentale avec une très forte touche indienne. Et par endroits c'est un village indien! Il y a des grands boulevards, des statues, des splendides bâtisses coloniales, des superbes maisons en ruines. C'est assez propre et les rabatteurs sont énervants seulement dans les endroits très touristiques. Le nord de la ville est plus pauvre (nous n'avons pas encore visite le cartier universitaire et intellectuel qui se trouve aussi au nord), le centre est colonial et le sud est élégant et chic indien. Pas loin du centre c'est le "village" touristique des backpackers. C'est vraiment comme un village: petites ruelles ou la vie se déroule directement dans la rue, les femmes font la cuisine et ... read more
Oranges au marche de fruits

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 7th 2013

Packing for our trip. If all goes as scheduled, we should land in Kolkata, India at 10:25 pm on Sunday (Kolkata time). India is 11.5 hours ahead of EDT. On Monday, we will visit Mother Theresa's Missionaries of Charity as well as other sites in Kolkata.... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata December 8th 2012

Phuket visit- 8th Dec to 12th Dec 2012 This year we have decided after final examination i.e month of December I and my husband along with my daughter would visit Bangkok n Phuket. 3 nights in Phuket n 2 nights in Bangkok. We left Kolkata on 8th Dec night by jet airways flight Kolkata-Bangkok-Phuket . On 9th Dec morning we reached Phuket. We have booked Sea Pearl Hotel (5 star) so we can reach hotel by hotel pick up van . Sea pearl hotel property is very good , no question of that . Now I am giving below the details about Phuket Phuket is the biggest island of Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea of Southern Thailand. The island is mostly mountainous with a mountain range in the west of the island from the north ... read more
PHUKET- Patong Beach

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 22nd 2012

It is always important when planning a decent overseas trip with big details like planes, trains and motorcycles to do as much research and organising before you depart. Which is probably why my plans have fallen apart. I had planned and booked all the planes trains and buses to a T, but left the motorcycle section, probably the biggest and trickiest section, open. Surely in such a bikey country, getting a bike and just rding off into the smog-set should be easy right? Hmm, turns out not quite so. "Wow, I didn't realise you were planning such a big trip." Steve was a bit taken aback when I told him I was planning to ride to Kathmandu and around Nepal, then on to Rajastahn and finaly down through central India to Hyderabad before returning to Kolkata. ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 14th 2012

For an adventurer such as myself, travel is everything. I have a deep love for the road in all its forms, but also one that sometimes holds some small trepidation and fear. For the life of an adventurer can be, at times, one of loneliness, an old companion that I know well. One of the costs of freedom, and one that rises and falls from day to day, but one that I pay gladly. Well, most of the time. But more on that later... Ka ka happens little buddy, ka ka happens... There is something about hanging out the side of a train that we just can't get in New Zealand anymore, with all our safety laws and bubble wrap. Its hard enough just trying to find a decent slide at a playground. Moving from place ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 14th 2012

My pilgrimage over, I was told by my future employer in the dance company to hurry back to Kolkata. There were several upcoming performances and I needed to start rehearsing. Almost three months since the job offer had been extended, I was finally going to be dancing! My excitement escalated, and I was even warming to the idea of living in Kolkata. Based on my previous experience there, I knew I’d have to work at letting go of the negative impressions it had left in my mind. We can only experience what our mindset dictates, so I set about breaking down all the doors that stood between me and seeing the city without any reservations or judgment. For the most part, I was successful in my endeavor, and I found Kolkata an agreeable place to be. ... read more
Street Scene

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 9th 2012

Having cracked across India at a bit of a lick I find myself in the middle of Kolkata. As noisy and chaotic as all the other towns and cities I've passed through in India and lacking much in the way of 'Western Tourist amenaties" The scale of the city is monumental so its impact on eyes and ears is proportionally scaled up. Not really my style for R'n R so will be flying out to Thailand tomorrow. Bike boxed. Flight booked. Cannot wait for somewhere more peaceful and hopefully to be taken at a much more leisurely pace. People sleeping and washing in the streets. Litter everywhere. Shabby buildings. Appalling plumbing and wiring. How is this consistent with India being the worlds' 4th? biggest economy? I admit to sounding like a traveller more given to package ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 4th 2012

I came to Kolkata, India to see its culture & volunteer in some of the most humble conditions I could think of – alongside the Sisters of Mother Teresa’s “Missionaries of Charity,'' taking care of the sick & dying. At the Motherhouse, where Mother Teresa’s tomb lies, I recieved my orientation package and met the new volunteers. Everybody just shows up at 3pm without reserving a spot or even contacting the sisters first. Volunteering would start on Friday. On mz first day, I showed up at the Motherhouse at 7:00am with a group of 60-80 volunteers. We had tea, sang & prayed, and left in groups to our specific locations. I chose “Nirmal Hriday'', the place where Mother Teresa herself started doing her work, where she founded her worldwide organization “Missionaries of Charity.'' I want to ... read more
Nirmal Hriday ambulance
Nrimal Hriday entrance
Walking with the volunteer group

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 4th 2012

What I did in India when I wasnt volunteering - I made friends and explored the territory of Kolkata. Sept 19: As my plane neared Kolkata airport‘s runway, I felt thankful for the oppotunity to touch Indian ground. When we exited the plane I was smeared with a wave of hot, humid air. It looked like a very green land, but densely populated. Any area that wasnt touched by roads & concrete buildings was packed full of banana trees it seemed. I had to give a false address to get past immigration, and then took a taxi that charged me $20 for 45 minutes – 5x the true value of the ride, but busses were on strike. Great. I took a subway for the remainder of the ride to Rabindra Sadan Station, and it was a ... read more
India from far above
meet Sagar
Sonny & older brother

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