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Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 26th 2014

Food Glorious Food Our last day in Kolkata was a full day of sightseeing and eating. I woke at 6.30am and was wide awake. I must still be in Australia time which is about 5 hours ahead. At about 7.20am the man outside our door started playing his music. I heard Taylor stir and started giggling. 5 seconds later, she was awake and not amused, which made me laugh even harder! Lol We decide to try Raj's Spanish cafe for breakfast but on the way there, we got distracted by a small mobile phone shop and decided to try get sim cards for our phones. It took ages to do and he had to photocopy our passports several times as well as us having to provide a passport photo. It cost about 1300rp all up including ... read more
Milk drink?
Sharpening knives
Let sleeping dogs lie..

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 25th 2014

Welcome to the City of Joy I was up bright and early on my first official day in Kolkata.. City of joy.. I went to jump in the shower and was rudely awakened by the face I had no hot water... I almost gave up on hot water until I had a last minute lightbulb moment that it was India and therefore I should expect the unexpected... I turned the hot water tap off and a minute later low and behold, the hot water ran... Of course hot means cold and cold means hot! I then went to find Taylor who was staying in a nearby room. She had shared a room with an extremely interesting character from Israel. A 25yo hippie called Leron. Lovely girl but completely crazy! The three of us headed off to ... read more
City life
Reading the Sunday newspaper

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 21st 2014

Well it's here... My long awaited trip of a lifetime off to the land of the unexpected, the one country said to test even the most experienced traveller... India! It's a country I've wanted to travel to for a long time yet the timing has never been right... I knew to go, I needed more an a fleeting moment there, so 12 months ago I took a pay cut at work to purchase extra leave and booked 7 weeks in India... As most of you know, I'd planned to do it with a friend which fell through so after a brief panic of "I can't do this", I picked myself up and got on with the plans.. I've met some other travellers online and have plans to meet up so I won't be solo too long! ... read more
The Hovel.... I mean Hostel
Hostel entrance, slightly seedy, slightly retro
Cloudy start to the trip

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 16th 2014

And now I'm in India. Kolkata to be precise (if you haven't heard of Kolkata it is because it used to be called Calcutta). There was a little drama when I was trying to check in at the airport in Bangkok and for a while I thought I wasn't going to make it. New Zealanders and a few other nationalities can get a one month visa on arrival for India which does away with the need to get one in advance like most people have to. When I was checking in at the Air Asia counter the man there starts flicking through my passport and then says “do you have an Indian visa?”. I say no because New Zealanders get a visa on arrival, and he says no I need a visa in my passport. I ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Kalighat January 14th 2014

2014 India Well it started well with my suitcase booked through to Mumbai – on the tag it said Kolkata but I knew I had to pick it up in Mumbai. I got my boarding cards for Cape Town and Johannesburg and was all set. The flight was marvelous – as I am usually a cattle class client to be in business was awesome. Of course I did have a few glasses of Tattinger and why not I had nowhere to go and it was only lunch time I could sleep it off. You get a meal before landing but noooo more drinky poohs for me then as I knew I had to keep my wits about me for India. On leaving the plane I struck up a friendship with a girl called Nikki who was ... read more
Puppies at play
Ladies chatting
Mother Teresa tomb

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata December 11th 2013

Well well... our last section of India - we left Rajasthan and moved up into Uttar Pradesh, visiting Agra and the ever chaotic Delhi, before an unplanned short pit stop in Bikaner, Rajasthan!!!!, before our final stop in West Bengal - the city of Kolkata! So after leaving Jodhpur, we got yet another sleeper bus to the small town of Agra, home to the infamous Taj Mahal! And we were not disappointed! It's an absolutely magnificent work of art, and even after waking up at 5am to get to it at its least busy, we still had to queue to get in - extremely glad we did however, the sun rise fell on it beautifully and we didn't have long to wait to take pictures. A very good experience! After a night in Agra, we then ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata July 26th 2013

I am a little bit “on the spectrum” as they say. Technically (DSM-V) called “high functioning autistic”. But then again, maybe many of us are on the spectrum. And so, making the transition from my structured life in down town coastal Australia, with my routines around my daily ocean swims, meditation and yoga, pedantic meal preparations, and self- talk alone in my house, to the chaos of India requires some re-structuring of mind and space. I had an arduous journey over 36 hours via three legs from Hobart (having spent 3 weeks in Tasmania) to Kolkata. Mind you, i'd had put together the very cheapest flight itinerary as is my bent. I now needed a bit of readjustment to again get into my 'just so' pedantic stride. Arriving in Kolkata by plane was amazing – last ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Dum Dum June 12th 2013

Marriage Anniversary held at Habra 24 pgs of my in-laws... read more
50th Annivarsary

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata June 5th 2013

Kolkata was our last stop in India before we moved on to Nepal. We’d heard and read that this was going to be an intense end to our time in India. However, Kolkata is remarkably unobtrusive: I think that I was hassled by one taxi driver over our two nights there (no tuk-tuk drivers, yay!). In fact, if I had to live in India – and this is a really, really big “if”, like a million-dollar-a-year salary "if" – I’d live in Kolkata. Granted, as in Mumbai, we didn’t visit the slums, but Kolkata has a fair amount of street signs, nice architecture in parts, and a public transit system that is not overly difficult to follow. We visited several of the popular sights, but unfortunately inadvertently chose Monday for our day of visit when all ... read more
st paul's cathedral
victoria memorial
victoria memorial

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata May 11th 2013

The train to Kolkata was two hours late, so we had to cool our heels at the station longer than originally thought. I'm surprised anyone gets on the right train here. Bishal said it is hard enough for him to find out when the train is due and what platform it will be on, let alone a foreigner. There is no arrivals/departure board so you have to rely on announcements for updates, if you can hear or understand them. When a train arrives, the vendors appear, carrying their produce on trays balanced on their heads, a cane stand for the tray under their arm. I found it rather entertaining, as they weighed out grapes, placed them on a square of newspaper, and passed them through the train window. Others had peeled cucumber, plastic sandals, jewellery and ... read more
Varanasi Railway Station
Hotel Victerrance
Victoria Memorial Building

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