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Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 21st 2017

"Sorry sir, I can't let you board the plane without an onward journey." "But I was able to do so when I first arrived in India three months ago?" "They've changed the rules." "What in three months?" The check-in lady shrugs her shoulders. I was livid. This wasn't a requirement when I boarded my plane from London to Delhi back in November. This is the problem when rules are not universally enforced. You get Colombia to Panama: Round 2. So I used the same trick I used back then; using the airport wifi and my phone, I get to the final page of booking a bus ticket from Varanasi to Kathmandu without actually buying the ticket and just showed that to another one of the check-in lady's colleagues. And they fell for it again. Phew. On ... read more
Kolkata Traffic Jam
Chartered Bank Building
Howrah Bridge

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 12th 2015

Geo: 22.5579, 88.3528... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata February 11th 2015

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata December 29th 2014

Although I had visited Kolkata many times in past I was occupied in other responsibilities and was never free for a whole hearted sight seeing program. This time when I was visiting Bhutan I had to change train at Kolkata and got one full day beak in Kolkata while going and another full day too while coming back. Bangalore Howrah express reached in morning 6.30 and Kanchanakanya express left in 8.30 in the night, thus giving us the full day to spend in Kolkata. We kept the luggage in railway cloak room (platform no 23 in howrah station) and started our journey for kolkata sight seeing. Belur Math Our first destination was Belur math. From Howrah station we went by a town bus and got down at Belur. The math was about 200 meters from the ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata December 28th 2014

Visiting Belur Math Belur math is about 5kms north to Howrah railway station. There is a railway station near it. But it was too difficult for me to book train ticket and find the exact train which would go to belur. On the other hand I was hesitant to go by town bus as I had experienced pic pockets in town buses during my early visits. I asked a couple of people about how to go to Belur and they told me the bus numbers going towards belur. I thought to take an attempt in the bus. There were seats in the bus. I was always confusing about the ladies seats, senior citizen seats, handicaped seats etc. as I didnt have much of town bus experience. There were no pick pockets and we reached safe in ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Kalighat December 12th 2014

There are many Kali temples in Kolkata, out of which two are quite famous. One is Dakhineswar Kaali temple and another is Kalighat Kaali temle. Dakheneswar kaali temple is situated at the northern side of Kolkata while Kalighat Kaali temple is at the southern side. Dakhineswar Kaali temple is famous because Ramakrishna Paramahansa was associated with this temple. Kalighat kali temple is famous because it is old and considered to be more sacred from religious angle. For tourists, Dakhineswar kaali temple is more attractive. It is not only beautiful but also comfortable (as there are no dalals). There is a distance of about 16-18 kms between the two temples. Kalighat is easily accessible. You can go to kalighat by town bus or by tram or by metro train. There is a metro station called Kalighat metro ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata December 12th 2014

The Alipore zoo in Kolkata (or Kolkata zoo in short) is one of the oldest zoo in India, established in 1875. It is situated in Alipore road, by the side of National Highway It is spread across 46 acres of land. Though looking at the size and population of Kolkata 46 acres is nothing for a zoo of this kind, it is still quite popular and visited by large number of people on every day. The entry fee to Alipore zoo is Rs 20. Still cameras are allowed inside. However shooting by handycam is not allowed inside. We were allowed to carry the handycam but the... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Kalighat November 26th 2014

Birla mandir is situated in Ballygunge. It is located on the side of the main road (Queens park road near old Ballygunge road). It is built by the industrialist Birla family. Many town busses go by that route. It is about 9 kms from Howra staion. Yes town busses are available from Howra to this place. We first visited the Kali temple in Kalighat and from there went to Birla temple. In Google maps it appeared to be close (1.5 kms) to Kali temple. When I asked a hand pulled rickshaw he asked for 200 rupees. I was surprised as a taxi would even be cheaper. Later we came to know that taxis/auto rickshaws were not available in that place. Then another hand pulled rickshaw told he would drop us in Hazra for 100 rupees where ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 26th 2014

Millennium park is loated on the eastern bank of Huguli river. It is near BBD bagh bus stop. It is not very far from howrah bridge (1.5 kms). One may like to walk down from howrah bridge to this place. You can also visit this place from howrah by ferry (boats/ cruise) too. Boat fair is very cheap (rs 10). There are two parts of Millennium park, stretching to two different sides, north and south. At the south side the park ends near Babu ghat. The entry fee to millennium park is very nominal, i.e., just 5/-. When you go to one part (either northern or southern) th... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata » Kalighat May 11th 2014

I left Singapore after leaving loads of my personal things especially cutlery which was home warming gift from my sister. I took a photo of it for memories. I was not in a position to carry excess baggage and Silkair was strict. Flight was uneventful as I was angry at the helpless of my situation. This changed when I entered the brand new Kolkata airport. It was clean and tidy. My check in luggage arrived in a jiffy and I was so delighted to meet my cousin at Kolkata airport. At home, my bed was ready and I went off to sleep. Next day was famous Arsalan Biryani day with cousins. Subsequently, we visited Nehru Doll museum and to spot the exact location on google map, I had to turn my cell phone upside down! It ... read more

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