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Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 8th 2004

From Varanasi we took the train to Kolkata (Calcutta). We stayed in the Super Guest House, thinking it was the one as mentioned in the 'Lonely Planet'. Turns out there are 3 Super Guest Houses in the same area (and ours wasn't the one in the guidebook)! It pays to get mentioned in the 'Lonely Planet'! Sudder Street, where we stayed is a veritable soap opera of comedic proportions - Greasy-haired backpackers; professional beggars with babies as accessories; street-wise NGO ex-pats; good, cheap eateries (the best of which is the Zurich Restaurant); old colonial hotel madames (a la Fairlawn Hotel); leech-like hotel touts; bell-ringing rickshaw wallahs; big yellow Ambassador taxi cabs; people washing themselves and their clothes at the water standpipe; sellers of hand-made flutes; and troupes of drummers advertising the latest line in fashion shoes! ... read more
Trams in Kolkata
Denise at Fairlawn Hotel
Interior of Fairlawn Hotel

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 7th 2004

It has been about a week since I landed in Kolkata, although, I feel like I have been here longer because I have been stretched in ways I had not anticipated. I am surrounded by beautiful people -- who give their time, patience, and efforts to care for people that were once forgotten about and overlooked, and ask for nothing in return. For some, Kolkata is a passing through point where the poverty strikes them in such a way that they feel pulled to give to a community they hardly know through ways other than reaching into their pockets; for others it's a place where they specifically planned to visit and volunteer. Regardless--there is a common thread among the volunteer and backpacker community that makes it feel a little homey, and keeps you feeling alive in ... read more
St. Paul's Cathedral
art institute
in Maslandpur

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 1st 2004

this is my fifth day in Kolkata, and I want to say that I am used to the city but everyday something shocks me. The temperature is is humid, but not as hot as Bangkok. The food is awesome and I am having such a fun time trying to different stuff! From the lassis and pomengrate juice to pakoras sold on the sidewalk in little bags made from newspaper. On a typical walk down the street I can see people bathing near a tube well, an entire slab of cow hanging in front of a butcher's stall, a guy selling bananas or other fried yummies, five Dick Tracy style taxis zooming by me (and about 2 inches away from pasting me to the floor), a man running down the street pulling a carriage with ... read more

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata November 5th 2002

After Dargeeling I took the worst bus ride of my life to Calcutta. The bus was tanking long quite poor roads at 60km/h and rattling so hard it caused my head to bang against a screw on the side of the bus. Arriving in Calcutta was a relief, and I bumped into two scottish girls from Galashiels Textiles College in Scotland and we stayed at the Red Salvation Army Guest House - which was a great place to meet people and relax. I went to see the second day of the test match there between India and the West Indies, which was fun, not too many wickets went down but the atmosphere when Sachin Tendulkar came on to bowl was a high point, he is such the darling of India.... read more

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