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Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Sunauli December 18th 2009

Crossing the Nepalese border and entering India is one of life’s greatest experiences…ok well that was a lie. Crossing the Nepalese border and entering India is actually a bumpy, dusty, manic, and poorly organized experience that leaves a lot to be desired. We farewelled Chitwan and the two aussie we had spent a bit of time with at around 9.30 and trundled along in the bus towards Sunauli at a constant 40km/h for up to two minutes at a stretch before pulling over to pick up more passengers or for various other unknown reasons. We are convinced that the distance between Chitwan and the Indian border town is only a few kilometers but the speed of the bus journey and the constant infuriating stopping means the journey takes 5 hours. Eventually the inevitable happened; the bus ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Sunauli December 17th 2009

Today we left Chitwan and headed for the Indian border town Sunauli. The local bus ride was meant to take 2.5 hours but 6 hours later we arrived. Slight hick up on the way, our bus broke down, the throttle cable snapped. That did not stop us. The driver’s assistant took the throttle cable by the hand while the driver had control of the brakes and steering wheel - worked surprisingly well. When we got to a garage they replaced throttle cable for a mere 400 rupees including labour. We got dropped off at the bus station and a poor auto rickshaw driver had to haul us and our bags for 4km, up a slight gradient, to the border crossing. We had no Indian rupees and a lovely Australian couple who were on the bus with ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Sunauli May 21st 2009

To get to Kathmandu, the most common route by land is through Sonauli. If you're coming from Delhi, take the train to Gorakhpur (for info on trains, see blog on trains in India), and the buses going to Sonauli are on the street across from the train station (perpendicular to the train stn). There are many buses and it takes 3 hours to get to the border (there's a lot of info on the internet and in guide books about this). When we got to the Indian customs office, an Indian official told us that the Nepali immigration accepts only US dollars for their visa and we have to exchange money here (to get US dollars) which was a complete lie! He also said that the 500 and 1000 Indian Rs bills are illegal in Nepal ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Sunauli November 19th 2005

INDIA, SEGUNDA PARTE. DE PUNE A SUNAULI. DÍA 193. 5 DE NOVIEMBRE DE 2005. KALKUNDRY, MAHARASHTRA: INDIA RURAL Lo imprevisible es una de las características más fascinantes de los viajes. Apenas hace 24 horas estaba echando humo por las orejas en Pune dispuesto a olvidarme de Ajit y Gayatri, y ahora amanecí a cientos de kilómetros de distancia en un pueblito donde viven sus padres. Ajit es gran amigo de Sonal desde la universidad. Se enamoró de Gayatri (los tres estudiaron bellas artes), dejó Mumbai para ir a vivir cerca de ella, en Pune, y ahora están casados. Los llamé por teléfono un día, dijeron que pasarían a mi hotel a recogerme la mañana siguiente, no aparecieron, su celular estuvo apagado varios días, por fin hice contacto de nuevo, quedaron en venir al hotel... y 45 ... read more
Viejo pastor
En Kalkundry, la aldea de Ajit
En Kalkundry, la aldea de Ajit

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