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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai December 24th 2015

It's those moments of connection, confusion, or understanding that I relish when I travel. My ultimate joy is laughing with people. The following are moments that I treasure as I continue my journey in India: Temple Visits The Arunachaleshwar Temple in Tiruvanammalai is an important destination for pilgrims from all over India. I visited several times. One evening it was crawling with pilgrims, men shirtless and wearing black dhotis, women in red and yellow full-of-shakti-energy saris--all creating a striking contrast with the stone walls and the giant gopurams, or towers, at the temple's entrances. It was the new moon, an auspicious time to visit and pray to the Shiva deities dwelling deep within the inner sanctum spaces. I joined the clamoring crowd, and was ushered by a river of people to a long table of tiny ... read more
After Thali
Devotees with Nandi
Arunachaleswarar  Temple in Tiruvanammalai

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai September 28th 2013

Sometime I do a have a question for myself whether I really do believe in god or it was the myth which drives me to ‘bow’ in front of the Almighty. Life was playing a hard ball with me and I was traumatizing on how to deal with it. I knew that sooner or later I had to stand in front of any temple seeking blessings and pouring ‘amens’. This Southern part of India mainly Tamilnadu has a lot of Temples to offer. Almost all of them has some or the other religious ‘to do’s’. It was really a long list to chose from. Above all, to any temple, I just stand motionless and enjoy the architecture, the religious beliefs and moreover the colorful offerings. Don’t know if that makes my god a happy one. This ... read more
Maharshi Ramana Ashram
The decoration

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai May 25th 2011

So, nach zweimaliger Umrundung des Arunachala gibt´s jetzt wieder einen kleinen Reisebericht und ein paar Fotos. Bin immer noch in Tirvannamalai und am Fuße des Arunachala. Lt. Wissenschaftlern und Geologen das älteste Stück Land auf Erden. Auszüge aus dem Buch „Arunachalam“ an endless Experience: Arunachala, as we know, is amongst the oldest pieces of land on earth today, as has been confirmed by geologists. Scientists say that it dates back to the very creation of the Earth. The hill is said to be Siva manifest. Eminent Scientists have established the Deccan plateau to be the oldest land of the earth. It is interesting to note what an American geologist states: „Arunachala should have been thrown up by the earth under the stress of some violent volcanic eruption in the dim ages before even the coal bearing ... read more
unser Garten
Hof und Garten vor unserem Haus

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai May 17th 2011

Nach nun fast 2 Monaten in denen ich unterwegs bin, gibt’s jetzt den nächsten Bericht. Zum Ende meines Aufenthaltes in Puttaparthi hab ich noch einen Ausflug zum 300 km weit entfernten Ort Sri Kalahasti und Tirupathi gemacht. Beides sind wichtige Orte für indische Pilger und in Tirupathi ist einer der heiligsten und größten Tempelanlagen Indiens. Unglaublich, welche Menschenmassen dorthin pilgern. Und absolut undenkbar für Europäer wie sich Inder verhalten, wenn sie in solchen Massen zusammenkommen. Ein Gedränge und Geschiebe ohnegleichen! Sollte jemand Platzangst haben, ist er dort an solchen Orten definitive an der falschen Stelle. Ob die Tempelanlagen dort kraftvoll sind oder nicht kann ich nicht wirklich beurteilen, denn ich hatte nicht mal Raum zum Atmen geschweige denn Raum um in die Anlagen hinein zu fühlen. Man stelle sich ein Fließband vor das nicht wirklich exi ... read more
Ich im Sari :-)

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai February 8th 2011

Am suffering from writers block so this will be short with mostly pictures. The first are set from the Rock Fort in Trichy. In order to get to the top you have to walk up hundreds of stairs. The sign said that the mountain was "3500 billion years old," and that "it is a proven fact that women who worship here have an easy child birth." The second group are the Brihadishwara Temple in Tanjore. This is by far my favorite temple complex I have visited. The massive Shiva Temple included many paintings, hundreds of words written in old Tamil scrawled on the walls, a large statue of an elephant (and a real elephant) among others. I stayed with a friend in Trichy for a week and used the time to try and discover more about ... read more
top of rock fort
playing with elephants

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai January 30th 2010

As our time in Tiruvannamalai draws to an end, it seems appropriate to share more of the spiritual side of this journey with you. Once again, not your typical travel blog! Lucas shares a story which originated with Eckhart Tolle.. It is the story of a great Guru who one day announced to his following that he was finally prepared to share his secret to enlightenment. His disciples came from far and wide to hear their teachers secret. As the day approached, the excitement grew. When the day finally arrived, the Guru’s disciples filled a great hall. The Guru entered and sat in silence for many moments as the anticipation filled the air. At last he uttered the words that all had waited to hear. “I don’t mind.” Lucas and I reread Herman Hesse’s, Sidhartha while ... read more
The AHAM Sanctuary
Baghavan Tomb at the Ramana Ashram
The walk to the caves

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai January 27th 2010

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some you unwrap, others you simply receive with open arms. Tiruvannamalai, is a special place for Lucas and I. It is our home away from home and it is so difficult to describe the pull to keep coming back. Having said all of this, we must have left an impression because this year Daniel and Kelsey (Lucas’s son and daughter-in-law) decided to meet us here to see what it is all about. They showed up on our doorstep on 29th, tired after a 7 week tour of the middle east and a long sleepless night of travelling. They showed up exhausted and with open hearts, ready to experience the Tiruvannamalai, we love. The night prior to arrival Lucas and I created an agenda for their stay. We assumed that ... read more
Breakfast at Ramana Ashram
Dan and Lucas at Skanda Ashram Cave
A Black Faced Monkey

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai January 19th 2010

Good-Bye Middle East - Hello India! After 3 take-offs, 3 landings and 3 hours in the back of a taxi we arrived at our first Indian destination - Tiruvannamalai or Tiru for short. It’s located three-hours south-west from Chennai on the south-eastern side of India. If we turn back the clock six-years, that’s when my Mom and Dad told my brother and I that they were going to India. “What?” It wasn’t the first place we thought they would go for a “holiday.” As the departure date drew near, my Mom decided not to go - I think she finally realised where she was going and decided staying at home would have been better for her; but the curiosity for my Dad however was too strong and he went on his own, going to Tiru and ... read more
Mt Arunachala
India Reunion
Lot of Colours!

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai January 18th 2010

A few days of holiday... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai December 26th 2009

Today is December 26th and we have just spent the last two days enjoying Christmas in India. On or about December 23rd, the Christmas decorations began appearing in India storefronts, businesses and on Indian houses. There were stars a plenty, multicoloured streamers and even the occasional strand of Christmas lights. However, not a Christmas palm tree to be found! Christmas Eve was a full day for us. It began with a Christmas concert at Arunachala Village School. This was not what one might expect, Cheryl and Lucas sitting contentedly watching the children perform, rather it was Lucas and Cheryl and others from AHAM performing for the children. We had the shear pleasure of looking out into a sea of beautiful faces, while Vivian read a Christmas story in English as two of the teachers simultaneously translated ... read more
Filing in for the Christmas Concert
The Beautiful Faces of Arunachala Village School
Teacher and Little One

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