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Cheryl Levine

Lucas and Cheryl are off on another exciting adventure and would like to share the experience with friends and family!

Europe » Switzerland November 15th 2012

Here we are near the end of our journey and I am finally getting to a blog. So bare with me as a try and recount the past 5 weeks for you. It clearly won’t be one of my typical travel blogs, but it just didn’t feel right letting this adventure pass us by without documenting for Lucas and I and for all of you. Our adventure began last month when we gathered with the German clan, loaded nine adults, and six kids into four vehicles early in the morning on Saturday October 20th. We were headed for the Top of Europe, Jungfrau in Switzerland, near Grindewald. Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe, at 3454 metres is Europe’s highest altitude railway station. It is a wonderland of snow, ice and rock. We were fortunate to experience ... read more
The Sphinx
Photo 4
A Family Portrait

Oceania » Australia » Tasmania January 8th 2012

On Boxing Day the adventure continued as we hopped a plane bound for Tasmania. We fell in love with this island paradise, perhaps because it reminded us so much of home. Tasmania is located 240 KM south of mainland Australia. The climate is cooler and the landscape is similar to British Columbia. There are placid beaches and lakes, rugged coastlines, hills, farmland and wine country. This island feels sacred! We landed in Launceston mid-day, hopped into our rental car and headed south for Hobart and area. We arrived at our next home away from home, Heimat Chalets ( in New Norfolk. Another gem! A lovely little two-bedroom chalet on a farm, we shared the landscape with alpaca’s, sheep, goats, chickens, a yappy dog and friendly cat. The rolling hills felt li... read more
Huon Trail
Grandvewe Pastures
Port Arthur Church Tower

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Barossa Valley January 8th 2012

Today is January 8thand I am trying to stay dry! We are on Bintan Island, Indonesia, but that is for another blog. It feels as though the last three weeks were a whirlwind of activity, adventure and exploration. We experience nearly every mode of transportation available as we explored Australia. After returning home from Cairns, it was time to explore the city of Melbourne by bus, train and trolley! What a beautiful city! Downtown Melbourne is situated on the mouth of the Yarra River. A cruise down the river gave us a ducks-eye-view of this beautiful, cosmopolitan city, including a short visit to historic Williamstown. Melbourne is a city of contrasts. Tall skyscrapers are flanked by historic landmarks and well preserved buildings. There is a vibrant Chinatown and an Italian precinct that is known for it’s ... read more
River Cruise
A Night at Moonie Ponds Raceway
Serious Gamblers

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns » Northern Beaches December 14th 2011

As we left Thailand, bound for Australia, I could barely contain my excitement! I was at last on my way to Australia! My brother Rodd has lived in Australia for 25 years and all this time I dreamt of visiting him here. This is a dream come true for me! The most beautiful site of this trip so far, was Rodd and my nieces, Clare and Jody, waiting for our arrival at the Melbourne airport. BEAUTIFUL!!!! My brother Rodd is an excellent organizer, spreadsheets and all. After a day to relax, do laundry, recover from jet lag and a bit of the sniffles, we boarded another plane with the whole gang bound for Cairns, Queensland in northeastern Australia. We were heading back to the heat and humidity, this time with all the comforts of home. Rodd ... read more
Lucas, Rodd, Clare and Jody
Cairns Moon
Dinner is ready

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai December 14th 2011

After our relaxing week on Koh Tao we boarded the ferry, (this time to much calmer seas) for the Koh Samui airport and week two of our Thailand adventure. After an uneventful flight we arrived in Chang Mai in Northern Thailand. Chang Mai is a mid- size, modern city by Thailand standards, surrounded by dense jungle, mountains and rich farmland. The colors are rich, the food is delectable and we found the people warm and friendly. Our time in Chang Mai was filled with temple tours, the company of elephants, wilderness adventures, vast markets filled with silks and handicrafts and delicious and varied foods. Chang Mai is known for its temples. There are as many temples in this small city as there are in Bangkok. The décor is colourful, filled with rich golden Buddha’s and brightly ... read more
The Buddha under the Buddha tree
The Little Monk
Photo 7

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand December 1st 2011

Today is our last day on Koh Tao. We arrived in Thailand on Sunday night. stayed the one night in Bangkok and then hopped on a plane for Koh Samui. This was followed by a 2-hour ferry ride to Koh Tao. We enjoyed our first taste of Thailand’s monsoons. The seas were rough and our fellow passengers struggled with their sea legs. Fortunately Lucas and I managed to keep down our breakfast and arrived in one piece on Koh Tao. A short taxi ride through a bustling village and we arrived at our new home, New Heaven Resort. Koh Tao is a lush tropical island, and our retreat, the honeymoon suite, is nestled in the rocks and trees that colour the landscape. We look out on Thian Og Bay from a deck that juts out over ... read more
The Lovely Em
Our Room
Nang Yuan

North America » United States » Arizona » Benson January 16th 2011

Our blog begins in Scottsdale, Arizona. In October we were introduced to Panache Desai, a spiritual master, currently living in Florida. Panache was born in Great Britain of Indian decent. His family enjoyed a long history in the presence of Spiritual Masters. Apparently this too, was his destiny. We joined Panache and 109 people from all over the world, including our good friends Kelly and Jenna Santillo of Maine, for a weekend spent meditating, clearing and enjoying the bliss that comes as a result of abiding as the Self. This was probably one of the most powerful, and transformational weekends of our lives. After blazing the trail home, to the very heart of being… it was time to hit the trail again on planet earth and head south. This time we ended up in Benson, Arizona. ... read more
More Chiricahua
Sabino Canyon Colours
Sabino Canyon Tuscon

North America » United States » Arizona » Grand Canyon December 6th 2010

Just a little more than one month ago Lucas and I left Vancouver Island for points south. Looking back, it hardly feels like a month has gone by. I am sure it is a month because in 30+ days we have put more than 5000 km on the Explorer and nearly 200 km on our feet. We hiked Bryce Canyon and the Staircase Escalante in Utah. Walked the rim of the Grand Canyon and hiked down into its’ depths. We have basked in the warmth of our good friends Al and Helene Mein’s hospitality, in Mesa and experienced the mystical quality of the red rocks around Sedona. Today I sit basking in the warm Arizona sun of Scottsdale. I am sitting by the pool and finally taking the time to update all of you on our ... read more
Bryce Canyon
Bryce Canyon
The Queen in the Queen's Garden

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai January 30th 2010

As our time in Tiruvannamalai draws to an end, it seems appropriate to share more of the spiritual side of this journey with you. Once again, not your typical travel blog! Lucas shares a story which originated with Eckhart Tolle.. It is the story of a great Guru who one day announced to his following that he was finally prepared to share his secret to enlightenment. His disciples came from far and wide to hear their teachers secret. As the day approached, the excitement grew. When the day finally arrived, the Guru’s disciples filled a great hall. The Guru entered and sat in silence for many moments as the anticipation filled the air. At last he uttered the words that all had waited to hear. “I don’t mind.” Lucas and I reread Herman Hesse’s, Sidhartha while ... read more
The AHAM Sanctuary
Baghavan Tomb at the Ramana Ashram
The walk to the caves

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Tiruvannamalai January 27th 2010

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes. Some you unwrap, others you simply receive with open arms. Tiruvannamalai, is a special place for Lucas and I. It is our home away from home and it is so difficult to describe the pull to keep coming back. Having said all of this, we must have left an impression because this year Daniel and Kelsey (Lucas’s son and daughter-in-law) decided to meet us here to see what it is all about. They showed up on our doorstep on 29th, tired after a 7 week tour of the middle east and a long sleepless night of travelling. They showed up exhausted and with open hearts, ready to experience the Tiruvannamalai, we love. The night prior to arrival Lucas and I created an agenda for their stay. We assumed that ... read more
Breakfast at Ramana Ashram
Dan and Lucas at Skanda Ashram Cave
A Black Faced Monkey

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