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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Juhu August 16th 2013

SHIMLA - KANDAGHAT - MANALI - DHARAMSHALA One week before leaving, and I’m super excited, really looking forward to a beautiful trip. We are flying to Chandigarh and from there we have hired a car for the full journey, so we have the options of doing & taking things our way i.e., taking pictures on the way, being comfortable and drinking in the views. We are going to stay in Club Mahindra all throughout the trip so we don’t have to spend on stay. Hey! Himachal Pradesh here I come. CHANDIGARH: We land in Chandigarh and since it’s on the way we go to the Pinjore Gardens. The Pinjore garden has beautiful fountains. On the day we g... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Bhandardara August 10th 2013

Finally, this was the one outing that makes me come back to the the blog after almost 4 years! I saw people comparing this place with some other places and calling it mini-swiss, but ask me, it's just our own India and I am proud of it - the serene beauty of Maharashtra, the ranges of Sanhyadri, favorite among the trekkers, known for the fog covered mountains, having several valleys and forts! So, how did I landed there? I wanted to take my family out, especially had not taken my daughter anywhere in this monsoon, wanted to take her close to waterfalls, dams - now that she has started understanding what they mean! I was on search for something which is little different than regulars like Lonavala, Tamhini, Matheran and even the forts and I finally ... read more
Around the farms
Water - water - everywhere
@Randha falls

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik August 10th 2013

I am going to live my life with Peace and Joy, as I am going to control my emotions. Now my life will be full and Joy and Peace, Forever – Yoga Nidra Resolve. So, after our pampering at Beyond Wine resort, it was back to reality for a couple of days where we were held up in a hotel room somewhere close to Nasik town centre. The weather was miserable for our time there, so we pretty much just stayed in and vegged out whilst catching up on emails drinking coffee and eating. The reason for this massive waste of time was because the next venture, attending a Yoga health centre, was due to start in 2 days’ time and truth be told, we had nothing else better to do. We had booked ... read more
Looking down at the Yoga hall
Our Yoga instructor - 'The Guru'
Daily herbal drink

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik August 7th 2013

“The discovery of a wine is of greater moment than the discovery of a constellation. The universe is too full of stars.” Benjamin Franklin I’ll start by defending our massive disregard for the rules of the road whilst backpacking and hence why we chose to head off to the fantastic ‘Beyond@ Sula Vineyard’ resort in Nasik. The main reason for this seemingly outrageous overspend was that it was Donna’s birthday and so we decided to treat ourselves. The second reason was the unbelievable package that we managed to snare because we were in the right place at the right time. Being Monsoon, I guess business is a little slow at this fantastic hotel and spa and so we managed to get a 2 night, 2 meal, 2 breakfast package which included a bottle of wine a ... read more
Sula Hotel
Brut for two

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai August 4th 2013

After our nice relaxing time in Goa, we were bracing ourselves for the worst as our next stop was one of the most populated cities on the planet…Mumbai. Before arriving in India, we made a vow not to travel to any major cities if it was possible, and so far we had done quite well on this front. Unfortunately though, Mumbai is a gateway to so many places in India that it was pretty much unavoidable, and so we boarded the train and headed north. We decided to treat ourselves on this leg of the trip, and so decided to upgrade from second class sleeper to the 3AC class. This would mean that rather than having to have the windows open for air and letting the stench of the stations waft in, we would instead have ... read more
Old School Taxi
Crazy Street of Mumbai
Taj Hotel

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lonavala July 1st 2013

The year 2000 December I landed in Mumbai weighing all of 36 kilos, exhausted and stressed with Kolkata. I managed to find a paying guest accommodation in Bandra and then a job developing business for a medical import and export organization. The next year in February we drove down to Pune for some meetings with doctors. I remember being very impressed with the expressway and it was a lovely drive round the Ghat section of the Western Ghats. A couple of meetings, a quick lunch and a visit to Jehangir hospital and we drove back. A very exhausted me almost went off to sleep during the drive before being deposited near my paying guest accommodation. I believe the expressway is far more advanced now and Pune has developed into a hub. I do wish to go ... read more
Aamby Valley Cottages
mall at koregaon park

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai June 7th 2013

Water very murky as we sailed into port this morning - everyone warned not to swim in any of the beaches around Mumbai. Had a great day in Mumbai, we were very surprised, thought it would be a load more hectic that it was. Still loads of people and beeping horns of little black and yellow taxis everywhere - bit like Bali road rules are just guidelines - they basically do what they want to and go where they want to. Six of us hired a very comfortable, airconditioned people mover for $10 head for the day and that worked great! Took us to all the sites around Mumbai, including Dobi Ghat (the washing place), Ghandi House, Gateway of India, The Taj Mahal Hotel which looks very opulent directly opposite the Gateway of India, the beach ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Kashid June 2nd 2013

We were only coming back to India as our return flight home was from Mumbai. We had just 4 days there and still we decided to make the most out of it. What was obvious to us was that we didn't want to stay in Mumbai for a single extra minute that was necessary. First we were thinking about going to Goa but that was a little bit of crazy idea considering that we had just 4 days including the journey and flight tickets were extremely expensive. So then we absolutely fell for the idea of going to Kashid (thanks Indu for the tip!) which is called the Goa for a poor man. Perfect for us! :) It was supposed to be only 3 hour drive from Mumbai. And not touristy at all. But of course ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 13th 2013

Days 231 – 234 (Fri 26th – Mon 29thApril) Mumbai So Friday morning I had the pleasure of walking up knowing I only had a few hours before a mammoth 26 hour train journey to Mumbai to get. I headed out to get some money and plenty of snacks and drinks for the trip. I know that people constantly roam the aisles selling stuff but a lot of the time there English isn’t great and I’ve even had them ignore me so to not have to deal with me, and this is when I’ve only wanted a bottle of water or something so I made sure I went prepared for this today. I headed to the station a good hour before the train as I know the things are huge, like 12-18 carriages long and can ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 13th 2013

Days 238 – 242 (Sat 4th - Tues 7thMay) Mumbai So the day had come for my Dad to head back home to the Isle of Man. He left around 10am to go catch his flight. I’d like to think he had a good time here, I know he enjoyed the cricket but I am pretty sure he hated India. He definitely won’t be here again but neither will I. Was tempted to go get on a flight myself but I still have 9 days in the country. I have a couple friends to meet in Delhi next week plus the Taj Mahal to see otherwise I’d have gone to the airport and gone back to South East Asia myself. I moved accommodations to a sort of hostel. I was in the dorm room at the ... read more

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