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Zeon Emily

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai October 29th 2017

10.30am so we go down in the hotel restaurant for brekkie. Hangover food tastes so good. I get back and we watch a movie in the room and I update the blog. Omg the captive was an awesome movie. We were on the edge all the time and shouting at the laptop. Why can't they hear us. We then watched another crime drama as we are hooked. We order in awesome coastal prawn curry and naan. Yummy!! Post the movies we take a break and recoup to go discuss our tattoo designs. We take an uber instead this time. Saps says she is too crook to join us in her sexy sick voice. Em and me it is. I take Em to an organic cafe and leave her there while I go bargain for the tattoo ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra October 28th 2017

After a good sleep in we begin on what we shall call Em's local adventure. We shop in the local mall for a charger cos Em forgot hers. We also get more food and get back to the hotel and get ready to kick off the night. I had to go collect my debit so i asked Em if she would like to get into a rickshaw for fun. I am sure she regrets when she said yes. 3 hours later we have seen the worst traffic, people driving around like maniacs, non stop honkin, feared for our lives, backs broken from the bad roads and done with being locals. So much fun!!! We pick Sapna from her place and head to Aer bar. It is incredibly beautiful and has amazing views of the city and ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai October 27th 2017

So I decided to try writing a blog - good suggestion from Em's mom. We are already in holiday mode. We booked goa so that was exciting. Cant wait for this trip to start. We got seperate cabs to the airport because I am taking half of oz back with me and we cant fit in the same cab. The traffic is horrible and we were worried about lost lounge time. But we make a solid plan. We are just going to have to drink faster. Someone has to do it and who better than us.We get to the airport after a sauna in the cab. Em's driver even tried a sneaky lets go ... read more

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