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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra July 29th 2014

So here I am sitting in Mumbai. This trip takes me to Asia, starting off in India. How long will it last? Where am I going? I have no precise date to return. I couldn't get the time off I wanted for this trip so I had to think about it for a second and I quit my job. I had saved up for this trip and planned it for almost 2 years (well don't let me lie to you, there was no planning), so when I didn't get the time off I needed I resigned. I have nothing tying me down so I figured I might as well go for it because who knows what could happen if I wait. Now with no date I have to be back I will try to travel for ... read more
London Heathrow Airport, Plane Landing @ Sunset #2
London Heathrow Airport, Plane Landing @ Sunset #3
Mutton with butter Roti

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune July 27th 2014

About to leave to study at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) in Pune for a month. It's a bit of an Iyengar yoga teacher's pilgrimage and rite of passage. This will be my first time to study in the institute but not my first visit there. I went there in 2008 for the 90th birthday celebrations of BKS Iyengar which was a joyous affair but I think studying at the institute will not be quite along the same lines. Tying up my life has been pretty tricky and quite stressful. Leaving for 4 weeks means you need to make sure things (at work) don't fall apart while you are gone. No I'm not indispensable but I am responsible for making certain decisions in my business that no one else can do. In this day ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Pune June 10th 2014

You know a restaurant is successful when it is used as a landmark by anyone and everyone throughout the city. Good Luck chowk on F.C.Road is just that. It’s a prime busy crossing, deriving its name from the Irani establishment that lords over the corner. Since 1935 is what their hoarding proudly proclaims and 75 years in the business is no mean feat. Even donkey’s years feels short of an adjective to describe the legacy of this place. From octogenarians to the now college going crowd, everyone fondly remembers at some time having had a cup of Irani tea with bun maska in its hallowed confines. Cafe Good Luck is primarily a non-vegetarian place with the mutton biryani, mutton cutlet curry and mutton kheema being the mainstays of its eclectic menu. However, many a vegetarians like ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Lavasa May 5th 2014

Deuxième jour en Inde : Namasté! Il est 7h à Bombay, Après une nuit de sommeil écourtée par la chaleur montante de l'orée matinale; je suis au petit déjeuner. Je prends des forces car aujourd'hui je vais beaucoup marcher. J'ai rendez-vous dans 15 minutes avec Akong, un moine bouddhiste qui a fait exceptionnellement le déplacement à la ville pour m'escorter durant le voyage. D'après ce que je sais, nous nous rendons dans un temple reculé dans lequel les habitants ont tous fait vœux de silence, pour le temps qu'ils y séjournent. Cette journée va me permettre de bien comprendre pourquoi le nudisme est autant un tabou en Inde. Akong m'avait fait transmettre une liste de règles à suivre lorsque j'entrerai dans le temple et surtout, les sujets que je ne dois surtout pas aborder. (je suis ... read more
Le Temple du OHM

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Navi Mumbai May 4th 2014

Deuxième étape: Bombay (Mumbaï en Indhi) J'ai enfin atterri à Bombay! Sans surprise, les 11h30 passées dans l'avion ont été longues mais je n'ai pas eu d'escale donc j'ai pu dormir un peu. L'ambiance indienne est oppressante; sans compter la chaleur qu'il fait. Il y'a 10°c de plus qu'à Barcelone donc autant vous dire que le retour en bus pour atteindre Bombay a été rude. Ici, j'ai choisi de ne pas faire appel à un guide. J'ai travaillé durant ma thèse avec un ethnologue indien qui m'avait déjà bien renseigné sur le rapport que les indiens ont avec la nudité. Il m'avait alors fait part de cette grande pudeur que les Indiens ont en public comme dans la vie privée. Les populations indiennes non sont en effet pas autorisées à "exhiber" leurs corps dans les lieux ... read more
Le Jardin des amours
Avenue mohamed ali

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Raigad » Harihareshwar March 19th 2014

Idea of visiting Raigad was being tossed up few times in last few months but nothing concrete was getting worked out.Come December which is low business and high on holidays, i pre planned a weekend off in office and visit a nearby gateaway.Few resorts were shirt listed but none of them could materialise b'use of few uncertainities.Finally as if it was destined, suddenly just 2 days ahead of actual travel, all logistics got worked out.Saturday to Monday, stay at Motel Visava, extended family..and we were on our way!! Travel is more fun when you have more people.We checked with Mahesh and he willingly joined us.We left Home by 11 am. Plan was to pick up Mahesh on Mumbai Goa HW near Wadkhal naka.This time we took a different route thru JVLR but due to some confustion ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra February 23rd 2014

When we go to the Reni Pani jungle lodge Amith – the naturalist who was to look after us – asked us what we wanted to see. We knew tiger and leopard sightings were very rare, so we said we wanted to see a sloth bear. We set off at 5.45am in unexpectedly and unwelcome cold. 8 centigrade is fine in London when you’re dressed for it but less good when all you have is a shirt and a fleece sweater. The park is beautiful, and we were happy to drive round seeing the more common animals such as gaur and deer. We had just stopped for our picnic breakfast when there was a noise that produced much excitement amongst the guide, naturalist and driver. Alarm calls from the langurs scared by a predator. Did we ... read more
Sloth bear
Leopard in Satpura

Asia » India » Maharashtra February 22nd 2014

It was a gruelling 9 hour drive from Satpura to the next game park Tadoba, with just three 5 minute comfort breaks and a brief stop for the driver to have a cup of tea. You have to be tough to travel with the Thomases! The journey was made longer by the fact that there were virtually no signs to show the way to the lodge, so our poor driver was constantly phoning them to ask for instructions, and checking with people en route. Svasara Lodge is owned by a big fat man who always scowls at everyone, but it is managed by a very nice Indian couple who speak posh English and are always very jovial. 530am alarm call, 600am coffee and biscuits, 610am departure to the nearby park gate. Bureaucratic procedures followed, extortion of ... read more
The chase
After the kill

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Colaba February 15th 2014

And then before you know it it’s the last train journey the last city you will visit in India and the last days and hours. The train journey was lovely the country side was very hilly we seemed to be going up into the mountains passing through great valleys. It was only a 3 hour trip and it went very quickly. What I love about Indian trains is that you are constantly plied with drinks and food as well as that you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner. I had omelet toast which usually means there is chilli in the egg and it comes as a sandwich mildly warm and hardly toasted but amazing how the orders are taken on long slips of paper and that you always getthe right order. The Mumbai train station- the ... read more
The Taj Hotel
The shoe shine wallah
Leopolds Cafe

Asia » India » Maharashtra February 13th 2014

The caves at Ellora truly take your breath away. There are 35 of them (mercifully you don’t get to visit them all!) hewn out of a basalt cliff. There are Jain, Hindu and Buddhist temples and monasteries, each with different art forms, carved between 600 A.D and 1100 A.D. The most impressive of all is the Kailasha temple. It’s a series of temple buildings created to form the shape of a giant chariot. The whole thing is carved from stone out of the cliff – so they had to cut down four stories or more from the top of the cliff, leaving a big lump in the middle, then gradually carve out the various buildings, ending up with the ornate carvings on the walls. It covers an area twice the size of the Parthenon! And despite ... read more
Kailasha temple, Ellora
Kailasha temple 2, Ellora

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