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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Nashik May 9th 2013

Yogapoints Nashik, India Day One: Today is our first day, although it doesn't officially start until four in the afternoon. We got to sleep in which was glorious after so many days of traveling. Still sleeping in for me is about 7am and hungry as I was I stuffed my face with a banana. In a few short hours my food becomes contraband. Better than sleeping in, there was breakfast which was poho which is rice with boiled peanuts and lots and lots of fruit. This is going to be a fabulous breakfast if that is all it is. I have been missing copious amounts of fruit and bam here it is. We register today, so down I went to the office to fill out my paper work and pay my registration fee. This was nice ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 5th 2013

Today was to be ours official first day of A&K tour. We were scheduled to meet our tour guide Vishtal at 11am. After another wonderful buffet breakfast at the Taj we first wondered around the neighborhood of the hotel and got back by the appointed time. All of the other agents soon assembled and it really looks like a nice group. not surprisingly we soon associated ourselves with another Jewish couple, Robert and Ruth price from Chicago. again I am the only agent with a Y chromosome. Our schedule for today was to do two site visits at the Oberoi and the Taj, with lunch at the OberoI and dinner at the taj. In between we were to take a driving tour of Bombay. We had a big air conditioned (thank G-d) bus for only 20 ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 3rd 2013

Let me tell you something..... it is very hot here..... 92 F today.... Our plan for today was to forgo a private airconditioned car and driver and to use taxis to get around. Daniel met us at about 10 and we began planning our day. We were to visit a number of temples and historic sites in Mumbai. Much more interesting than we might have imagined. Taxis are quite an experience here.... believe it or not there seem to be more taxis than in NY. Apparently two types the Blue and White are air conditioned (and not very common) and the Yellow and Black not air conditioned and barely driveable. What was interesting is that only about half of them have side view mirrors. One cannot tell if the side view mirror helps or not because ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 3rd 2013

Many of the synagogues in Bombay were built by and/or supported by a family of Bagdadi Jews named the Sasoons. He not only gave freely to Jewish causes but also to children and health care. One of the most beautiful synagogues was one called the Kenneseth Eliyahoo which had beautiful interiors. We also say the oldest synagogue in Mubai, the Shaar Harahamim (Gates of Mercy Synagogue which was built in 1796 by I can't remember his name but he was a Bene Israeli. This was a group of people who lived in India who had strange practices such as Bris Milah, kosher food, shabbos... but were not part of the world Jewish world. More recently the rabbis in Israel now consider them full Jews. Interestingly while living in India for about two thousand years they experienced ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 2nd 2013

Before I write about our first day in Bombay, I must tell you all about the Taj Palace Hotel where we are staying. I think that I mentioned that we were upgraded to a suite with butler service. What I did not say (because I did not know) is that everything is done for you. It is impossible to open a door yourself... someone appears from nowhere... and doors are opened. I decided to take a bath this afternoon after our day touring and before I knew it the butler was rubbing my back.... it is really something. In our upgraded package, we not only get a full buffet breakfast but also at 330pm we get high tea... others without this package only get low tea... At 530 we are invited to a reception with drinks ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai May 1st 2013

Today was primarily an airport and travel day. Not much going on in Narita. Pretty misty and the hotel pretty far from anything so we decided to take off to the airport early in the day. Our flight was not until noon so we hung out at the ana lounge with David pretty much gorging himself on both food and drink. Got to Facebook with the Philly kohls and the SB abrams. When we went over to gate 57 for our flight it looked pretty quiet. The flight was held up for about 10 minutes while waiting for a small group of dignitaries who were rushed to the plane. The 737 700 was an interesting experience. It had 6 rows of business class seats and 5 rows of coach. The call this their business jet. It ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra April 20th 2013

Our final stop in India is Mumbai, or as the British named it, Bombay. Our first excursion in this major city visits the night market at Pydhonie which is really the shops along the major shopping street. Our guide explains that the nice looking shops in buildings have the real brand name goods while the street vendors have the knockoffs. The prices tell the difference. Our drive to the Cinema Hall passes Victoria Terminus (the magnificent British built train station), the High Court and the Gateway of India. This latter Arc d’ Triumph like edifice on the waterfront’s Marine Drive was the location where Gandhi returned to India in 1915 and where the British left the country after granting them independence. We watch 20 minutes of a Bollywood movie which has everything – action, drama, love ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai April 18th 2013

Greeting......... has a year gone by since Adventure before Dementia India 2012, it would appear so. Well the dementia is still being held at bay by the adventure so here we go for a quick fix of the drug which is India. My plan for this year was a 5 week stint of Bangladesh but due to some political unrest out there Dhaka and the rest of BD will have to wait for a better time. As luck would have a friend said that he was thinking of going to India for a few weeks and I have managed to piggy back my way into his plans. Oh, that would be Mark by the way. The plan Mumbai (Bombay), Aurangabad (for Ellora and Ajanta). Nagpur (for Pench NP), Jabalpur, Chirakoot,Khajuraho, Orcha,Gwalior and Delhi. Will try to ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Ellora Caves April 8th 2013

Pictures from the caves. I wish I had had a better camera. Some of the pictures are so dark.... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai April 8th 2013

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