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Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri March 17th 2010

Hello After Goa, we went to Mangalore, why you ask? Because it has a funny name, and sounds like Bangalore! WE arrived at mangalore at 5am, had no where to stay, so we asked a taxi man for a decent hotel! Luckily he got us to a cheap and clean one. When we got up, we realised that mangalore, even though it hasn't got much to do there, it is a becoming a western city - we ate in Pizza Hut! Once finding out that there was not much to do, we decided to go to Madikeri for some mounting trekking. So the same day we left Magalore at 7, and arrived at Madikeri at 3. Unfortunately this time there was no taxi man, so we had to stumble across a guest house! That morning though ... read more
'Golden Temple'

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri May 23rd 2008

May Day is a public holiday in India, celebrated on 1st of May. Taking Friday off work a 4 day weekend to Coorg was on the agenda. After much planning and problems we (9 plus driver) finally left Bangalore at 6.30am. With only a couple of stops - and no breakfast we arrived in Madikeri 12.30 and ready to eat some really good food! After breakfast/lunch we wondered around Raja’s Seat and Gardens. Beautiful rolling, layering misty hills which stretched back as far as the eye could see. During the peak of the day the large shady trees allowed us to relax and take in the beauty which was Coorg. Second task of the day - check into the accommodation we had reserved. Let’s just say we were ALL very glad we didn’t put a deposit ... read more
Misty rolling beautiful hills
Open space temple

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri May 9th 2008

Coorg it was for a long weekend. It's hard to believe that i have never been to Coorg having lived in the south all my life. We decided to try the homestay option and this landed us in Polaycad. Polaycad is a lovely old colonial bungalow adjoining the coffee estate and belongs to Mrs and Mr Cariappa, a lovely couple who hosted for 3 whole days. As Robin Cariappa explained to us on the tour of estate that "polay" in Coorgi language means river and "cad" means forest as is in Tamil also. The language that the coorgis speak is a hotch potch of various languages and does not really have a script of its own (well i didnt know that before!!!!!) I lazed and slept and ate for the whole three days. Mallige (Not sure ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri May 1st 2008

Coorg is on the Western Ghats. Set amidst verdant valleys, imposing mountains and teak wood forests, this is one of the most beautiful hill stations you can visit. Misty hills, lush forest, acres and acres of tea and coffee plantation, orange groves, undulating streets and breathtaking views are what makes Coorg memorable. Coorgi cuisine is famous and unique, especially for non-vegetarians as it is based on game meats, pork and other delicious ingredients. Popular dishes are pandhi (pork), koli (chicken) and yarchi (lamb) spiced with pepper, kokum, bamboo shoot, red chilly, bembla curry, kadumbuttu, noolputu, voti and excellent coffee. After slogging our ass off in office feeling trapped in the corporate world.Coorg was a welcome change. We had to catch a bus from Pune to Bangalore on 3rd April, took us 16 hours to get there, ... read more
At the tibetian monastery
With the monk
auri n me

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri April 7th 2008

05-April-2008 (Day-1): Coorg - or Kodagu as it is known by kannadigas is a popular destination for weekend retreat from Bangalore / Mysore / Mangalore. It is different from other hill-stations in a way that it provides a lot of opportunities for home-stays. Halli Mane Homestay: We also chose one such home-stay called Halli Mane (Halli = Village, Mane = Home). The home stay is located in Khushal Nagar (30 Km from Madikeri) and is a nice location in the middle of a farm. It would have been better to be in the middle of a dense jungle. The place might be difficult for people not going through their own vehicles. It is approx 2 Km from the town and the road is mud road. There are total of eight rooms in the building. Good things- ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri March 1st 2008

We found the most beautiful guest house here owned by anub a crazy eccentrick owner. Anub took us to his family village out in the forrest, we walked through,rice paddy fields and farmland to a natural spring where we filled up all the water containers. After we went to one of anubs houses and ate dinner, then went for a short treck through the forest to soak up the quitness and relax. We stayed one night outside of madikeri so we could go trecking, an israili girld ola joined us, the walk was up to the top of some massive hills the view were excellent. After we went to a waterfall and was glad of the cold fresh water to dunp my hot body in. We spent the afternoon trying to charm a rather good looking ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri February 22nd 2008

Hello everyone Hope you are all ok and eveything is good back at home? One line from Dean before we start the blog-'Come on Wales' (against Italy tomorrow). Needless to say he was chuffed Wales beat England in Twickenham! (It had to happen 1 day I suppose)! Anyway... sorry we havn't blogged for a little while-think we last updated you when we were in Gokarna so we will start from there, even though it seems like ages and ages ago! Gokarna was very interesting (and i finally got over my horrible cold). It was a real mixed bag-full of long term tourists and hippy types but also very spiritual and genuanily Indian at the same time (loads of monks ran past with a body on a stretcher for a funeral procession)! We stayed centrally for a ... read more
Om Beach Gokarna
Gokarnan Cow1

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri February 14th 2008

The bus ride from Kannur into Coorg was unbelievable. Can a bus really traverse this road? You bet it can. And keep from overturning or breaking an axel? Yes, that too. Amazingly, in India they will get you there no matter what it takes. So this road was, for the most part, dirt but not just rough and rocky dirt, there were moments of that too, but craters and bluffs, ledges and embankments, hairpin turns that would stick a bus like an unruly hair. T held his motion sickness at bay and I just laughed the whole way. I enjoy India for all its comical, zany, ridiculous yet matter of fact way of doing things. It just happens here and no one thinks much of it. What ever "it" is. INDIA!, fuck yeah! We arrived ... read more
Mountain temple
Swim dress

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri December 11th 2007

Just before signing out, I promised a glance back at some of the earlier days of the holiday. 6 of us had signed up to Simon Hamilton's Organic Adventure, travelling round parts of Karnataka and Kerala to look at some local programmes concerned with organic and sustainable agriculture. Not one of us was an expert, and nor are we now, but these entries might give a flavour of what we did, and what fun we had. Walking through the forests of the Western Ghats to get to the Golden Mist Plantation, run by a German called Ludwig, gave the opportunity for spotting all sorts..... vine snakes, egrets, parakeets, hornbills...and lots else we couldn't identify. Once arrived, it was coffee, not tea we had the chance to look at first: how the collected beans are dried, and ... read more
View from our walk
Coffee grinder
A view from the Golden Mist Plantation

Asia » India » Karnataka » Madikeri November 21st 2007

Saturday 10th November. The day when finally Simon's Indian Experience really began. All 7 of us are from all kinds of backgrounds, but we are share an interest in sustainable living and the organic movement, and we all seem to get on pretty- indeed very - well. First of all, we had to pile ourselves and possessions into a minibus, and become acquainted with a mode of transport which was to serve us well, if not comfortably for the next 10 days. That first day we met very bumpy roads, but had no idea that they were like 6 lane highways compared with the ones that we would meet deep in the countryside of Karnatika and Kerala. Bangalore itself seemed to go on and on and on, and even when it seemed definitively to haver petered ... read more
the Rainforest Retreat
Vanilla pods

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