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Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari December 12th 2017

Something must be for next visit Beautiful thoughts , build a beautiful soul - Dr. Wayne Dyer . we meet so many wonderful people or I would say beautiful souls on the way of our journey toward any of our destinations .I think we can learn something new from everyone we meet. I believe everyone has a unique story to share . Learning is just as continuous process as living our lives. What we really learn ? we learn how to digest our lives . Sounds funny I guess. Well my stories are really not at all serious collection of travel experiences but yes it is collection of life changing tales that I must share with you. In traveling, first you spread yourself partly all over the places you visit and then gradually a little different ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari June 22nd 2017

When in India it wont take long to realize that power outages occur frequently regardless of the standard of City living or small life towns. Throughout my stay in India I've learned to deal with the power outages in various places. In my first apartment in Delhi I learned very quickly to take the stairs the three stories rather than the convenience of the elevator. In Himachal Pradesh I spent a chilly night without a heater or candle in my flat and instead relied on my fading laptop battery to keep the cold and darkness out of my mind as I sat alone in my room. And in Bangalore the daily power outages were so common to me that my ability to shower in complete black became an odd skill set of mine. Electricity is something ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari April 23rd 2013

Yes, I'm still in Bangalore, enjoying a lazy life and good company, however, that is all about to change as I prepare to go it alone in India. I finally pulled my finger out and started planning a rough itinerary, although I've only pin-pointed and booked one destination so far. It's a start. I'll figure the rest out as I'm going along. In the last few days, I've experienced more amazing food, but also what I'm assuming to be meat withdrawal. For two days I was devoid of all energy and unbelievably sleepy. I wasn't consciously craving meat, but my body clearly was. On Friday, I chilled at Big Straw (Vidya and Ashish's bubble tea cafe), and sampled various fruit lattes with aloe vera chunks, mango stars (awesome!) and mango bombs. They knock the socks off ... read more
My money was just begging to be spent....
In my new kurta

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari April 18th 2013

I touched down in Bangalore just before midnight on Monday, and was greeted at arrivals by Veena and her friend, Indu. We took the hour's drive back to V's place and after a short catch-up on the balcony, my tiredness got the better of me and I turned in. For some reason, I'd stayed wide awake for the full four and a half hour flight, which is very unlike me. I usually can't sit still for five minutes without drifting off. I somehow managed to zonk out whilst riding in a Cambodian tuk-tuk for goodness' sake! And those of you that have ridden in Cambodian tuk-tuks will understand how difficult a task that should be. The next day, we just chilled before heading out late afternoon. We went to Frazer Town and had a coffee at ... read more
Watch it, people!
Random monkeys

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari March 25th 2012

How to reach From Bangalore City, drive towards south till you reach Kanakapura road (you may take busy shortcut routes or long ring roads depending upon your location in Bangalore.). Now move on Kanakpura Road – the National Highway 209 – towards Kanakpura. After a few kms you will cross NICE ring road. Then after about 18 kms you will find a sign board to take a left turn for Buddha Pyramid. Note: if you miss the road to pyramid valley then you will reach Horahalli, about 4 kms ahead. In that case you have to return back again. From Kanakpura road diversion the road is rather easy. You just have to continue for about 2 kms on Kebbedoddi Village / Pyraimid Valley road. The road is good and motorable. About the Pyramid Valley Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari March 24th 2012

How to go there: You can follow any route to catch Bangalore Kanakapura main road – which is the National Highway 209. Go straight on the highway towards Kanakapura. After a few Kms you will cross NICE ring road. Go further on the highway. You will find “Art of Living” head quarter after 15 kms. Go further about 3 Kms, you will find a place called Kagalpura. Take a left turn from Kagalpura. After taking the turn, go straight for about 1.5 kms till you find a hospital (?) / rehabilitation center where you have to take a left turn again. Better ask the locals otherwise you are very likely to miss this road as there is no proper landmark to explain. However, if you miss this road and go straight you will still reach the ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari March 20th 2012

Hi there, It doesn't seem like five minutes ago I was writing about Nepal and now it's time to give you the latest on our trip round India! Since Lewys' has already written his blog and told some of the funnier anecdotes I'll do my best to make this interesting... India, where do I start? Even as I'm writing I know how impossible it's going to be to describe our first two weeks in this amazing country. I had read about it, I had seen pictures and I'd spoken to people who have visited, but nothing can prepare you for actually being here. Delhi hits you like a ton of bricks. We thought Kathmandu was crazy but nothing compared to the mayhem that is Delhi. The city is just huge and and there are more people ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari March 15th 2012

Bonjour and welcome to the second instalment of my Asia travel blog... We arrived in Delhi on the 25th of Feb after a pretty scenic flight from Kathmandu. Although a seasoned traveller of the subcontinent (I visited for a few weeks with Dad, Kylie and Andrew when I was 5 years old), this was to be nearly 3 weeks that I won't forget in a hurry. Delhi is without a doubt the busiest, noisiest, dirtiest and most abrasive place I have ever been. Once the jewel in the crown of the opulent Mughal Empire, it's now almost impossible to picture the splendour and wealth that once existed here. We spent a couple of days looking around, visiting the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid before catching the train to Agra. This wasn't quite as straightforward as ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari November 29th 2011

Tuesday 29th November – Sunday 4th December We left Goa for Bangalore on an afternoon flight, however that morning I started to feel ill. I hoped it was just tiredness, however by the time we arrived at our hotel in the city center I was feeling very sick and weak and couldn’t even eat dinner. From the taxi I could see it was immediately clear that Bangalore was a much bigger and more commercial city than any other we had been in in India. There were streets lined with shops, bill boards and fast food restaurants! It was a comforting sight, but the India we’d come to know was still also very much present – manic roads, people and tuk-tuks everywhere and a massive amount of noise! After a very sleepless night it was very clear ... read more
Tuk-tuks everywhere!
Filthy Feet, after a wet wipe clean!

Asia » India » Karnataka » Bangalore » Banashankari August 4th 2011

Die Nacht war viel zu kurz, nach 3h Schlaf wurde ich von merkwürdig vertrauten Geräuschen geweckt. Wimbledon? Nein, Badminton-Courts im Innenhof, um halb 7 trafen sich die ersten Spieler und untermalten ihre sportlichen Ambitionen lautstark. Zum Frühstück Fladenbrot und Gemuese. Das Klima ist angnehm: Warm aber nicht heiß, mäßiger bis frischer Wind, nur einmal ein kurzer Regenschauer. Zuerst lernten wir den YMCA Bangalore kennen. Das erste Projekt beschäftigt sich mit Kindern aus problematischen Verhältnissen. Sie leben im Haus des YMCA, je nach Alter lehrt man sie Lesen und Schreiben oder handwerkliche Tätigkeiten: Holz- und Metallarbeiten die Jungen, Nähen die Mädchen. Mit diesen Grundfähigkeiten haben sie Chancen, in Industrie oder Kleinbetrieben Jobs zu finden. Danach Straßenkinder-Projekt. Man holt sie von der Straße und beschäftigt sie, damit sie nicht kri... read more

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