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June 22nd 2017
Published: April 3rd 2013
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When in India it wont take long to realize that power outages occur frequently regardless of the standard of City living or small life towns. Throughout my stay in India I've learned to deal with the power outages in various places.

In my first apartment in Delhi I learned very quickly to take the stairs the three stories rather than the convenience of the elevator.

In Himachal Pradesh I spent a chilly night without a heater or candle in my flat and instead relied on my fading laptop battery to keep the cold and darkness out of my mind as I sat alone in my room.

And in Bangalore the daily power outages were so common to me that my ability to shower in complete black became an odd skill set of mine.

Electricity is something we take for granted in America, however many of the villages and slum dwellers go without on a day to day basis.

"Life can be summed up in three goes on."

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3rd April 2013

Hi Krystal, Nice blog, thank you for sharing with us
Hi Krystal, Nice blog, thank you for sharing with us. Yes, power outage is the worst nightmare in India. We have been dealing with it since our birth, and seems to be that it will be always there.
5th April 2013

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6th April 2013

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