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March 25th 2012
Published: March 25th 2012
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How to reach

From Bangalore City, drive towards south till you reach Kanakapura road (you may take busy shortcut routes or long ring roads depending upon your location in Bangalore.). Now move on Kanakpura Road – the National Highway 209 – towards Kanakpura. After a few kms you will cross NICE ring road. Then after about 18 kms you will find a sign board to take a left turn for Buddha Pyramid.

Note: if you miss the road to pyramid valley then you will reach Horahalli, about 4 kms ahead. In that case you have to return back again.

From Kanakpura road diversion the road is rather easy. You just have to continue for about 2 kms on Kebbedoddi Village / Pyraimid Valley road. The road is good and motorable.

About the Pyramid Valley

Maitreya-Buddha Pyramid is world’s largest meditational pyramid. The size of the pyramid is 160ft. x 160ft. Height 102 ft (equivalent to 10 floor building). The pyramid was built in 2006. The capacity of the pyramid is to accommodate 5000 people for meditation.

There is accommodation available for halting in nights, ranging from dormitories to VIP suites. The valley is spread over 26 acres of land.

The energy in this Mega-Pyramid is amplified by over 640 natural Himalayan crystals fitted inside the hall. (Source: Pyramid Valley Brochure).

This Pyramid Valley has been selected as one of the 7 wonders of Bangalore , survey conducted by Bangalore Mirror (published by the Times of India group).

The Maitreya Pyramid is open 18 hours a day from morning till night. Buddha Poornima is the most auspicious day celebrated here. There is large gathering on the day with Aakhanda Dhyana (continuous meditation).

Some impressive facts

We were impressed to see the free services provided by the pyramid management. While in many other places you have to pay for everything, pyramid valley provides many facilities for free.

They give brochures and leaflets when you enter the valley as a token of greetings.

There is no vehicle parking fee in side the pyramid campus.

There is no money collection near the shoe stand.

There is no money collection for using toilets.

Free food is provided twice a day, at 1 PM and 8 PM, through annadana program.

Free meditation classes on Sundays and many more weekly and monthly spiritual development programs.

What to see in pyramid valley

The Maitreya Buddha pyramid is the main attraction of pyramid valley.

Apart from that there is meditation teaching place, an ampitheatre, a research center, a holistic health center, tree of life, bookstore, tapasthal, lake, gardens and statues.

Meditation inside pyramid

It is believed that Meditations done inside a Pyramid is three times more powerful. Many people experience great relaxations after meditating in pyramid. All are welcome (rather encouraged) to do meditation inside the pyramid. We also did meditation for half an hour inside the pyramid.

At the center of the pyramid there is an erected spot called King Chamber. This is about 34 ft tall and can accommodate about 30 people to sit and meditate. But it is said that the meditation done on this pedestal structure is even more powerful. However, this place is slightly hotter than the floor level because of its height. After meditating on kings chamber for some time we preferred to meditate on the floor which was much more spacious.

(Kings chamber inside pyramid. Photo courtesy:

The entrance halls at the base of the pyramid has many statues of Buddha and scripts of Buddha’s teaching. There are portraits of Brahmarshi Partriji who founded the pyramid valley. Photography is not allowed in this area and inside pyramid. Children below 6 years are not allowed inside the pyramid as they might create noise inside.

There are many more activities inside pyramid related to meditation and spiritual development. Some programs are weekly and some monthly. For details please refer to their site www.pyramidvalleyorg.

Food inside pyramid

You are not allowed to carry your food to do picnic in Pyramid valley. However, you get free food twice a day there.

Besides there is a cafeteria where you can buy foods of your choice. We took some idli, bada, fried rice etc. inside the cafetaria. It was good.

The cafeteria is open since 6.30 in the morning till 7.30 in the evening.

Overall Experience

The overall experience of Pyramid valley was excellent. The area is quite large and is enough to keep you busy walking and exploring various small items. You can walk near the lakes and gardens and enjoys statues here and there. The place is a must see for everybody staying in Bangalore and nearby.


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