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Asia » India » Haryana » Faridabad January 18th 2020

There are many historical cities in India, but there are immemorial bliss in which the past is wrapped in a unique style. I am talking about Hampi which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, located in the city of Hosapete in east-central Karnataka, India. To visit Hampi, Hosapete is the ideal place to live and to eat also. Hampi is one but stories are many. The city in itself is the jargon of folklores which has been going on for centuries. According to Ramayana, it was the Empire of King Bali named as Kishkindha where Lord Rama had come to find his wife, Sita when Demon Ravana kidnapped her. More than that, Hampi is famous as the empire of King Krishna Deva Raya who ruled here in 16th century AD. Even today, the ruins of Hampi, ... read more
Corridors- In Ruin Now
Entrance Gate of Vitthala Temple

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon February 12th 2018

My flights from Minneapolis to Amsterdamn and from there to Delhi were as textbook as you could assume. I met some fellow Minnesotans in line getting on the Delhi flight, and it turns out that the couple I sat next to on that same flight (by chance after switching with someone so a family could stay together) lives less than 10 blocks from me - small world. I slept for about 2 hours on each flight, but when I landed at 1am Monday morning I was surprisingly not very tired. In the customs line, I learned that a passport has two numbers on it, and one of those numbers has an extra digit. Naturally, I had entered the wrong number with the extra digit on my visa (and how it still got approved ahead of time ... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon June 27th 2016 MIL's dream. This summer we thought of fulfilling it. We started our research on chardham. Best months, best vehicle, etc etc....... My husband wasn't happy with hiring car because he loves driving and he is from himachal pradesh so he can drive in hilly areas he has that experience. So finally we decided to go in our own car. My hubby, my MIL and SIL and my 2 year old daughter and myself. Now we planned something unusual, everybody goes from yamunotri to badrinath we planned it reverse. In that case we were able to drop my MIL and SIL tof Ambala. We booked all the hotels and helicopter in advance.only we kept pending our first day hotel booking because we were not confirm about our destination because of traffic and all. Finally the day ... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon December 25th 2014

I had a simple Christmas this year. Missed my family. But, my landlord was very sweet and left me a surprise. I put together a tree and called it Christmas. At least I didn't get coal.... read more

Asia » India » Haryana December 22nd 2014

Stay tuned should have it ready by Christmas.... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon December 17th 2014

Winter in India this year is very very cold. Thank goodness I was able to pick up a Razai (stuffed blanket...soft and so toasty warm. I don't know if it is cotton or wool stuffing but it is so so warm. So the hot water bottle I brought helps so much too. I am just about adjusted and comfortable. I also was able to pick up a unit that warms my water so no cold showers any more. Yeah!!!!!!!!! Days have been foggy in the morning but the sun comes out at noon. Anyway, I know is has been colder at home in Kansas. Hope my family has a white Christmas.... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon December 8th 2014

Ok so last time I Blogged I had fun with the girls. Right? This week I am realizing the gated community is wonderful but, when it takes over two hours to get a cab here, I think I might need to rethink the situation. These guys are master negotiators. It drives me nuts. Anyway, I called a company and negotiated a price and no one comes. Hmmmmm the cab just decided it wasn't worth the price so he just didn't show up. That happened twice and two hours later I am still looking for a ride. That is one thing about New Delhi you plan to go somewhere at least two hours ahead of when you want to be there because of this kind of thing. It's almost like preparing for the airport. So my realization ... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon December 3rd 2014

Today I was asked to give haircuts and have a make-up session. I had fun playing beauty shop but realize I am retired...right?... read more

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon December 2nd 2014

Keeping track of the India times. The New Prime Minister here is so motivating. He totally speaks from the heart. He is strong, powerful, and down right a char. leader. He is cleaning up India. So many good things are happening. Guys it's December and I am trying to figure out a goal for the rest of the year. As a matter it fact I can. ... read more
Concrete City
Country side of New Gurgaon
Large Grand Buildings

Asia » India » Haryana » Gurgaon November 14th 2014

OK Finally, I have 3GB on internet. I will be able to Skype and talk. Yes I am so happy about that. Secondly I have a new phone....Yeah I finally have a phone. Have been without one for many weeks. It will be good to have my own phone again. I was able to purchase 5 1/2 inch screen, fast camera etc. My sister will be glad to hear I will be able to WhatsApp again. Right Lee Ann? Winter has settled in nights are starting to be cold. But, certainly it is not 20 degrees like back home. Sorry guys!!!!!LOL Guess what I figured out how to make pancakes ....light ....without eggs. I have been doing a lot of food experimenting. Quite frankly, I have not had the best relationship with food in America. But ... read more

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