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November 14th 2014
Published: November 14th 2014
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OK Finally, I have 3GB on internet. I will be able to Skype and talk. Yes I am so happy about that.

Secondly I have a new phone....Yeah I finally have a phone. Have been without one for many weeks. It will be good to have my own phone again. I was able to purchase 5 1/2 inch screen, fast camera etc. My sister will be glad to hear I will be able to WhatsApp again. Right Lee Ann?

Winter has settled in nights are starting to be cold. But, certainly it is not 20 degrees like back home. Sorry guys!!!!!LOL

Guess what I figured out how to make pancakes ....light ....without eggs. I have been doing a lot of food experimenting. Quite frankly, I have not had the best relationship with food in America. But here I love the food, and especially love the results of eating it. I am going to brag just a little. I have lost one pant size.

Ok building relationships is a challenge with a language barrier. But, I have found the Indian people to be so nice and kind and patient with me. I am picking up words daily.

Tomorrow I am meeting an Embassy board member to American Welcome Association. I am ready to serve the community. Looking forward to doing so, This wil l help me make connections and friends from America.

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