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Asia » India » Goa » Candolim March 17th 2019

Hi Everyone, Well today is the last day of our adventure and an adventure it has been.We’ve been out of our comfort zone on more than one occasion but we rallied on?. We decided it was not a good idea to walk into the village in case it made my breathing worse again. A great shame as we passed some rather interesting shops when we first arrived here.Oh well at least we made the right devision to finish the holiday.It has been relaxing and the hotel top notch.There is a a good selection of food which is not curry.Ive been shell collecting again. The beach is covered with pretty shells. We’ve been in the pool and had a sunbath.Soon we are popping out to see our final Goan sunset. After dinner its last bits of packing ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim March 16th 2019

Hi everyone, Feel so much better today.Woke up earlyish and laid outside on balcony sun beds,watching the relaxing and warm. After breakfast we took a stroll along the beach and there are some really pretty shells which I have stared to collect as I have an idea as to how I can incorporate them in my next craft idea. ? The sea is so beautifully warm. We then dragged ourselves to the poolside and made ourselves have a lovely cooling drink. I tried the local coconut water, fresh from the coconut itself. Quite nice for a change. The sparkling refreshing water encouraged me into the pool.This was the first time all holiday I have been swimming. After lunch,we returned to our room to change and the staff had put a towel swan arrangement on the ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim March 15th 2019

Hi everyone, It’s been a long day,set off at 7 am and luckily Pats underwear was night he got into the shower and forgot to take off his underwear until it was too late. What a twit. Lol.Arrived in Goa about 4.30pm. Weather is much hotter and more humid here. With a bit of luck that will help my breathing also,it feels like the air is much fresher.I’ve struggled a bit with my breathing today but the cough seems a bit better.What a relief.We have two whole days here and three nights.We intend to get up at our leisure then if we feel like going out we will if not we have a lovely balcony to sunbath on.From the sun bed we have a great view of the sea and beach.If reception can convince me ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim March 2nd 2015

Namaste from Goa! This is India with a subtle difference. We are no longer the odd ones out that locals want a photograph with. Candolim beach resort has a plentiful supply of Brits which incidentally make Colin look like a teenager and me a foetus! Benidorm does vindaloo is the tourist demographic here and I'm fitting in just fine. I didn't understand the 'package deal' attraction to Goa until now. It's more than double flying time compared to your average Canary Island, and probably the same mathematical formula for the price. Maybe, just maybe, there are cute little resorts all over southern Europe with warm air temperatures in certain months? But then you go to the beach! Sorry but nowhere equals this, not in my experience anyway. Miles and miles of beautiful hot golden sand with ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim June 14th 2013

Goa in monsoon! People would say what are you going to do there in monsoon....shacks and beaches are closed. Well I have really enjoyed the shacks and beaches number of times, getting drunk and going into the water. So I thought time for a change, let's get wet in the rain in Goa and not the sea.We reached Mapusa by bus from Pune on a Friday morning and was amazed to see how green and cool Goa can be. No burning sun and getting tanned. I was glad to dump my sunscreen and goggles. ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Candolim February 6th 2012

First, we needed to get acquainted with the various women with whom we will be working. Sara is the business leader who is committed to providing work for as many women as possible. Her daughter Farnooz is volunteering and is more on the artistic and marketing side. Malini handles the books. After that, we have met too many women for me to remember individually. We are not sure how each "gift" box has been received. We do know that they were not distributed and probably won't be as we imagined. However, we did show good faith by bringing them. After some small talk, it was time for lunch. We LOVE Gujarati khanna (food), so have been eating far too much. To cook Gujarati food, which is totally vegetarian, but not vegan, you start with oil, add ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim September 25th 2011

DID WE SAY I DO Getting Married My name is Maureen and I am married just over 2 years to Derrick who was born in India. We met in Turkey on the last day of his holiday. He asked if he could keep in touch with me he living in London and I in Northumberland. After many phone calls and visits up and down the country we became engaged. When we visited Goa we decided to get married and thought it would be nice to do it on our beautiful complex in Candolim where we have our apartment. Easy you think NO. We had to visit a solicitor in Mapusa 30 mins away on the scooter and then he told us we would have to have 5 affidavits from people who new us. They had to ... read more
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Asia » India » Goa » Candolim September 13th 2011

A hand full What is the great attraction that things that fly have to my husband. While on our travels from the UK to Turkey and then Goa India my husband always seems to attract things that fly. Here are just a few pictures of the things that have landed in his hand. ... read more
on the finger
sweet dragon fly
spot the fruit

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim September 5th 2011

In and a round Candolim you can see many different forms of public transport. This is just a few photos ranging from a one man cycle richshaw to sheer luxurey tutu to the local ferry and all serve the same purpose to get you to your destination.... read more
Mapusa bus
Luxury transport
sports car

Asia » India » Goa » Candolim September 3rd 2011

Need a change of make up girls. This is Holy, a festival day and if you do not like being coloured you are advised to stay in doors but you will miss a great colourfull day. If you fancey a change of colour in your make up go out and join in. Not only do you get a dot on the fore head but the rest of you and anything else around you becomes multi coloured when they throw the coloured powder at you making you look very fearse and frightening but it is all taken in good fun.... read more

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