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Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair February 2nd 2017

Le Andamane, isole sperdute nelle acque dell'Oceano Indiano a tre giorni di navigazione dalla terraferma (o due comode ore di volo, ma cosi' non vale...); e' qui che decido di concedermi un paio di settimane di meritato riposo lontano dai rumori e dagli odori della madrepatria, certo che qui, lontano da tutto e da tutti, la natura sia riuscita a mantenersi protagonista incontrastata, resistendo all'avanzata del progresso e di tutto quello che ne consegue. Ma sara' ancora cosi'? Marco Polo, nel suo leggendario viaggio in Oriente verso la fine del tredicesimo secolo, descriveva come "cinocefali" i suoi abitanti e, seppur senza arrivare a tanto, di prima persona nel non lontano 2010 ebbi occasione di incrociare alcuni degli ultimi rappresentanti del popolo Jarawa che, sprezzanti delle regole e di chi le impone, sbucarono fuori dalla foresta per ... read more
Isola di Havelock - la spiaggia di Govind Nagar con alta marea
Il braccio di mare tra South e Middle Andaman
Isola di Ross - radici

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair March 8th 2016

When we were doing the research on the Andamans, how to get there etc. we struggled to find any information on how to get the ship there and what it's actually like. This is in keeping with everything about getting to the Andamans. The Indian government really doesn't want this absolute paradise to go the way of Goa, who can blame them!? Since we're budget travellers we wanted to get to Andamans the cheapest way possible, this is by getting the ship from either Chennai, Kolkata or Vishakapatnam. The ship from Vishakapatnam is much more sporadic, and I’ve never heard of the place so obviously there's nothing going on there! According to the guide book and what little information there is online, the ship should sail roughly every two weeks. However, this is India we're dealing ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair October 11th 2015

The following is a plea I have written to the Lieutenant Governor of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. I have not yet received a reply. He is not in the islands. Nor are his advisors or personal secretary anywhere near him. The Chief Secretary and Revenue Secretary have been given orders by him to travel across the islands between the 12th and the 14th of October. The High Court is closed on the 12th, which is the date I am expected to vacate a land that has come to become part of our family. I sit here helpless. No amount of hard work, or acquired skill can help me in a land rendered lawless by its own government. A land I have grown up on, a land that has possibly played a very large role in ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair June 20th 2015

Our visit to India's far flung string of pearls, Andaman Islands, was in January 2014. This archipelago lying over a thousand kilometres out in the Bay of Bengal, is unlike any other place in India. Our flight was from Calcutta to Port Blair, the capital of Andamans. Our tour included stay & sight-seeing of Port Blair, Havelock & Neil Islands. On reaching the capital, the first thing you are liable to notice is a much fresher, greener aroma of the place. We were soon escorted to our hotel, Sea Shell, from the airport by car. When we reached our hotel, we met our guide, who helped us with our check-in, and also told us that we would be accompained by two more couples and one family for the rest of the tour. He asked us to ... read more
At Corbyn's Cove beach
Makruzz cruise
The sunrise at Silver Sand beach resort

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair June 30th 2013

the year 1984, with our very close family friends we decide to fly to Port Blair in Andaman islands. The Harshavardhana is the equivalent of a cruise ship which used to sail to Port Blair but it would have taken longer and as dad cannot take such a long leave we fly down. at the airport we are excited to be flying and still remember spotting a ravi shastri look alike who we would later on discover at port blair. more on that later. i was 11, budding into my teens. there was some confusion in our young minds about vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and we arrived at a smallish airport and drove to Meghapode or that's what I think the name of the guest house was. We had a room over the dining area and ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair January 28th 2013

My last entry I said I was going to a cricket match, India vs. England. Obvious choice was to cheer for India, so me and some fellow travelers bought coloured paint, Indian flags, etc. Putting paint on my face, and drawing an Indian flag on my arms (which I put on upside down..oops) and getting the cheap local tickets lead to the most fun possible! Probably a moment in my life I will never forget was when me and a Swedish girl walk into the stands, trying to find a seat. It was totally packed, and as we stood in the entrance, people started noticing us. As far as I could see to my left and right, people were looking. Not just a glance either. We both just froze for a moment. Never have I had ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair November 17th 2012

Our experiences on short tour of Andamans. We planned a short vacation to Andamans Islands during Diwali festivals - 2012. After exploring various options on the net, we settled for tour package by MakeMyTrip. MakeMyTrip has typical Andamans package of 5 nights that includes 3 nights in Port Blair and 2 in Havelock Island. We decided to cut one night in Havelock. It wasn't a bad decision. Andaman – Nicobar is a chain of more than 530 islands (some very badly damaged in 2004 tsunami) spread over 700 km, approximately 1500 km from Chennai / Kolkata. Only about 36 islands are inhabitated. Port Blair is the main town in Andaman. Nicobar is much less frequented by tourists. Port Blair can be reached by air via Chennai or Kolkata. Boat service is available but takes too long ... read more
Gallows - viper island
Sun set near viper island
Cruize to Havelock

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair April 2nd 2012

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Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair March 12th 2012

PORT BLAIR, SOUTH ANDAMAN ISLAND, ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR ISLANDS. Monday 12 March, 2012. Today we woke up and thought we had died and gone to hell. What a DUMP! Our 'hell' was the Andaman and Nicobar Island groups far out in the Bay of Bengal. They are part of India but this archipelago of 300 ish coral islands is very remote, lying closer to Myanmar, Thailand and Sumatra than to India. The peoples of the Andamans and Nicobars are quite distinct from those on the Indian mainland. Until the 17th century they were populated almost exclusively by several distinct tribes having different characteristics, traditions and languages. Since the 17th century they have been colonized by newcomers from both sides of the Bay of Bengal and by the British. As a result, the aboriginal tribes, some of ... read more
M on the Croc Beach
Nevil with No Swimming Sign
The Croc Beach

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Port Blair June 30th 2011

So, nachdem unser Rückflug auf´s Festland von Indien heute Mittag wegen technischen Problemen gestrichen wurde sind wir noch einen Tag länger in Port Blair. Und wir haben natürlich absolut nichts dagegen, nachdem die Fluggesellschaft für die Unannehmlichkeit uns einen Tag länger im Paradies beschert und unsere gute Unterkunft inklusive Essen und Trinken komplett übernimmt:-) Somit hatte ich auch Zeit, schon mal die ersten Fotos zusammen zu stellen und lade jetzt den Einblick in die Tierwelt eines Regenwald und Strand Paradieses für Euch hoch. Wie gesagt, sowohl die Natur dort ist wie auf Pandora als auch die Tierwelt. Fast ausserirdisch und nicht von dieser Welt wirken manche dieser Wesen (bis auf Kuh und Elefant )doch seht einfach selbst ...... read more
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