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Where to start with paradise?! I don't think I’ve ever been happier than when I was living on Havelock! The perfect beach, the perfect beach hut... It's an absolutely amazing place and I urge everyone to go...or don't go actually, keep the tourists down. When we arrived we didn't know what to expect, we assumed we'd be sitting around in hammocks reading all the time, having early nights and spending the days on the beach. We thought we'd spend a few days on Havelock, the most developed island, and then head to some of the other islands. We had no interest in diving because it was too expensive! We stayed on Havelock for about 30 days, and we could've stayed way longer if we had the chance. Down to bad luck and poor organisation on behalf ... read more

Havelock, one of the Andaman islands. We searched long time for the internet access and even longer for the postcards. If you knew how slow the connection here is, you'd understand why this post is so short... oh and the laptop broke down too. EDIT: I'm writing this from Bangkok, since there was no chance to fix it at Havelock. The laptop continues to be on strike, so thank God for Internet Cafes and Gaming Centers. But back to Havelock island. There are some lovely restaurants all over Havelock called "Barefoot"B3 Restaurant and Brasseries, which are somehow connected to the Hotel Resorts (same name) and Scuba Diving centre. They have an internet cafe too, right next to the fish market/big market downtown. Just keep in mind you should ask for the price first, since the internet ... read more

We had just settled in for a leisurely dinner at Megapode Retreat, Port Blair and the local travel agent dropped a bombshell…we are booked for the trip to Havelock Island next morning. The travel agent was quite firm, “Sir, the ferry leaves at 6.30 sharp…my car will fetch you all at six o’clock from the hotel lobby”. It was quite a disturbing thought…getting up by 5.00 in the morning. Considering we just landed at Port Blair the same day by a flight, which had left Kolkata at an ungodly hour of 5.00 AM, we almost hated the idea! The bright & sunny morning next day dispelled a lot of our worries and saw us rushing towards the jetty for inter-island ferries leaving from Phoenix Bay of Port Blair. We boarded MV Kamorta, a ship sailing from ... read more
Ship Kamorta docked at Havelock
Dolphin Resort, Havelock Island
Mangrove near Havelock Jetty

Jag har precis atit den officiellt godaste frukosten i Indien. Grillade gronsaker, omelett, rostad postatis, brod,drankt i smor, apelsinlassie och masala chai. De har veckorna pa Andamanerna har varit helt fantastiska. Det ar svart att beskriva med ord. Jag har varit pa tre oar - Neil, Long island och lilla andaman. Pa Neil rakade jag hamna pa ett resort fyllt med svenskar. Och saklart, varlden ar ju liten. Pa Gayan garden halsade jag pa en kille - Hi, whats your name? - Jag heter Harry, och du? Han hade val hort mig prata innan. - Jag heter Oliver. Vart kommer du ifran da? - Fran Stockholm men jag har bott ett tag i Mariefred. - Jaha, Mariefred.. Jag hade en kompis dar nar jag var liten. Han hette Harry, Harry John eller nagot... -VA! Det ar ... read more
Vart lager, Long island
Vart lager, Long island

Port Blair – the place that hums! (Sorry not the best start to Paradise!) The Spicejet flight from Kolkata to Port Blair (capital of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands) takes 2 hours. Surprisingly we are 2 of only 4 foreigners on the flight – the rest are locals from West Bengal. After landing we have to get our permits (locals don’t need these) but the system seems very quick and costs nothing but a bit of time. The surprise for us was that they actually stamp your passport (awesome, just like the old days – even though this is a domestic flight!) The first thing that hits you is the humidity ………… and then a quick second later the smell! Clearly they have problems with their drainage systems and this is repeated at various points in ... read more
Sunset - Neil Island
Another day in paradise
Cags on water sculpture - Havelock

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island February 9th 2013

I believe I've found paradise! Imagine being on an island where you can sit in a hammock looking at clear, turquoise water and white sandy beaches and the only sign of life is a stray dog walking by. I have never seen such beautiful beaches and so few people. There is a story about an American woman getting killed by a salt water crocodile a few years back (first I write how beautiful it is here, then drop that ugly story), but I almost think it was made up to keep people afraid and away. Truly, it is a hidden place, and people will say anything to keep it that way. Although, there actually are salt water crocodiles here and certain marshy areas I avoid... but that won't keep me from coming back here :) There ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island December 19th 2012

In the morning, we wanted to have dosa breakfast at the same place again. We were taken to Kayak office "diveindia" in taxi. We were quoted Rs 3500 for both, which seemed a bit steep, but compared to other countries, comparable. Once we reached the office, we discovered that Kayak guide lady has actually advised against going at that time because its too hot and we will be blinded by sun's reflection on water. I can see that, but someone our agent did not communicate that to us. So we agreed to go in the evening, and now we had half day to kill. The guide wanted us to go back to hotel in taxi and bring us back at 2:00, but we did not want to go all the way back. Good decision as it ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island December 18th 2012

We got up early to get ready for snorkel boat. I thought we should call our agent as afterall we booked everything with him. He proposed the same boat trip for Rs 1000 as he had 3 other folks going to the beach. Fine by us, we wanted to share anyway. Then we had really nice dosa breakfast there. On the way to Elephant beach, we saw some people Kayak, and thought perhaps we should also Kayak. Elephant beach was nice, it was small and we were there early, so there was some peace. We immediately got into water. Both of us were anxious to try our new found swimming skills, and they helped. Then the guide said he will take us snorkel one by one because he was actually going to hold our hand and ... read more

Asia » India » Andaman & Nicobar Islands » Havelock Island December 17th 2012

We started our journey to Andaman at Chennai airport. Flight to Port Blair was normal. On landing itself we could feel that we are on a tropical island, though different from other islands we have been to. The vegetation here seemed sparse and there was the usual disorder of India. We had booked the ferry ticket to other island through an agent and expected him to send someone with the tickets to airport. Someone came, and he knew nothing about the tickets! Ferry terminal was a short ride from airport and this man charged us Rs500 for that, totally outrageous. We were ready to pay that price when the deal came with tickets in hand at airport so that we could relax have lunch etc. Then we had to stand in line in sun for the ... read more

These are the photographs a dear guest named Petr from Prague in the Czech Republic took of us kayaking when he visted havelock. Thank you so much for this Petr. Enjoy.... read more
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