Because I can't stay at one place for too long.

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 21st 2015

Hello dear friends, as I have the last 30 minutes left in BKK, I'll keep you updated once I'm back home. There is still Abu Dhabi to see and explore and my time here in the @cafe is running out. Please be patient, the pictures and updates will follow soon, promise!... read more

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Sukhothai April 3rd 2015

First days in Sukhothai. So different from the traffic and noise of Bangkok and the tourism in Chiang Mai. I have yet to take the bus to the old city ruins and temples (probably in the afternoon, since right now there is the sunny hell going on outside:) Don't get me wrong, I really like it here). There are much less people speaking English, but everyone is really nice and trying to help. I' m gonna rent a motorbike tomorrow for the trip, so wish me luck not to forget that they're riding on the left side. (Might get interesting otherwise.) Oh, and found a laundry as well - things are getting better! (And it's not washed in Ganga river anymore - hello Varanasi:). So keep reading, I'll update soon!... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 25th 2015

Finally back "home" in Bangkok! I never thought I'll miss the possibility of being able to eat almost anything the city can offer so much! It's not like I don't like Indian cousine. I do. But after a month on tali, massala, dossa, porridge, chai (although I miss chai, I could drink it every day) - I couldn't be happier to buy the small green-white baby coconut, noodle soup or eat the grilled fish near Central World/Isetan. No Delhy Belly anymore! Did I mention I love Thailand? I ditched the old clothes from India (except the saree of course) and bought some new ones today. Mostly to wear for the elephant sanctuary visit in Chiang Mai, but it simply feels so good to be clean and have a warm shower again! (I know I know. I'm ... read more

Havelock, one of the Andaman islands. We searched long time for the internet access and even longer for the postcards. If you knew how slow the connection here is, you'd understand why this post is so short... oh and the laptop broke down too. EDIT: I'm writing this from Bangkok, since there was no chance to fix it at Havelock. The laptop continues to be on strike, so thank God for Internet Cafes and Gaming Centers. But back to Havelock island. There are some lovely restaurants all over Havelock called "Barefoot"B3 Restaurant and Brasseries, which are somehow connected to the Hotel Resorts (same name) and Scuba Diving centre. They have an internet cafe too, right next to the fish market/big market downtown. Just keep in mind you should ask for the price first, since the internet ... read more

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi March 12th 2015

Varanasi - oldest then any other still inhabited city in the world. Some believe, that death in Varanasi brings salvation. For me, Varanasi felt older then life. I was lucky, since the city was gentle and more than good to me. It allowed me to meet one of the nicest, wisest and funniest people I ever met. For that, I'm very much thankful. For a short time during this trip, I felt almost at home at Assi Ghat. If there is one place in India I'd like to come back to, it would be Varanasi and it's very special people I feel privileged to meet. I've been thinking what was that different from other cities in India (except Varanasi being - well - Varanasi). I realized, it's the people. We had the best guide ever - ... read more
Morning walk
Monkey on a bike
Laundry at the Gangas

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Agra March 12th 2015

So it’s been three wonderful days in Jaipur and right now, I’m on the train to Agra. This is and will be most probably the only time in the 1AC (seating) car in India, so I’m rather enjoying it. We have the whole 56 seats car for us and another 5 passengers. Such a luxury in India. I got massala chai, which was delicious with the Nepal-honey from the nice gentleman back at the hotel. Richard is catching up on sleep, since we had to get up before 6am. The only downside of the location of our hotel in Jaipur was that since it was in the muslim part of the city, you hear the prayers from the mosque every couple of hours - unused to it as we are, it woke me up each couple ... read more
Faces of Taj Mahal
Beautiful people

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Tarifa April 13th 2012

Today we took a ferry from Tarifa and had a short visit in Tanger. It´s too late now, so I´ll have to update that blog and this one as well tomorrow from Malaga. Keep in touch, I promise more pictures and infos are on the way, but now there just isn´t enough time. See you. EDIT: seems like I didn´t. I probably won´t anymore, but who knows? There are those trips, sometimes, when I just don´t feel like writing at all.... read more

Africa » Morocco » Tangier-Tétouan » Tangier April 13th 2012

Just arrived in Tangier (came from Tarifa). We found internet cafe here, but the computer is incredibly slow, so I don't think I'll manage to write the entire blog here. And I don't get the french keyboard here (yes I managed to change the language. no, it didn't help much). Anyway, I'll continue the entry at our hotel back in Spain this evening. See you.... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok January 28th 2012

Back in Thailand, lovely Bangkok (after Vietnamat least). I'm so happy to be here again. There isn't much to say about what happened during these 4 days. We finally visited the floating market (and it was lovely), but mainly just arranged last things before departure, went shopping (and searching) for new backpacks for the way home (mine was in disastrous shape/state) and bought some small presents to bring home. And missed our flight. Yes. Now, after spending 27 hours at the airport (not even in the duty free zone which is really big and very nice, as we didn't have the tickets yet), not sleeping, freezing due the airconditioning, nervously imagining the worst scenarios we could (like the next flight being fully booked, the new tickets having the price of small fortune and so on...) I ... read more
Floating market
airport garden
departure hall

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Khanh Hoa » Nha Trang January 26th 2012

I searched a lot of webpages and asked other travelers (when I got the chance) about their experience, before posting this blog. Usually, I just write my own opinion, not based on other people's experiences - only on my own. But since I don't like to write only negatives about any place I visited, this time I did my little search round around google. First what I found was article that almost exactly matches my own experience here in Vietnam and I couldn't express it better. Here you go: Nomadic Matt's Travel site: Why I'll Never Return to Vietnam I experienced almost all that was mentioned in the article linked above - overcharging by locals, simply because being a foreigner, being treated poorly (one bright exception here was the owner from our hotel who was really ... read more

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