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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 24th 2014

Hello everyone, Today was a pretty awesome day full of sights, smells, tastes, rain, and of course the ever presence of sweat pouring out of every single possible area sweat can come from. I had the day off from going to the hangar and I decided to try to make the best of it. I was thrilled to have Russ along with me today as my travel partner. We met for breakfast at 8:30 and at 9 we caught DB03R local bus from Discovery Bay North Plaza bus stop heading in to Sunny Bay MTR stop and then off to Prince Edward station on the Tsuen line. Today we were following a self guided tour that I downloaded on called Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok - Markets for Leisure and Pleasure. Let's be clear, ... read more
The Tea. Ugh
This one made it out!

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 22nd 2014

Hey Everyone, Well it has been a few busy days here. Not really adventurous in the sense of exploring, but I am certainly learning a lot about what it means to be patient. The airplane arrived safely to Hong Kong Business Aviation Center (HKBAC) on Saturday at 7:30pm and I was only able to look at it through the window. Apparently one week wasn’t quite long enough to get my temporary badge that allowed me access to the ramp area. I was still able to meet the passengers and they are extremely friendly, very nice people. We spent a few minutes talking while the a/c was unloaded and their belongings were loaded into their cars. The crew finished up cleaning the a/c and we all headed to the hotel. That night we were supposed to reposition ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley July 21st 2014

Seven years in Hong Kong, and you think you’ve done most things there are to do. Thankfully I still manage to surprise myself and discover more. Monday, that tricky day of the week when there’s a lot to do and it’s back to work after the weekend. Monday night is often one of those go to the gym, healthy dinner, early night kind of days. This particular Monday I was offered the chance to do something quite different. I left my desk at 6pm, raced home to change, and by 7pm I was in a taxi to the start of “The Twins” hike. Five of us began hiking in the dusk, heading up over the first hill towards the beach town called Stanley. It was quite a surreal turnaround. “The twins” are a popular hiking route ... read more
Many of these
Up we go...
Head Torch thumbs up

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 17th 2014

Today was certainly a day to remember. It started off heading in to the city to get some suits made. I got referred to a suit maker by a friend of a co-worker and I am glad I had a plan. As I arrived in the Tsim Sha Tsui district a little over an hour after I left my hotel room. I took a local bus to Sunny Bay MTR station, grabbed the Tung Chung line in to Hong Kong and then transferred to the Tsuen Wan line to get down to Tsim Sha Tsui. I had a few block walk from there and was asked no fewer than 5 times if I wanted to have a suit made. They could all somehow see what I was there for. I held to my plan and arrived ... read more
I'm amazed by the bamboo scaffolding
Fabric for my three shirts
Suit Fabric

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island July 15th 2014

Hey Everyone! I made it to what I will now call Beautiful Hong Kong. The pictures below sort of show what my flight was like and I must tell you, it did NOT feel like 16 hours. I have had 2 hour flights that were more painful. I normally don't board very soon, but today (well, yesterday technically) I boarded as soon as we were allowed. I had seat 11A which was the first row of business class. It was a "pod" seat meaning that I had my own little area to hang out in. We left about 23 minutes late as customs was doing some spot checks on about 15 pax and that delayed us a little bit. Before takeoff one of five identical flight attendants came by with a bar cart asking if I ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong July 13th 2014

Sunday 13 July. What is it they say about good intentions? Well our good intentions disappeared. We thought that we would have breakfast, pack and leave. Hotel breakfast was a disaster. The main staple in any meal in Hong Kong is pork. The smell was a bit overbearing and the non-meat items looked suspect so we passed. Don had already bought me a cup of coffee and we had some fruit in the room so we were set. We packed and checked out and found to our complete surprise that it was noon. We decided to go to the JCC (Jewish Community Centre) in Robinsons Road to be told that although it was literally the next road there was a vertical climb between the two roads. So we hopped into a taxi. Taxis are incredibly cheap ... read more
Ohel Leah synagogue in HK
Ohel Leah synagogue interior
Ohel Leah synagogue - Ark / Ahron Kodesh

Asia » Hong Kong July 12th 2014

Saturday 12 July, Shabbat. We woke up very early. If we had been at home Don would have gone to the early service, but when in Rome... At 9.30 am we went out into the searing humidity to go to shul. There I was able to have my early morning coffee and felt a bit more human. The shul is situated in one of the posh looking blocks of apartments. But to get to it on Shabbat one has to climb the stone service stairs. The first three flights lead to the car park which will give you the feel of the place. The next floor up is where the shul is located. As is usual with the Chabad it was a very welcoming and spiritual experience. After the service and before kiddush the Rebetzen went ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong July 11th 2014

Friday 11 July 2014, 2 pm and we are being served breakfast !! As we prepare to land my (Lesley) mind wanders back to 1985 when I came to Hong Kong last. As we approached the runway you could see two skyscrapers at either side of the wing tips. It is very different today. Today as you approach it is like a built up area in a crater with beautiful green mountains surrounding and protecting the town. And then as the plane descends into the sea the wheels touch down n on terra firma. We walkwd about a mile to immigration and then went to find our bags. That was another mile walk. Good exercise after a 10 hour flight. Our bags were amongst the first off and the another mile to find a taxi. All ... read more
Public Garden and HK skyline

Asia » Hong Kong July 10th 2014

Technically our journey started on 10 July but not until late evening. We were concerned that flights would be grounded due to the increased rocket activity over Tel Aviv. At 4.15 pm Lesley took a call from El Al to advise us that our plane would be delayed for one hour. At 7 pm we packed the car only to find that Lesley had packed her flight stockings somewhere inside one of the cases. An exasperated husband soon found them and we set off for Ben Gurion airport. Thankfully we made it without any hiccoughs. The airport was not as crowded as we have seen on previous occasions and we got through security easily - all things considered. We have got biometric passports which we thought would save us a lot of time. Wrong! Biometric passports ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon July 1st 2014

Today was a public holiday in Hong Kong so all the maids who come from other countries in Asia have a day off. Because they live with the family they work for, they can't have their friends over. So on Sunday and holidays they get a picnic blanket and all sit down with their friends on the bridges and footpaths all over Hong Kong. They relax and eat with their friends. It is interesting to see a different way of living.... read more

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