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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Stanley August 16th 2019

Mild turbulence and a thunderstorm welcomes us as we descend into Hong Kong. The ‘refreshment meal’ has been and gone, and it’s dawned on me that airline food is a bit like my old school lunches. Different food of course, but a filler just the same. We ate curried beef brisket earlier, and the chef has just dished out something described as cottage beef pie. What a wild imagination he has. It was OK, served a purpose, but it was like the old school lunches. You know, the sandwiches dad made the night before, wrapped in wax paper, and as dry as the Lake Eyre salt pans by the time lunch came around 15 hours later. It was usually honey, completely absorbed by the bread, or good old vegemite. White bread was the popular choice, which ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » The Peak June 17th 2019

Hong Kong has been a visual delight for me in many ways. Fast paced urban lifestyle goes hand in hand with mother nature. Moreover, I have never visited a place wherein there are mountains, low lying clouds along with sea. Victoria peak garden is a must visit place with its iconic Peak Tram ride. Its a perfect spot to experience best of city skyscrapers and harbor views.I just can't stop myself from repeated clicks. I have been there twice(back to back) and views were completely different. Day 1: It was dense cloudy with very low visibility. I reached Peak garden in morning around 10am and it was pleasant to cold, moist and super foggy with on and off showers due to which my views were getting obstructed. Though I enjoyed the experience as it was exactly ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai June 17th 2019

A bit of a delay in writing this blog as we were busy sorting out a few challenges - which I'll outline later - but let me first try to catch up on Hong Kong. In Hong Kong on day two we decided to just take it easy to get used to the heat and the time zone difference, so we set ourselves an easy goal of trying to find the place we used to eat our lunch at 10 years ago. The thing I love about Hong Kong is that the public transportation system is so easy to follow. The tram ran straight in front of our hotel and were really frequent. Hop on at the back and beep your octopus card at the front when you are stepping off. We sat upstairs where Senan ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong June 15th 2019

With the bags all repacked, all devices charged and a backpack filled to the gills with food, we headed off on our 80day RTW journey. The first question being whether all the bags, plus buggy, plus 3 adults and a little person would fit in my Dad's car. The bags looked bulky enough to warrant a prepack, but thankfully that yielded the correct configuration to make it work, so at least we'd be able to get as far as Dublin airport! No good trip would be complete without a last minute hitch, and ours came in the form of me not being able to locate a credit card. After tearing the house apart in multiple tornadoes, we decided to just trust that I had packed it 'somewhere safe' and it would turn up eventually when we ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island June 7th 2019

Lantau Island, the largest of Hong Kong's islands features Ngong Ping cultural themed village, 34 mts tall Tian Tan buddha statue also known as Big Budda, the Po Lin Monastery and its vegetarian restaurant, souvenirs shops and cafes. I highly recommend to leave early for Lantau so as to avoid queues . We made a mistake by not booking tickets in advance and so we had to queue up to buy tickets and THEN again wait in line to board cable car. Online booking can be a smart option There are 3 cabins av.aliable(standard and cristal bottom cabins and private cabins). Max. 8 people can accommodate in 1 cabin. We chose single ride standard cabin and descended by bus. Even though we visited on a weekday it almost took 2 hrs in queue, but once got ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lantau Island May 28th 2019

We were able to have a lie-in in the Regal Hotel at Hong Kong airport because the flight wasn’t until 16:40. However, as we hadn’t been given new e-tickets and we were so skeptical about having a seat on the plane we were determined to check in when the El Al desk opened. Breakfast in the Regal was surreal. There was half a plane load of Israelis including the crew in the restaurant - we could have been in Tel Aviv. There wasn’t too much to do as we didn’t want to go into Hong Kong for shopping so we sat in the hotel lounge trying to concentrate on the blog. We had a quick lunch and rushed back across to the airport. We had our seats as promised so we went through check-in, passport control ... read more
Our flights to and from Japan

Asia » Hong Kong April 10th 2019

Before heading into China we had a few days in Hong Kong. Stepping off the plane into the humidity was a nice first step after the cold Japanese winter. The drive from the airport to Hong Kong Island was past strings of islands and over several bridges, with a frenzy of activity in the surrounding waters - huge cargo terminals supplying massive tankers with hundreds of containers, and speedboats trying to avoid the behemoths. Our AirBnb was in Central, a tiny apartment typical of Hong Kong (one of the most densely populated places in the world) - a room the size of the bed with a minuscule bathroom attached, so small I couldn't even sit on the toilet straight! My first impression of Hong Kong was of how international it is. Full of young expats dressed ... read more
Yuen Po Bird Market
Sichuan Face Changing Opera
Hong Kong skyline from Victoria Peak

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island March 12th 2019

just wanted to send a quick note to you all. i was going to update my blog here in hong kong but there is so much to do here and i don't want to spend hours writing my blog. so i think from now on i will be posting my blogs on my sea days so that i don't waste any time at the ports. especially now that the remaining ports will be more interesting. i also had a camera mishap and lost all of my japan photos. i will explain more in my next full blog. and more photos to come as well. stay tuned! cruisin susan :)... read more
"there will always be an England!"

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island March 2nd 2019

Hi All Before it was time to go back to work we went down to Hong Kong for a few days of warm weather, shopping and an evenings racing at Happy Valley racetrack. Happy Valley was built by the British on the only piece of land on the island that is flat. The locals originally had paddy fields here to grow rice. The British banned the locals from growing rice, drained the paddies and set up the racetrack. Happy Valley is very modern with many restaurants and restaurants. Racing takes place on a Wednesday evening under floodlights which makes for a great spectacle. Enjoy the photos JAH BLESS ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon January 3rd 2019

Hong Kong Hong Kong Disneyland 12 -2028_2 Add descriptionHong Kong Disneyland 2-2018 Add descriptionHong Kong downtown 12-2018_3 Add description Hong Kong swimming 12-2018_1 Add descriptionBig Buddha, Hong Kong 12-2018_3 Add description Ngong Ping, Big Buddha, Lantau island, Hong Kong 12-2018_1 Add descriptionBig Buddha, Hong Kong 12-2018_3 Add description 12-24-2018 Hong Kong Hom nay toi di den the P... read more

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