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Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon September 12th 2016

We must have been very tired. When we wake up it is one o'clock in the afternoon. We decide to go wandering. When we walk through reception we see a set of four steps covered in red carpet in front of the counter. Issy says that this is so that four year old billionaires can pay their hotel bills. We walk along the attractive waterfront promenade in front of the hotel. There seem to be a lot of things that you're not allowed to do here. There is a very large sign saying 'no swimming, no cycling, no smoking, no gambling, no littering, no dogs, no climbing over the railing, and no fishing'. There are about twenty people fishing. One of them has climbed over the railing, and is using the top of the 'no fishing' ... read more
Kowloon from the hotel roof, Hong Kong

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon September 11th 2016

Unlike the flight from Venice to Dubai, the flight from Dubai to Hong Kong is jam packed. Issy says she can never sleep on planes. I'm not surprised. She watches movies that would give me nightmares for months, and I can't even hear the dialogue. We land in Hong Kong. The airport is huge, and it takes us a long time to get from our gate to the baggage claim area, even using a train and lots of travellators. We go to an ATM to get some cash. It won't give us any. We try again. We try to get a smaller amount. Issy tries with her card. We wonder if there is something wrong with the machine or if it has run out of cash, but the person behind us doesn't seem to have any ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong August 23rd 2016

I'm finally in Asia! After arriving late afternoon the evening before and making it to my hostel, I decided the best thing to do would be to go out and explore. See if I could find the office building I needed for tomorrow. When my alarm went off at half 7am I felt dreadful. I had defiantly NOT slept enough and jet lag was happening, even now 11 months in I still wonder if I'm fully over the time difference. Knowing where the office was that I needed to go to I set off with all my documents. I needed a visa to get in to China. I knew the office didn't open until 9 but after doing research I read that it could have long cues if you went to late. So by 8:15am I ... read more
Stanley Bay
The Sampan Boat

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon August 15th 2016

Hong Kong Holidays So D day finally came after numerous lovely goodbyes from everybody surprise parties and more days out and food than i can count. Must have gained at least 5lb in getting ready to leave but I suppose that will help in case I don't like anything out there right? After a very sleepless night I got up and started going through the motions OMG I can't believe this day is here how do I feel scared excited emotional I have no idea but I know if my hands don't stop shaking I'm not going to be able to finish packing this bag! Bring on the wacky races to the airport first pick up Adam what comes on the radio but I'm all time tear jerker purple oh no I'm totally not going to ... read more
Mahjong tiles in the hostel
Hostel lodge where I'm typing this blog :)
Views from the hostel

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai July 28th 2016

Finally, I’m getting around to writing up my adventures in the Far East and first up was a trip to Hong Kong for a wedding banquet for my good friends Woody and Jenny. Them being such all-round good eggs, quite a large group of us had decided to make the trip out at the end of April to celebrate their recent wedding and we were all arriving in dribs and drabs the weekend before the wedding banquet. I’ve been to HK once before but it was pre my travel blogging days, so even though it wasn’t my first trip there, it gets a write up. Fortunately for me, I finally got around to use all the airmiles I’ve been saving up and booked up a First Class flight one way to HK, the holiday got off ... read more
The Star ferry across the bay from Kowloon
Junk on the fragrant harbour

Asia » Hong Kong July 20th 2016

Geo: 22.2855, 114.158After a pleasant 3:25 flight we arrived on time at 12:40 and as we made our way to arrivals and baggage collection there was a notice board with our name on it asking us to go to customer services (what now I thought) anyway it turned out our baggage didn't get put on the plane and it would be put on the next flight and be delivered later that evening, it's not the first time it's happened so we weren't too bothered until we realised we had all our heavy clothing on and with us as we were close to the baggage limit and it's 31c outside. Anyway after clearing customs we made our way by shuttle to our hotel, and had a couple of hrs sleep before setting out for our planned evening ... read more
Chinese Panda
Oh What Fun
My Friend the Walrus

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island June 20th 2016

Well actually day 1 minus a bit. We have been dropped off at the Parkroyal at Melbourne airport by Stephanie so we can meet our early flight time on Monday morning. All good with room, lovely views of the car park - no matter, here to sleep, not peep.... Now day 1 dawns. Up at 0500 to do the 2 hour bit for a 0745 flight. Wander into the international terminal at 0545. Up to the business class line - yeah baby, now it is real. Only 4 in the queue. Gotta love that. Bags checked all the way to Nice then the kicker, plane is 1 hour late due to late arrival. Bugger, could have slept a bit longer. Oh wel,, into the Cathay Pacific lounge. Hmm, tiny teensiest lounge but had the goods for ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon April 30th 2016

HONG KONG - 29th March A big turnaround of passengers and crew today which would lead to utter chaos in the afternoon. Passengers were also transferring from Queen Mary (berthed further out) onto Queen Victoria to complete their world voyages. We have been here a few times, so a little retail therapy was in order. Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most exciting destinations, an impressive skyline outlines the harbour which is full of sampans, junks, ferries and cruise ships. We docked on Kowloon side and I think for the first time there was little pollution and clouds. We were able to see the Victoria Peak quite clearly throughout the whole day. We were not leaving till quite late so there were trips to be taken around the harbour to see the lights. There is ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong April 28th 2016

Hong Kong:sta tykkäsin, koska siellä oli siistiä ja hypersuperultrabra julkinen liikenne, vaikkakin vasemmanpuoleinen sellainen. Kallistahan elo kyläpahasessa vaikutti olevan. Huoneeni tai pikemmiten koppini hostellissa maksoi kaikista eniten koko Aasian reissun aikaisista luukuista samalla ollen pienin: käteni ulottuivat vaivattomasti seinästä seinään. Siisti majapaikka, eipä siinä mittään.Kävimme yhtiskää näköalapaikalla, paitsi Hanna ja Matti eivät tulleet ihan ylimmälle tasolle, josta näkymät olivat kerrassaan hurmaavat. Eipä moista maisemaa aiemmin ole tullut töllättyä. Pilvenpiirtäjät tuntuivat muuttuvan eläviksi, huojuviksi, matomaisiksi olioiksi, koska katselin niitä hyvin jyrkästä kulmasta. Pääsimme kukkulalle raitsikalla, jossa kaikki matkustajat istuivat, koska kipuamiskulmamme lähenteli 90 astetta. Seisomapaikkalainen olisi tippunut takavaun... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon April 15th 2016

From high skyscrapers to low houses on stilts We have now finished the second and final blog entry from our vacation in March, in which we have collected photos from Hong Kong. We arrived in Hong Kong early in the morning and took a taxi from the airport to Kowloon and the hotel where we had decided to stay our first night. This particular hotel was located on the top floor of Chungking Mansions. Chungking Mansions is a popular place to stay for budget tourists since there are many cheap hotels there. There are probably more than 100 hotels in the same building. Pretty much the entire building is divided in small units and each unit is a hotel or a guesthouse. Chungking Mansions has a reputation of being extremely rundown and filthy but also being ... read more
Chungking Mansions
Victoria Towers

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