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Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island December 13th 2014

While accending the Mid-Levels Escalator after visiting the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Museum I was extremely lucky to come upon the following phenomena ... men without safety belts erecting bamboo scaffolding. One side of the apartment building is being covered so that maintenance can be carried out. One tenant was out on his balcony watching the process thru his small jardin. The bamboo rods are tied together with black plastic lengths. These hang from the waists of the men giving the appearance of huge horse tails. There are two views, one side view from the footbridge and then further along after a sharp turn on the footbridge a view straight on. Also took six minutes of video but apparently is not supporting videos at themoment. Will publish as soon as possible. It was a bit scary ... read more
The Floating Man on theLeft!
Stacked ... Ready  ... Next Site
Bamboo Stakes Reach Down to the Sidewalk

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 12th 2014

The objective today was to visit the History Museum and .... it was so! It was not an early start! Mainly because I play around in the morning with my lovely new Asus Transformer Notebook downloading and organizing my pics. I did not make it out of the mini-room until after ten. Using the M.T.R. to get across to Kowloon was easy. Signage is clear, often repeated and without ambiguity. The specific exits are mentioned by A B C and so on sometimes going beyond K. Following the correct exit letter brought me directly to Cameron Road. From there I followed the directional arrows to the History Museum. Easy-Peasy. In no time I had made it over the Chatham Road via the walkway. Along this elevated path the directions were again clearly given. No way one ... read more
Sushi Fixin's  Delivered
Walkways Make Crossing Streets Easy
The Old Tea Shop

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 11th 2014

Day two in HK. Walked down to the pier and took Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour. Rush hour was over and very few people were on the boat. On the water was a small boat and on the boat was a man with a net at the end of a long pole. He was scooping up debris from the water. What an idea! I know of a few bodies of water that could make use of this simple method of ridding quais of stinking garbage! Once on the Kowloon side I went to the happy room at the golden arches. I must call these people. Usually the happy rooms at the arches are always very clean. Breakfast became an egg mcmuffin and coffee. The most important goal for today was to secure a ticket for the ... read more
Storm Clouds Martial Arts Dance Drama
Palm Trees as it was at  the First Christmas
Famous Kowloon Clock Tower

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai December 10th 2014

The first full day in HK began with a tall americano and a dull danish at the nearest Starbucks. Used some computer time there but was somewhat uninspired by the ambiance... none.... and a guy discussing weighty financial matters loud enough for me to go check the HangSeng! Ambling thru the glass structures the Pier was attained. The search was for Central Pier 9. From this spot would depart the nite cruise around Victoria Harbour. Walking past the opening for the underground passage, debris from previous demonstrations was encountered. Following a group of domestic tourists, the street was crossed and the pier was in view. On the way, buildings arranged along the water front attracted my attention. With glee I discovered the Maritime Museum. It was only 10:45. The whole day lay ahead of me. There ... read more
Walkway to Piers and Ferries
The Boat Not Taken
Dock Workers Before Containers

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island » Wan Chai December 10th 2014

HongKong Central is where all the money is. People are dressed to the nines; men in suits and ties with wrinkle free white shirts sporting real shoes, women in tailored outfits with matching pumps, handbags, hairdoos and makeup, all traipsing past Gucci, Paiget, Lalique, Cartier, Bulgari /Bulgravi, Mont Blanc and all those other names too. And amognst this jungle of designer wear and high finance housed in ever higher reaching glass spindles n the sky who comes along but Barbara in her MEC pants, beat up hiking boots and raspberry red backpack. I am wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt knockoff with polo rider and altered made-to-fit-the-length-of my-arm-sleeves. And I did buy comfy black and yellow sandals at the Stanley Street Market. I trudged up Ice House Road to number 38 and found the MiniCentral Hotel ... ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 6th 2014

Stepping off the train, Erin and I strained our necks as we looked up, up at the jungle that stretched its branches high into the hazy gray sky. We were immersed in smells and sounds, crowded by a beautiful yet dangerous world that could devour us in a heartbeat. The train rolled off behind us and we found ourselves isolated, but far from alone. Strange sounds encircled us and we looked in all directions, not sure which way to move; each way looked the same and extended as far as the eye could see... read more
Hong Kong:  Concrete Jungle
A sea of neon lights
Heyyyy good lookin'...

Asia » Hong Kong December 2nd 2014

30.10.2014 jutro grudzień, a dziś 26 stopni Celsjusza! Popłynęłam najwcześniejszym promem z Zhuhai do Hong Kongu. 70 minut i zupełnie inni ludzie- tam rewolucja parasolowa a tu pytam się taksówkarza dlaczego nie można już będzie jeździć w Zhuhai na skuterach. „Bo tak samorząd postanowił.” Mniejsza o to czy to dobra decyzja, mnie ciekawi czy w Hong Kongu na takie pytanie odpowiedzieliby „bo jest to niebezpieczne,” „bo samorząd uważa że jest to niebezpieczne” czy „bo tak samorząd postanowił.” Brak nawyku patrzenia krytycznego. Zabity przez marynowanie się w cenzurowanych mediach. Prom udekorowany girlandami sztucznych kwiatów. Mijamy wyspy i wysepki z wiaduktami wbijającymi się w kędziory zarośli, las czerwonych dźwigów i setki kontenerów MAERSK jak klocki lego. Cumuję na Kowloonie Morze po stronie Hong Kongu ma inny kolor. Leps... read more
hk kolory
gniazda z ptasiej śliny na zupę
jaffa lam

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island November 30th 2014

Hello People, So today we had planned to go to Macau, however with our budget it was too expensive, also we were told it was only worth seeing at night with all the casinos and night life so we decided to have a rest day....that was until the lads in our dorm suggested we go with them on the dragon back hike (voted Asia's number 1 hike). We looked it up and it was a 9km hike up 4 peaks, the highest being shy of 300 metres. We had to get the metro to Shau Kei Wan then change to bus 9 to Shek O, rd 1 stop. We thought it would be a nightmare but it was so easy to get there, the public transport here is second to none really!!! So first irritation was ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong » Lamma Island November 29th 2014

Hello everyone Yesterday we went to Lamma Island, which is the third largest island in HK, west of HK Island. The island is a traditional fishing village; it is a laid back and multicultural community that has no cars! It was great to escape HK’s hectic city for some green trails with little sandy beaches dotted along the way. It reminded us of the Caribbean. We left about 9ish, we headed to central metro from our hostel, where we caught a £2 ferry for 30 minutes to Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island. The trek was about 90 minutes to Sok Kwu Wan ferry terminal. On the way we passed two sandy beaches, a few market stores, a lot of sea life being sold, many pavilions and lovely views out to sea. Definitely one of the must ... read more

Asia » Hong Kong November 28th 2014

13h d'avion et 5h de décalage pour marquer la fin de notre expérience néozélandaise enrichissante et nous offrir une pause de 2 jours à Hong Kong, un minimum pour découvrir cette jungle urbaine et trop peu pour la décrire sans risquer de tomber dans la caricature. Nous avons été chaleureusement accueillis et pris en charge par des membres de la famille de Linchy. Nous logions "Medecine street" au nord ouest de Hong Kong Island, où de multiples boutiques vendent toutes sortes de champignons et poissons séchés ou déshydratés. Odeur garantie ! Tout en traversant ce formidable "bazar organisé" qu'est le territoire d'Hong Kong, nous avons profité du temple Chi Lin et de son joli parc vert, bien entretenu, paisible et intégré dans un paysage de gratte-ciels ; contraste garanti ! Les bâtiments construis "ni clou ni ... read more
Même les mouettes ne veulent pas nous laisser partir
Départ de Christchurch

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