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Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia July 16th 2019

Noc nahovno bo starsi litovec chrapal. Raňajky opat jogurty. Po jedle nazad do postele. Vcera mi este staff cela vyplasena vravela, ze mlade holandanky dali zle recenzie hostelu. Na to jej hned vola majitelka, tak odmeny asi nebudu. Inak nevim co sa holandankam nelubilo, vzdy byva mensi bordel v kupelke rano. A to, ze volaky jebo zapchal hajzel s papirom (ten sa do zachodu nesmi hadzat), za to staff nemoze. Doobeda len relax na terase. Dnes uplne ukazkove pocasie, usa baba bude mat genialnu turu. Staff mi odporucila ist k mineralnemu bazenu cca 20min od ubytka. Tak si tam slapem, je to oznacene na Cesta udolickom. Bazen je skryty za mensimi krikmi ale hluk deti ma nasmeroval aj bez pouzitia mapy. Vrt, z neho trubka, smerom k bazenu. Voda pre mna studena ale deti sa ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia July 15th 2019

Na ranajky do sEba hodene dva jogurty a smer tura k gergeti glacier waterfall. Stupam po betonke cez dedinku. Znacenie klasicke ako u nas bielocervenabiela. V dedinke dolava, prakticky furt podla znacenia. Prechadzam cez zavoru pri barorestike a uz som na polnacke. Predomnou 5ludi. Idem do strmaka k vezi, ostatny idu po rovinke. Od vezi vedie velmi strma cesta ku slavnemu kostoliku kam chodia instagramisti. Ja pokracujem po znaceni. V kopci nadomnou kostolik. Ten vynechavam a davam odpocinok na velkom parkovisku. Aut je tu uz okolo 1030 dost. Vyslap mi sem trval hodinu, normalnym tempom. Pri parkovisku su aj kone a po zemi pohadzane kopy batoh. Tieto, kone vynasaju do kempov pod kazbeg. Je to urcene pre turistov co idu zdolat tuto pattisicku. Stveram sa na kopec, ludia chodia vlavo, ja idem v pravo, bo na ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia July 14th 2019

Rano mi bolo teda dost nahovno. Smer metro kde kupujem dobijatelnu kartu za 2l a kredit 1l. Recepcny vravel, ze bezkontaktnou kartou sa platit na turnikete neda ale ked som pipal kartu boli tam obrazky visa a mastercard, tak to asi pojde. Metro fajn, ukazovatele stanic i zrozumitelne hlasenie. Vyskakujem na stanici didubi. Tu v okienku v metre odovzdavam novonadobudnutu kartu, blocek (bez neho ju nezoberu).Tetula mi dava vypisat lejstro, podpis a uz mi vraca 2l a zostatkovy kredit 0.5l. Keby vim, ze su s tym take obstrukcie vyprdnem sa na to. Na bus stanici marsutiek zacinam hladat vodu. Nakonec jeden obchodik najdeny, hned doplnenie tekutin. Cul zacina hladanie marsutky smer mtskheta. Idem do jednej pokladni, tam mi ukazuje aby som siel niekde hore. Tak tam idem, horny terminal, tam ma zas posilaju na dolny terminal. ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia June 16th 2018

Traveled from Sighnaghi to Kazbegi in the Caucasus mountains, via Tblisi. Felt like the whole day was spent in a vehicle. The minibus to Tbilisi was a bit more comfortable than previous ones and pretty much went straight there, around 2 hours. Bus station was in a grubby bit of town, took the metro across town to a different bus station then took a driver (50GEL) to Kazbeghi. After the church at Ananuri the route was through lovely scenery, steep valleys and high peaks. The road was shockingly busy, mostly trucks – lots from Russia and Armenia. Also lots of cars out, as it was Saturday I guess. Ananuri and a paragliding stop were particularly crowded. Once in Stepantsminda - or Kazbegi, we found that our guest house was way up ... read more
Trinity Church with mountain behind
View from high up the mountain
Juta valley walk

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia September 11th 2016

Svaneti Our rendezvous point is outside the Rusraveli McDonalds at 7.45am. We're being picked up by 'Vanilla Sky' a small travel firm. They've recently established routes to the Carpathian Mountains with a 15 seater Servis Air LET410-UVP twin prop plane. The booking was quite difficult because their website didn't work well, so we hope that it's all going to work out well..... The blue Mercedes Sprinter didn't arrive until 7.55 and a dozen or so people, who must have been having the same thoughts, boarded the minibus hoping it to be the right one. We arrived at Natakhtari airfield half an hour later and waited for some time before our bags were checked in. Finally, 45 minutes late, after a border police helicopter departed from the front of the terminal, we were taken to the plane. ... read more
Plane ready to go at Tblisi
Wheeling into Mestia Valley
Svan Towers

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia June 2nd 2016

Day 128 Wednesday 25th May 2016 – Tbilisi to Batumi As our bus did not leave till 12 noon decided to risk the breakfast at the hotel, should not have bothered –stale bread, processed devon, boiled eggs and stale cake – yummy. So with empty bellies we packed our bags and moved out getting a taxi just near the hotel, we showed him our bus tickets and he stated the price as 3 Lari to the bus station no negotiation (remember our Football player’s carry on for 10 Lari). When we arrived and were accosted by other drivers he told them we already had tickets and to leave us alone. Donned the backpacks thanked our driver and found our bus but typical us were over an hour early so got to check out a ... read more

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia July 12th 2015

July 12, 2015 – I had to get up early to get to the pick-up point by 9:10. The subway connections went well and I got there early. The van was coming to get me in front of a Marriot, so I went in to use the bathroom. They were a little late getting there, but not bad. Sevi and Jeremy were there again, and there was another American, Matt, teaching in Germany. There was also a young Danish couple that I really liked, as well as assorted others. Another nice group. And the tour guide was cool too. Another young guy. It was my birthday. At first I decided not to tell anyone, and then later I thought, nah. I’ll mention it. J The tour was along the Georgia Military Highway. It was built to ... read more
Zhinvali reservoir with Jeremy and Sevi
Ananuri castle
Ananuri castle

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia February 19th 2015

They say... we should not speak about this place, let's keep it for us....I tell them...don't worry, with the mess in Russia, this place is not going to see serious investments any time soon....Welcome to Gudauri, the best ski secret on far! (Disclaimer at the end of this entry)! Gudauri is 120km North of a pretty easy access. Gudauri is also next door, or rather next mountain to South Oscetia...and it's only 6 years ago since the last fights happened between South Oscetia and Georgia. Gudauri is also just 30km south of the Russian border...and yes, just 190km from Grozny too. If you are young you won't remember...but if you do, you remember...Tchetchenia! Not long ago! So Gudauri today is pretty interesting...while Russia and Ukraine are not friends Gudauri, Russians and Ukrainians ski ... read more
One more country in July...
Little lunch on the slopes...
Georgia time!

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia October 3rd 2014

We are truly very lucky. We had decided to come to Kazbegi in the Caucasus for two nights and the day we had here was quite the best one could expect at this time of year. We woke to find not a cloud in the sky and the towering Mt Kazbegi (5047m) in front of us. I was excited. The plan was to walk up to a shrine with views of a glacier coming off the mountain. We had an excellent breakfast served by Diana (Guest House Diana +995599570313). The Lonely Planet said she cooked excellent meals and they are right. Diana spoke a few words of English and her kids a few more. We had a large room with views of the mountain and shared a big modern bathroom. There were not many guests. We ... read more
Diana's Guest house
Wouldn't you be excited to get up the mountain
Kazbegi from church

Asia » Georgia » Northern Georgia October 2nd 2014

Whoever said a picture says a thousand words surely didn't visit the Kazbegi Region. Over the past few days I spent time in the valleys and mountanious region, taking in breathtaking views, sampling authentic Kinkali, and learning about the antiquity of the Georgian heritage. Before leaving Tblisi Archil and I had to accomplish three things: pick up Andrew (the owner of the house in Kazbegi), pick up dinner from the mall, and fill the tank with LNG (liquified natural gas). In Tblisi the mall houses everything you would want, kind of like a Costco. We ended up picking up Andrew prior to shopping, and Archil and Andrew asked me how I liked football. Naturally, being American, I told them I enjoyed the sport, but soon realized that they were asking about soccer. It turned out that ... read more
Andrew and aArchil
LNG gas station
Beer in mall market

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