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Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan July 5th 2017

5th Jul: Time to leave the city and head to the beach for some r&r. Off the coast of Ningbo, there are lots of islands varying in size. Putuoshan is the most famous one, and is visited by lots of Chinese people. The owner of the guesthouse I stayed at in Qingdao had driven down to Putuoshan to watch the sunrise. I do hope I get there one day, but for this trip we were heading to one of the smaller islands nearby. We had hired a small coach to take us, so the trip should have only taken a couple of hours, however some of our party were very late to the meeting point, meaning we sat around waiting for over an hour. This caused the coach driver to get very mad. When they eventually ... read more
Beach Entrance
Beach Entrance

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan February 2nd 2013

I born in a Buddhist family in China, my mother, grandmother, aunties will pray with incense sticks on 1st and 15th every month (Lunar calendar). We believe the gods are always on our side for helping, and give us direction when we lost. I fellow my heart and decided to go to Putuo, 1 of the four Holy Buddhist Mountains. the Bodhi-manda, and Guanyin has infinite wisdom and theurgist, merciful, the kindly god to save people are suffering. I booked the flight to Hangzhou, and planed to visit Hangzhou West Lake half day, then transfer to Mount Putuo. D1. Hangzhou-Mount Putuo The hotel I booked is inside of West Lake, wake up early for have more time for sightseeing. The grey sky, the dirty water, and half-dying plan… none of them looks nice. Maybe on the ... read more
On the way ..
Beach on evening

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan February 2nd 2013

D3. Plan for that day: West side of Mount. Putuo.- Not willing to go Guanyi temple – purple bamboo temple—Beaches West in our culture is not the luck side, if people said that he/she goes to west sky, means they die. And the pronunciation of West in Pinyin is similar “die”. East and south have been considered as good side for lucky for really long times, special east. They are only a few temples or sight spots at west side. And no bus to go there. So, hotels at west side are much cheaper. There are some commanding good view of rocks into west side. And it’s only 1 road, near Puji temple. It’s stones made a patch up hill from west of Puji temple. The stones road seen endless at the beginning, when passed by ... read more
The beach
entrance of purple bamboo temple
Purple Bamboo temple 2

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan May 8th 2008

I had some down time so I went to get a haircut at the local salon. A little different then what I am used to at my barber’s place. Here they invite you in, sit you down, massage your shoulders, arms head and face before they ask you what you want. Then they lovingly wash your hair and massage your scalp. Then back to the massage chair for more shoulder and neck work. By then you feel like a bowl of jello, and they ask if you want a haircut. You can’t resist, Of course, you say, and the girl brings you to a hair stylist. Through hand gestures, I indicated to him to cut off around 1 inch all around, and clean up the sides and back. Somehow, it seems so much easier when I ... read more
Health Clinic
Innoculation Day!

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan September 25th 2005

Asia » China » Zhejiang » Zhoushan September 11th 2005

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